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  • "Knowing what kind of crazy is in your bucket helps a great deal in keeping it from slopping out on other people."
    - AutumnalTone 10/15/2009, Wife threatened divorce thread on polyamory.com
    "OH, so you are anti-marriage?"
    "I'd rather have my penis nailed to a burning building."
    - CielDuMatin (query) and Marcus (reply) 7/19/12, how soon should you meet your lover's girlfriend? thread on polyamory.com
    "People sometimes ask me if I'm ever going to get married.
    'A girl would have to be crazy to want to marry me' I tell them, 'and I'm not gonna marry some crazy girl.'"
    - Legion 10/29/09, Freedom? Or fear of intimacy? thread on polyamory.com
    "What we take for love is often just an exchange of pathologies under the table."
    - Immaterial 8/11/10, The "I'm not cheating" conundrum thread on polyamory.com
    "It's a torturous passion, can't wait till my lizard brain calms down. I should feed it a cricket maybe."
    - Bricklie 3/6/11, Sex and accidental monogamy thread on polyamory.com
    “More fun than a can of PlayDo and a bucket of Slime...tastes better, too.”
    - AutumnalTone 6/10/10, Casual Sex-Discussion thread on polyamory.com
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