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Hi there. I’m writing a piece about “unicorns” and “unicorn hunters” for Have you ever been one? Or would you avoid being either at all costs? How do you feel about the term (understandably considered derogatory by many)? How do you feel about the practice? Email me at or message me on here if you want to say your piece. As ever pseudonyms are fine and discretion is guaranteed. Despite being an ex-“unicorn” myself (!),I’m aiming for a fair and balanced piece so all opinions welcome!


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Greetings LottieWrites,
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One good website for the topic you're writing on is called Unicorns-R-Us, it has multiple tabs for different takes on the unicorn hunt. Another good website is a short article called Unicorn Ranchers, it talks about a healthy way of approaching unicorns. Finally, there is a fun/interesting series of short dramas called Unicornland, check it out.

I am not a unicorn, nor a unicorn hunter, but I have heard a lot about unicorn hunting on this forum. If you do a search on "unicorn hunters," you will encounter a lot of threads on the subject. And if you have any questions for me, you can post them on this thread, or message me privately, either way is fine. I hope you find the info you are looking for to write your piece, and when you're done writing it, I hope you'll post again here with the web address. We can never have too much info on the unicorn hunt, it is very popular!

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There's a *lot* of good info in Golden Nuggets. Have a look!

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