Feeling All the Feels

Despite your worries, it sounds like Whiskers feels great to have gotten out of there. I'm sure things will be much improved over the long run. I hope your relationship with him will remain stable!
Thank you, Magdlyn. It is so hard to see the big, long-term picture when so much is unknown. I am so glad that he has a lot of support from his family (brothers and sisters and parents), because to be honest, I would be feeling paralyzed by anxiety and fear right now.

I really hope that Curleycue chooses to get out too. It sounds as though she might choose to stay with Kitchenbear to avoid making an enemy of him. But, as Ponytail shared about their own experiences with leaving abusive relationships, everyone has their own timeline for when they feel ready to leave…and even if she doesn’t get out now, it doesn’t mean she won’t get out ever.