That was unexpected...


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Well it's all ticking along nicely. I had a week or 10 days of feeling a bit insecure due to inconsistent patterns of communication and my overactive imagination.

Then we (me+BF) caught up casually a couple of hours one on one, lots of nice words came out from him, starting with I missed you, ending with him calling himself my other man.

I've come to realise he's genuinely busy and there's a window for communication before bed and not to let my fears get in the way of an uneventful reality. I've signed up for a LDR, very low key but fun when we're together and that's what I'm getting.

So interesting learning not to get in my own way...


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Well, I'm glad to hear things are going smoother now. It sounds like you were your own worst enemy back on Post #17, you were scared that maybe Boyfriend was withdrawing from you, and then it turned out he was just very busy, and there's a window for communication before bed. I hope the two of you can continue to develop an understanding of each other, it sounds like you will.