How to build attraction with people


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So you all come down hard on harem building and unicorn hunting because it’s “sometimes problematic”?

I was talking about reddit. If those kinds of posts caused that reddit forum problems in the past? Then I could see why they would come down hard on it over there.

Again... I think people are free to seek whatever arrangement they want. Other people will either agree to participate with them or skip it because they aren't into that.

Any relationship model is going to have problems to work out. Unicorn hunting sometimes has couple privilege issues to contend with. Harem building sometimes has the One Penis Policy issue to contend with. Other models will have their things.

In the end? It's on the people involved in whatever model to sort out their stuff with each other and assess compatibility.

I guess the question is why is the tone towards some individuals so negative while others so positive.

Are you still talking about the reddit forum people?

Or are you talking about you in this forum here? If someone is bothering you here, report it, don't engage, and put the person on your "ignore list."

1) Click on their name in blue under their circle icon.

2) From the pop up menu... Click on the "ignore" button.

Then you won't see whatever they write any more.

Isaiah990, sorry for veering off topic.