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    Ready to bolt...

    I had the same type of situation. I had a similar situation happen. The man and I were very compatible. His wife interrupted almost all of our dates or we had to cancel them because of her. He claimed she was bipolar. She had many boyfriends in the past, but she always got this way when he would...
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    Can triads really work

    I am in a Vee with Nox and Kay. Nox (hinge) and Kay are married and live 2 1/2 hours away. I spend all my weekends with Nox alone or with Nox/Kay/kids. We are house hunting because I am moving in with them in about 18 months. This gives my 13 year old daughter time to finish middle school. We...
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    I have intimacy, passion and commitment with Nox. I get that all from one person. We didn't really have NRE. We started out dating and really enjoying each other. We both were friends and lovers, no commitment. We were both free to date who we wanted. Then as time went on, we became stronger...
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    So I accidently came out to my parents...

    Going through my divorce, I was sort of forced into tell my parents. My dad came out and just asked me, "Do you have a boyfriend in [City]? I wanted to lie, but I told him the truth. I then had to explain my whole situation and poly. For a few weeks they were very uncomfortable with it. They...
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    This is quite strange (Needing Advice)

    I am confused. Please correct me, if I am wrong? Your 7 year ex-partner and you are not together anymore. Your 7 year ex-partner and you and him are still friends. Your new partner wants the same things as you do (marriage/children). Are you wanting to get back in a relationship other than...
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    Online Dating Finding Poly.

    My experience on OKC, I would get 40-50+ messages a day. Most are crap and want just sex. I would pick a few that I thought were promising and start messaging. I didn't have time to meet all of them in person. It was a matter of seeing if we could find anything in common, interests, how good the...
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    Hello from Texas

    No, but I wish I was clever enough to make it one.
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    Advice Needed: Friend wants threesome. I do not.

    To everyone giving the great advice, thank you. Angela is pretty broken right now and is probably envious. She has a full plate and doesn't have much time to spend dating. I think she wants to have what I have with Nox by extension or without having to put in the effort to develop that...
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    Advice Needed: Friend wants threesome. I do not.

    She does have 2 men she is currently having only sex with. She is not interested in poly, she has more of a swinger mindset. . Nox would be better at answering how he feels about her. He has not mentioned her in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable. He has said that he doesn't have a...
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    Advice Needed: Friend wants threesome. I do not.

    I need some advice. This may be one of my longest posts but I need to add context around the situation. I need to give my soon to be ex-husband a name on here. His name will be William. William had a friend back in high school. I will call her Angela. William had always had a crush on Angela...
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    Question about Meta being a Partner

    Thank you for your replies. I assumed so. I guess partner doesn't make sense in my mind. Nox told me a few times that he likes to refer to me as his partner instead of girlfriend. He thinks I am so much more than just a girlfriend. However, the word partner in my mind seems so business like.
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    Question about Meta being a Partner

    I want to clarify. Not a romantic partner. Just the definition of one.
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    Question about Meta being a Partner

    Nox is married to Kay. She is awesome. Over the past year, her and I have become close friends. I have no complaints about her at all. She is wonderful. I do not have any sisters and I feel more than a friend, that she is starting to feel like a sister to me. My question is, Is the person who...
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    Hello from Texas

    Thank you everyone for all the advice. I do not want to try online dating again. I already found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I am doing just fine. He goes over and above with attention and trying to make me happy. He succeeds in that. I am very appreciative that we...
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    Hello from Texas

    I dont want to block your stuff.