How do Monos cope with Polys?

Ya but... I have love for my friends?! Not sexual love with most of them, but love that makes me want to be close to them, hold their hand, cuddle them, etc. What's the dif?

I would have to say that the difference is you. YOU are not an "asexual" person. The scope of the discussion mainly focused on people who can be "in love" with a PARTNER but have mental or psychological obstacles or issues that prevent them from fully appreciating themselves as a sexual being.
I can only speak for when I'm in asexual PHASE. I love my husband with all my heart and want to share EVERY aspect of my life with him, from raising our kids to paying bills to grocery shopping. I just have no interest in sex, though I'm still all about the cuddles. I have friends I like to be cuddly with, but there are boundaries to the level I want them in my life. If I had another partner, and was in asexual phase, it would be the same way I feel about my husband. So, I AM poly with my husband and partner (though asexual at the moment) but NOT with my cuddly friends. Also, I'm not anti-sex when asexual. I'm willing if it makes the other happy as I enjoy pleasing my partner. I'm just not going to start it up and probably won't orgasm. But I'll enjoy making the other feel good.