Why I like polyamory


Here are reasons why I like polyamory.

You can have more than one partner - Polyamory allows more than one partner to meet your needs. I love women in general from diverse backgrounds. You can get more love and support from your partners' strengths. If one partner can't meet your needs, another partner can. There's little to no room for compromise or break ups.

There's less anxiety - I'm a very anxious person. If multiple people are involved, I don't have to worry about choosing one person over the other. I'm naturally afraid of being cheated on. If my partner asks for my approval of other partners, it makes me feel less anxious because my partner trusts me enough to tell me the truth.


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Hey. So do have any advice for some one who new to all this

In a specific context or just in general?

If it is a specific context, starting another thread would help. The advice given would be specifically for that topic. If it is in general, I would strongly urge you to read and research as much as you can with books, podcasts, etc, discuss any topics that are of interest with any partner(s) that you may have and then discuss some more. The Golden Nuggets section is a good place to start. HTH! :)


Hey. So do have any advice for some one who new to all this

Figure out what you want - Research polyamory, but realize relationships are subjective to a degree. See your research as a source of inspiration, not as a rulebook or manual on how to have a polyamorous relationship. Design your ideal relationship. Forget about labels and what people think is best for you. People can give you ideas, but only YOU know what's best for you. Once you figure out what you really want, find a partner who can meet your needs.

Be committed to growth - Realize polyamory has certain challenges. You're going to be faced with jealousy and need to balance your relationships. You'll need to overcome these.


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Communicate, communicate, communicate!