Forum upgraded - report issues in here


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The forum has been upgraded from Vbulletin to Xenforo. Please report any issues in here. Thank you!
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Looks nice! I'm not seeing the option to flag posts as spam, though... is that hiding somewhere?
How do we report spam now? There is still spam coming in, and I can't find the button to report it.
I can see a `Report` option in the left bottom corner of each post, don't you?


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Huh. Nope, I don't have that option. Is there a setting somewhere?
Or does that show up after I'm off moderation?
It's all good! Thanks! :)
Where did my photo albums go? My entire journal is full of broken links.
The search doesn't seem to catch everything yet, is it still indexing? For instance, I was trying to find some of my past comments about not being in the closet to my kid and searching for keyword "closet" and poster "icesong" doesn't catch any of them, despite there *definitely* being several. (Example this one:

Alternatively, is there any way to forward links to posts from the old site to new site? I've linked several posts in my blog to various other conversations throughout the forums, as a way to give context to what I was talking about, and now all those links are broken. I can't figure out how to find what I said in, for instance, (which is of course 404 now) since I don't know what the name of that thread was.
In the previous setup, we could opt to see up to 100 posts per page when viewing a thread. Is there any way we could do that with this new setup?
Not sure if it's related to forum upgrade, but as a new member I see a notification on every page, which seems to have some sort of template error ({musername}). Should probably be just {username} :)

"{musername}, as a new member your first 5 posts will be subject to moderation.
So if your post is submitted successfully, but does not show up immediately, please be patient, as it may take some time for a moderator to approve it.
Please don't double post."
With the new system of post/thread URL's, all of the old links to the old posts and threads have been broken. To compensate, we could really use a strong advanced search feature, with many many search options. For example, it would help me a lot if I could search by URL segment. For example, could I enter, "Search for URL's containing 470026," and have come up in the search results? If this would not be possible, could we at least have a way to search for threads by which user originated a thread? For example, could I enter, "Search for threads originated by administrator," and have "Forum upgraded - report issues in here" come up in the search results?

I am guessing that the above notions would be a tall order to say the least. But I am asking just in case it might be possible. To me, as matters currently stand, it feels like we have a weak search feature, with not many search options. Any search options we could add (to the advanced search feature) would help a lot.
I was just informed (and confirmed for myself) that old links are now hooked up to the new URL addresses. Damn, that's awesome! I wouldn't have thought such a thing would be possible. Thank you! Those links won't be lost after all. 😌
@Bluebird is the problem still present?

Yeah, not working. I attached a photo of one entry that illustrates the issue. Thanks for looking into this! The little boxes are where photos used to be.

That said, the post directly under that one does have a photo that shows up. I’m not sure what the difference was - they were both linked to my photo album, I think?


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I'm not sure if anyone else will have this issue - but when I attempted to log in to the site earlier today the captcha challenge wasn't working correctly. I entered the right responses for identifying crosswalks, hills/mountains, bikes, buses, etc - it just kept going with a new challenge. Hopefully that's just an isolated thing, but thought it was worth mentioning. No trouble logging in now(obviously lol).