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I had bookmarked the Poly Relationships Corner section in my browser and totally missed that there was an Introductions section, so now that I noticed, I figured I'd say Hi. :)

I'm Liam, a 35M, married for 12 years (together 16 years) to Wade, a 48M (names have been changed to protect the not so innocent lol). We've had an open relationship sexually for roughly the last 13 years, but there were a lot of rules attached to it.

I am bi and he is gay. I may play around from time to time (maybe a few times a year these days) and may even form friendships with them. However, I don't really form emotional or romantic relationships outside friendship. My husband, on the other hand, is definitely poly and very quick to form feelings for people and I caught onto that from the very beginning. (Although I didn't know at 19 y/o there was a name for it lol.)

It's largely been an evolution. I've had "play buddies" over the years, both male and female. We've struggled with communication on his side. He's had a few, essentially boyfriends, over the years that he was dishonest about. However, we've gone through the whole therapy process together and things have really ticked up in that area.

Then he went to a convention last month, where he attended a session about poly, and when we talked, he said, "I think I'm poly." I said, "Duh!"

I'm totally open to him dating and honestly, I really enjoy seeing him with another guy who makes him happy, both emotionally and sexually. I won't rule out a second partner myself, but it's not a priority. So at this point, we're learning, researching, and communicating better than we ever have. Definitely going to be a journey. The people on this site have been wonderful. Thanks to all!
Greetings Liam,
Welcome to our forum. Now it's official!

It's been enjoyable following your story, and I'm glad if we've been able to help you smooth out some of the bumps in the road. It sounds like you and Wade have made great progress over the years in adapting to each other's relationship styles. Not that things are now perfect, but the two of you are figuring/working things out, little by little. It's been great so far having you on our forum!

Kevin T., "official greeter" :)


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