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I'm a pasty bi guy with two girlfriends.
One relationship started in high school and we went to the same college together, the other started right after I graduated college a year ago.

They both are romantically involved.
The one I've known since high school recently has began a serious relationship with a lesbian woman, and my other girlfriend also sleeps with this woman.

We are all Americans in our mid 20s.

I've gone as long as I can without a community to go to, but I think I need one if I'm going to continue in this relationship. Having a therapist isn't enough. Hopefully I'll have the courage to lay out my situation at some point this weekend. I guess I'm just here now because I feel alone, and I guess you all know how silly that can sound in a situation like this.



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Thanks for coming in and saying hi, Quadratic!

That sounds complicated. I guess there are issues?

It sounds like 2 triads to me. You probably want to give your gfs and the other woman nicknames, or your readers will get very confused when you start to relate your story. Please don't just use initials.

I hope you get the courage to say what's going on. It can feel really good to vent. You're not alone here. We've seen it all. :)


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Greetings Quadratic,
Welcome to our forum. Please feel free to lurk, browse, etc.

We can hopefully help you with any issues you might have in your quad (I say quad because it has four people); I would suggest you post about your situation in Poly Relationships Corner, where you can get a lot of thoughts/advice from a relatively wide range of people. You will get some responses on this intro thread, but probably not as many. You did pick the right board though, to post your first thread. That way you can introduce yourself briefly, then you can go on to post about your situation in detail on the other board.

I am assuming that you are feeling a little overwhelmed! Things can get complicated when there are four people involved in a poly relationship. You may have feelings of envy, jealousy, insecurity, and as you said, loneliness. Yes, even in poly, surrounded by loving partners, you can feel lonesome. Especially if you feel misunderstood by your partners, or if they are getting more attention than you are, or if they are getting a particular kind of affection that you wish you had. There are so many possibilities! and every relationship is different. So don't be shy; post more about your relationships.

Sincere regards,
Kevin T., "official greeter" :)


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