Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love


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What a day yesterday was! The 3 mile hike was actually 4.3, and the inside of my tent looks suspiciously like a lower-priced chain-hotel room, but an amazing time was had. ❤️


MisterMoonbeam overcame issues with his broken wrist, but had some trouble with nerve pain in his right leg. However, he managed to pull through even though the hike took longer than expected.

It was absolutely gorgeous out, and it made me cry, y’all. I’m quite sure my hormones were out of whack because of my period, but at the same time, the tears I was producing felt pretty real and authentic to me!

As I was taking in my surroundings, it suddenly hit me how I’ve hiked more with a partner in the past year than I have in the previous five. I’d let that part of myself go, to make PunkRock happy. And I have her back you guys!

When I was homeschooling my youngest, we were out in nature always at least once a week, but normally two or three times. Whether we were hiking, tubing, camping or just out having a picnic - it was an essential part of who I was. I would definitely describe myself as more of an indoor type of girl, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t okay with being outside.

But more than that, yesterday it suddenly struck me that when I started back hiking a year ago, it was more of an escape - and I don’t need to do it anymore. PunkRock was still up in my house and I needed to be away from his presence. Giving myself that space by taking off into the woods alone was a mental health necessity. Now, however, I can propose a spontaneous (or planned) trip out into the wild, and I won’t be on my own - I have two partners who are ready to explore with me.

That’s not to say that DarkKnight and MisterMoonbeam are outdoor enthusiasts. Lol It is just that they are amazingly supportive. Also, I think in hindsight I can look back and say I lost a part of myself when I was with PunkRock - he said he walked enough at work, he wasn’t interested in sitting on a stump and sharing a pb& j or a swig from a water bottle. He didn’t want to have that be a part of his life then. So I shrunk and tailored my planned excursions to him, rather than having it be more 50/50.

I also feel more confident in myself now - if my partners don’t wanna go outside, I can go by myself! But the reason I was teary was because I don’t have to anymore. I’m not hiking to escape PunkRock. I’m under the trees because I want to be, and I feel loved because my partners join me. I might not be fit, and I am definitely not fast, but I love and I am loved.

So yeah, I cried a little bit. It didn’t slow me down. I just acknowledged what I have regained, and kept going. :)

I was super bummed that the weather was not conducive to tent camping - the wind gusts were absolutely insane yesterday! I have video where you can hear the wind sounding like a train! After we finished our hike at Seneca Creek, MisterMoonbeam and I decided to get a hotel room - especially since the forecast now had it raining the next few hours until sundown, and it didn’t seem smart to try and put up a tent in the middle of a storm!

So he found a close-by hotel, and I got us there. We ordered in from a small BBQ joint - doing our part to support local business - and cuddled up together.

After I wake up this morning (heh) we will be off to Cedarville State Forest to snag another couple of miles to mark on my butterfly map. I can’t wait.




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This notice board doesn’t say anything, so I will tell you that MisterMoonbeam had a nice 2 mile hike at Cedarville State Forest on Saturday!

On Sunday we spent our time with friends at a retro arcade, celebrating MisterMoonbeam’s old metamour’s birthday. That was fun, though we both tired out pretty quick. We had some discussion on the drive back because metamour’s wife told me she was feeling a lot of attraction for MisterMoonbeam. He doesn’t feel the same - they tried dating like 5 or 6 years ago, one date, and she turned him down flat afterward. We had both noticed that she was getting lots more flirty, and we had discussed that previously. Now she’s vocalized it to me.

He says 1) He doesn’t want to date anyone right now, 2) He doesn’t find her attractive right now, 3) He thinks she makes terrible decisions when it comes to partners and doesn’t want the drama, 4) He thinks it’s probably due to lack of options over a pandemic span of time and 5) He’s decided firmly that he doesn’t ever want to date anyone who knew his late wife.

I am wibbly-wobbly because it makes me feel pressured to start something up with his old metamour. If we continue to travel out there frequently as we do, and they were dating, the only other place for me to sleep would be in metamour’s bed. Which, I do find him attractive and he’s intelligent and fun, but I’d rather move forward with sexual stuff because I am desiring of it, rather than have it kind of pushed on me. I could get a hotel room alone, or go camping, I suppose, but we generally go there to stay there - it makes it affordable.

That said, I told him my reservations about the being “couple-ly” and he said he could see that happening. But he said he’s not concerned because he isn’t interested. We both are a tiny bit anxious because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. We both really like the friendship we have with this couple.

At this point though, it doesn’t really matter because we won’t be out that way again until mid-June at the earliest. He said he thinks she may be over it by then, and if not, he will have had some time to think about how to let her down. I told him that I could work out the couple-ly sort of concerns that I am worried about on my own, but he said not to bother about it. He feels friendly toward her and he loves her as a friend, but nothing beyond that. I really like her as a friend too, so I hope things stay cool.


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This week is supposed to be hella rainy, so I am dealing with both sadness and irritation over not being able to hike and add to my state park map! I was also planning to go and see some amazing azaleas at a nearby reservoir, but I will just have to catch them next year, I guess.

In a minute I need to get up and shower. I’m a teensy bit motivated, but mostly I’m snuggly in the bed and I’m not wanting to move much.

Today the Blessing Box doesn’t have a ton going on. I plan to organize a bit and clear my tabletop, and I have a meeting in the late afternoon with a rep from another organization who wants to partner up with some stuff. Personally, I have to do laundry and scoop the two litter boxes downstairs. I should also clean my living room, but honestly, I’m probably going to ignore that part of the to-do list! I have a heaping pile of camping equipment that I would like to continue to ignore until tomorrow, as that’s the day I am overhauling the camp closet and organizing all of the stuff!

Anyway, yeah, today should be low key. I have a microwave and an air fryer to post as available, and hopefully I will receive more cash donations toward the air conditioner and fan fund - I posted the start of the season yesterday. We normally sponsor 50 or more AC units each year, and to do that, donations are needed! Right now my request list has some COPD sufferers and a couple of moms with infants. Keeping cool is a need, for sure. Since yesterday’s announcement of the season beginning, I’ve had two new box fans delivered, a drop off of two used AC units (only one seems to be blowing cold and it’s already out of here and in an apartment!) and $450 cash donated.
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I took DarkKnight to work this morning, so I could keep the car. Since it’s pouring rain, I rescheduled my weekly consignment shop pickup for tomorrow, but I needed the car to take MisterMoonbeam to his orthopedic checkup. I’m writing this while waiting in the car. Apparently they just xrayed the two breaks on his left wrist again and the thumb on his right hand. He’s waiting now for an update from the doctor.

I am super excited to go home this morning because my goal today is to organize my camping closet. My plan was to put a 3x3 cube shelf in there, so each of us would have a row for hiking boots, hiking sneakers and water shoes. Last night I went to MisterMoonbeam’s storage unit and he did have a 3x3 in there! We brought it home and I cleaned it up, and yeah, it didn’t fit. It should fit, but I can’t angle it in, as the doorway is a foot smaller than the cubby. So I had to order a new one from Target this morning - a 2x3. So the water shoes will have to find a new home in the closet! I actually emptied the entire closet last night, so there’s a huge pile of stuff in my living room. I am excited to get it all put away and looking organized!

My youngest messaged me last night and she is coming over today to borrow a cooler. She’s going camping in spite of the rain tonight. She told me she dumped her boyfriend officially. She had moved out, but he was promising to go to therapy, so she hadn’t made a clean break. Now it’s all done. I am glad because near the end he was getting extremely controlling and gaslighting her. He wouldn’t let her hang out with her friends, and kept accusing her of cheating, which she wasn’t doing at all.
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I woke up this morning with a headache, but lots of water and Advil have me feeling better.

Some positives:

So far my summer air conditioner program is going great - I’ve gotten 4 working units out into homes, and I have one broken one on my table and one brand new one waiting for pickup. Two fans have been dropped off. I hope the momentum continues, because the waiting list is ever-growing!

I made a campsite reservation for the weekend with DarkKnight, and I am hoping to knock out two more State Parks on Saturday-Sunday. I’m excited!

I didn’t get my camping closet done yesterday, but I did get our cubby built to hold our hiking boots and sneakers. Lol We are Merrell fans here, apparently - DarkKnight’s shoes are across the top, MisterMoonbeam is in the middle, and mine are on the bottom. My boots are Timberlands though!