Dd/lg poly couple 52/22


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My lady and I are a DD/lg couple. I am 52, she is 22. We own an old home in Cleveland and are hoping to open our lives, home, and love to another little similar in age to my princess. This is for a lasting long-term relationship of friendship and love for all concerned.

My lady desires a friend and partner, another little to share little space with and cuddle. She is bi, but mostly for cuddles and the admiration of the female form. You might not have a sexual relationship with her, but then again, you might. She's very curious in little space.

My lady is disabled from childhood-related trauma. We both suffer from PTSD-related issues and have a lot of understanding and acceptance of this. We strive hard to better ourselves and work on ourselves so that way we may raise a family and not pass on this trauma. We Do Not Define Ourselves By Our Trauma.

I am very deviant sexually from my abuses. A very open mind is a must. I never met a fetish I didn't like. I don't do this all the time, but when I want to, I would like to find a person who isn't squeamish to go on that adventure together.

My lady is still triggered at times, and sometimes not so much.

We own our home and don't really require much from anyone to help with common bills and contribute towards food, etc. I know my lady would like to have someone around the house to help with things, gardening, etc. Be a friend to my lady if you answer. She's a really sweet, no bullshit kinda girl. If you two hit it off as sisters first you'll have the best friend you'll ever meet.
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It sounds like you have a really nice home for a second little to be welcomed into. I hope you can find her. Don't hesitate to look for her on FetLife, if you haven't already. We do have a dating subforum here, it's just that it doesn't seem to get much results. In any case, you can make lots of friends here. Just keep reading and posting, and let us know of you have any questions.

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