Willow's Wonderland: A Tale of Overcoming and Rebuilding


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I was really hoping to start my blog with something more elegant, but its proving to be more and more difficult the longer I wait.

So here I am. Solo. Rebuilding my life through the trauma I managed to escape. Just me and my dogs. A decent job and a room I'm renting. Not the most glamorous life, covered in wet dog smell on the daily, coming home to people I barely talk to. But at least there's privacy.

I don't have to worry about being judged by those who are supposed to love me and I finally have the freedom and independence that I've always craved, despite the poorly built bridges I've taken it upon myself to burn in the process.

At this point, its a matter of cleaning up the rubble it all left behind. I hate how difficult it is some days, but the bad days seem fewer and further between as the months go on. But cleaning this rubble is more enriching and freeing than allowing others to control my life.

So here we are.


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Welcome! Looking forward to more of your journey.