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Like the title says I wish for my account on here to be delete forever wont be coming back. This is the only forum I've ever joined where there wasnt a delete account in your account settings which is a little weird. I mean if you dont let people that want to delete there account be deleted what's stopping them from just trashing your forum and trolling it until they get banned from it then signing up with fake accounts and doing it over and over because they felt wronged, with the end result being to kill the forum all together.

Anyway just please delete my account in here I have zero interest in this forum now.
Came here to post a personal ad, had post moved to personal ad section, then read this is my guess.
That's pretty rude to assume my reasons why I wish for my account deleted. Ive already dm the admin before I made this post to delete my account with why I want my account deleted but sadly nothing was done. My guess is that they dont have a delete account in the settings is to have the members numbers stay up even though over half are inactive.
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