Female looking for MFM


Frequently. Partly depends on what type of interaction you want the guys to have. My two male romantic partners have said hello to each other, and could contact each other if I was unable to, but other than that, they don't choose to interact. My husband, Adam, is also independently friends with two of my fwbs. He's not friends with another. I'd never end up having two guys living under one roof, Adam very much needs to be king of his own castle.


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Personally I am a big fan of such set ups. But that relates to my personal kinks. And like said before, it really depends on everyone involved


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Hello Robyn,
It is definitely possible. I am in an MFM myself. Have been for over 15 years.
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Kevin T.
Hey Robyn! Definitely possible. I personally didn't look for this setup; my husband and I were really good friends with a man I fell in love with. We all live together, and they're not romantically involved. All of it depends on who you meet and what they're like :)


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Vee? Triad? Threesome? Open or closed?

All possible, some more likely than others. Some more likely to last long term than others. Just depends on the people.