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    Willow's Wonderland: A Tale of Overcoming and Rebuilding

    I am beyond ready for this week to be over. If it's not one thing, it's another. While life has been generally on the incline, it seems to be the tedious details that are becoming a major pain these days. Monday I had, what I thought was a working interview. I got a lead on a salary position at...
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    Poly because of boredom

    I don't think there's anything wrong with the boredom, so long as you're being honest with yourself, as well as your partners.
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    Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

    COVID is so weird and terrifying. I was diagnosed right after Christmas. My best friend and 3 of her 5 kids have it. My meta has it again. About half of the old polycule has it. I didn't even know I had it when I was diagnosed and had to go get tested twice before I went back to the doctor and...
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    Willow's Wonderland: A Tale of Overcoming and Rebuilding

    I really did not realize that it's been 9 months since I started this blog. It's hard to know where to begin. I remember when I used to journal/blog every day and how satisfying it was. As much as I have missed that, it truly feels like there is so much that has happened that I don't even know...
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    Why do you use the online name that you use?

    I used to be Bunnielight. Most knew me as Bunnie. I acquired that one in high school when I was obsessed with Happy Bunny (like the hot topic happy bunny). I am now Wayward Willow because Willow is my pagan name and wayward is the perfect adjective to describe my life now.
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    What you listening to Now :

    Gilmore Girls: Year in the Life
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    Taurus Sun Gemini Moon Scorpio Rising Longest relationship was with a Leo, next was Scorpio I am currently with a Pisces. 😌
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    Weird triad breakup? Help!

    It really does seem like you only have the best intent. I totally feel for your position. Remain friends with her, for sure. You probably know her better than anyone else. But alongside the positive reassurance list, I would tell you to figure out your boundaries with Jane and STICK WITH THEM...
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    After a terrible poly experience, what do you do?

    HI there. I will be honest; I have not read other comments, but I felt compelled to respond because I feel for you. What you are feeling is completely valid. I had a pretty traumatizing experience in my first delve into poly as well. I can tell you right now that what you are feeling is not...
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    Weird triad breakup? Help!

    Do yourself and Jane have a whole lot of time shared with just the two of you? It sounds like the two of you need to have a seat and chat about the state of your romantic relationship. There's obviously still a chance that Dave would be upset by it, but I do think that if you and Jane can get...
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    How to avoid hierachy?

    I think everyone else here covered everything, but I would like to say that it doesn't seem like this guy is being very honest with either you or his GF. I recently went through a similar experience with an ex of mine, who actually was poly even. And it took him being really shady for me to...
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    Willow's Wonderland: A Tale of Overcoming and Rebuilding

    I was really hoping to start my blog with something more elegant, but its proving to be more and more difficult the longer I wait. So here I am. Solo. Rebuilding my life through the trauma I managed to escape. Just me and my dogs. A decent job and a room I'm renting. Not the most glamorous...
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    Anticipation ... can be used.

    Hi Adam! I just love the energy you bring here. I agree with you completely! Honestly what you described with Ms Fisher was my favorite part of being poly and married. It's a whole other world/language of communication/growth opportunity for you and your partner and I find it so fun! It...
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    Does loving two people at the same time make me polyamorous?

    This reminds me a lot of a heart situation I found myself in my early 20s. He was a lot of reason that I ended up being poly. What I would suggest is basically what kdt suggested in trying to continue to discuss this with your husband. Does he know that you feel the way you described about...
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    Confused and new

    Hi Sceneskyee! So first off, I want to say that your reaction and thought processes in this situation are perfectly normal. Being unsure, not wanting to lose what you have, it's all completely natural. Here is a concept that helped me grasp becoming poly with a partner: Love is a spectrum...