Feeling hurt with partner having a new partner and changing


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I can have a habit of trying to include a lot of details out of fear I will not get the right feedback, and that can come off as needing advice. But if you focus towards the very end you start to understand it is more about feelings and how to handle them, and not so much dealing with the situation between people.

I'm emotionally mature enough to understand that if I barge into a situation feeling insecure, it could do more harm than good. In my case, I was able to admit being vulnerable and having feelings at the right time and opportunity (in person and not while they are with someone else). But how I was feeling at the time was temporary, and did not match up with how things are and how they feel. E.g. I was feeling insecure about her only being into women, but in reality it is a LOT more to do with how well we connect (passionately, common interests, personality, etc) - information that I didn't disclose, hence made peoples opinion become biased, and hence make potentially inappropriate responses.

I learned this from another forum for young people back when I was younger: don't go telling people what to do. Help them figure things out for themselves.
We try our best to offer information and support. We can't tell you what to do. We are not in that position of power. We can say what we would have done, from our own experience. This is a board where people do come to ask for advice, and not just vent into a void, usually.

But this blog section is just for venting and journaling, so if all you want to do is talk out loud to sort out your feelings, that's fine. Carry on.