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  • Hello Spork

    This is edpsy77, I am newbie on the forum. I recently read a post of yours that said you had poly inclinations but you remained monogamous for your man. You felt you did not have a strong need to have sex and romance outside the relationship. I am in a dilemma somewhat because if I naturally desired to be mono with my future girlfriend, I would still want a poly accepting relationship in principle. BTW She still would have the opportunity to have sex and romance with other men even if I just want to have sex and romance only with her.

    I was curious if you ever had reservations about being poly for him based on the principle that you should be able to have sex and romance with other men?
    Yeah. Probably me too, sapiosexual here. Though he seems a bit of a Don Juan.

    It started coming out when I was in my late teens I think.I gave both my kids book 1 to read when they seemed old enough. Haven't decided if my daughter is old enough for the rest. I have signed copies of a couple of the collections and she is pretty careless.

    I did have to figure out who was to be Tam and who Ray as my husband is dark haired and my SO is blond.

    Hey Spork, I just wanted to say hello. I am an occasional visitor to the forum and just wanted let you know I enjoy your comments, activity and especially your humor, Like:
    "Sporks are fantastically ridiculous. And useful for sensation play. And for when you kinda wanna spoon, but you really wanna fork." This is great, had to let you know.
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