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I wrote this in response to a real christianlike forum id stumbled upon talking about wearing underwear around the house and response where mostly, "no, set dress standard is paramount". I registere to the site, confirmed email address and it still wouldn't let me post this so, here, i found a more suitable place. I think its much better here. Looking forward to hearing your responses :)

Im probably a naturist, probably always have been.. i mean, if i had to put a label on it, I've simply always loved being nude in nature! Not im anyones face or anything, just with the sun and wind reaching everywhere. The first time i did this again in my teens presumably since early childhood, i was literally salivating with natural ecstasy. Nowadays through the great powers of free choice i live only a few km from a clothes optional beach which i frequent whenever i have the chance, less so in winter and since i broke a bone in my foot making it hard to walk long distance to get there and back. But come spring/summer I'll be back there every opportunity!

My housemate where i live is a 40+ yr old French man who also appreciates nakidity/naturism, he lives in the place with me and his 33yr old girlfriend and often strips down to his 'trunks' after getting home from work. I don't bat an eyelid because its so normal for me to see guys naked. Sadly he always talks to me about other girls he'd love to "f#%k" and goes to that level of overt sexualization and objectification of women.

For so many years before living in this area which is considered liberal and multicultural, well i thought my habits where out of line.. i mean thats the outside perspectives i hear from people about the nude beach, including from my own mum, they must have the whitest groin areas lol. They say things like "thats where all the gay creeps go" etc. And i see their point, but its not "everyone" and its damn insulting that its implied i am!

Sinc ive normalized the experience that much over the past decade it longer makes me salivate like i did as an early teen. I've always capitalized on any opportunity im home and nobody else is to lounge naked in a private area of the backyard on the grass or just to simply walk around the house in my underwear, again, when nobody is home, but out of respect i won't bear my under garments in front of the frenchmans girlfriend even though id love to because honestly im turned on by being seen by females and wish i could be seen once in a while, but as the saying goes, "don't shit where you sleep".

I don't use social media or dating apps or ever hook up with anyone because im not keeping up with the times or extraverted enough to go out and 'play the field' and im definitely not interested in the guys at the nude beach (yes its just guys, all the gals are scared off because the older guys are too overt and well.. creepy), but! I'm 33 fit, strong, healthy and i long to touch, long to be touched and to be seen and admired sexually by my own age group which remains just a fantasy, a sort of christian tabboo.

Sometimes im naughty and wear just my nighttime tracksuites in winter or shorts in summer with no underwear around the house in front of both housemates which feels normal to me and they've never said or implied anything in the way of that being an issue.. even though there's an obvious outline of my bits, sometimes even i wake up with semi morning glory and accidentally intercept someone on the way to the toilet. Again nothing has been said which is natutally reassuring, i mean, my 'outline' (as tabboo as I've felt it to be in the context of a share house) is not unlike the unavoidable outline of breasts that still permeate despite bras so why are mens bits to be seen as satanic. This kind of anti-male attitude has brought me into deeep depressions more times than i can count.

Living with these people has been really liberating, to practice letting go of all the prudent arbitrary and slightly femimist cultural ideas i'd been raised with demonizing men at every opportunity in place of practices that are plainly more realistic and relieve people from unhealthy suppression, fear and guilt which can all surface like an overflowing tank in later life like the overt 50+ yr old male wanderers at the nude beach making any female who's dared to come feel entirely uncomfortable so much so that they have a bad day and never return then go on to say horrible things about any guy who goes there.

Although a lot of this might not be relevant to the original post i figure the diverse lengthy response is still relative and may still be helpful to some.

Prudency is like a garden treated with weed killing chemicals and planted out with gm annuals, there's nothing sustainable or long term about it and its extremely high input. That's putting it lightly.

So in summary, and well off topic. I've been living with this couple for a year now and they've been so accommodating and vica versa, we're actually forming a really tight bond, so tight that the lines between friendship are beginning to feel very blurred and im starting to google 'throuples' (tri-couples). This internet age is also doing wonders for validation through finding so many people who either share the same feelings or are further along in them. Im sensing the feeling is mutual with this couple too which is wonderous!.

I guese because mum and dad where never together growing up its made me seek couples as has been my trend for the past 10yrs. But I've never 'sat with it' this long or given the thought much attention because it alwayd seemed ludicrous. I don't want to think of myself as being attracted to mum and dad after all, and not to mention, they're already in a couple! Who am i to intervene.. but sometimes whats meant to be will be regardless of your thoughts.

So thats where im at and im really happy with it, but i got no idea where or how its going to evolve, if at all, i guess if all the critics of the nude beach are right its just the collective manifestation of my devious mind. Oh dear.

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Hello Bluemoon87,

I agree with you that we live in a repressed world, I am in favor of clothing-optional resorts and situations, though I would be too chicken to participate myself. As long as it's not hurting anyone, and as long as it's mutually consensual, I am in favor of it. It sounds like you might be forming a throuple in your own house, I consider that a good thing and I hope it continues. Thanks for sharing your story.

Kevin T.