Video: The Tropes and Troubles With Unicorn Hunting


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Video: The Tropes and Troubles With Unicorn Hunting
Presented by Kale on the website.
(There is also a text transcription below the video).

A four minute video summary of the issues with unicorn hunting from her perspective as a relationship anarchist - the same issues that most polyamorists have as well. All in all, a nice summary.

However, after watching this, if the viewer wants a more in depth look at these issues, I highly recommend this article:

Also, Kale offers another short video on her take on the differences between poly and relationship anarchy that I thought was interesting. (Depending on who you ask, RA is sometimes seen as another from of consensual non-monogamy, closely related to poly but with some nuanced distinctions).

Edit: I meant to post this to the "Press and Media Coverage" section - but since it is really not press and media external to our own CNM community, perhaps it is ok here as well - unless one of the admins really thinks it should be moved. Al
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Re: ... a good concise description of unicorn hunting, with an explanation of the pitfalls.

Re: ... I was already familiar with this one, it is very thorough in its exploration of what unicorn hunting is, and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Re: ... I am still learning about RA and what RA is, so this was especially edifying for me. It sounds like it's kind of the "next step up" from nonhierarchical polyamory.

Thanks for sharing.