First time sharing in this way online


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Have been Poly. Lol still don't like saying poly as i hate labels sometimes and we all didn't even know there was a word for us until about 2yrs into it.
I've been poly or what i like to say loving in this way for 5yrs now.
Have wanted to talk to someone besides my relationships lol about how i feel. Is this normal in how i have felt during intense times. Advice etc. To be able to talk to someone who has experienced what i have would be incredible.
What a roller coaster ride.
Personal development on steroids.
Im winging it here like i did when i took the leap into 2 relationships at once 5yrs ago.
I'm hoping this format will help.
I'm not on Facebook. I usually hate this way of communicating. I'm very old skool but reaching out might just do the trick.


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Feel free to ask any questions, or vent about what's been going on for you. There are lots of experienced polyamorists here!


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Hello Geraldine,

It sounds like you have been in two relationships for about five years ... and now you are looking for help/advice. Can I ask, how have you felt during intense times? Perhaps if you could describe your situation in a bit more detail, we'd be able to help. Personal development is all well and good, but it shouldn't be too much at once. Are your (two) partners treating you well? Are they struggling in some way?

I hope you'll post some more.
Kevin T.