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1:16 p.m., Saturday the 16th

You're quite welcome, I'm glad I could help.
12:27 p.m., Sunday the 17th

Well, we finally closed a deal on a house we want to move into. Of course, this means the moving process will soon begin, which I am not looking forward to. But I hear the new house is really nice. It's new for us, but it's actually I think 53 years old. I guess it's in really good shape, all things considered. I believe it's in Albuquerque, so we won't have to change cities. Snowbunny sent me a link to pictures of the house, I think in Facebook which I will look at later today. She is saying I will get the master bedroom, which is a sweet deal for me, I get an attached bath. Also I get a window facing the backyard, with what I'm told is a wide windowsill for Rainee.
1:53 p.m., Monday the 18th

So I've looked at the photos of the "new" house and the floor plan, and SB and I drove by it, and now I like the place even better. I get a shower with glass doors -- so no shower curtain molesting my body. The neighborhood is nice and quiet. There's a bunch of restaurants (and stores) nearby. The area is close to the mountains. We offered a small fortune (up to $340,000.00? depending on the bank appraisal) to get the house, but it feels like it's worth it. No more rotten neighbor downstairs, no more corrupt HOA, and no more stairs to climb every time we enter the place. The front yard looks really nice, and there's a nice big fenced backyard where Eddie can run around and play.

The forum is very quiet today, it was even quieter yesterday. I guess that's because of Easter? I didn't do much for Easter, SB and I did get takeout from a vegetarian place called Annapurna (the necessary part of our trip was buying some parts at the Home Depot. Lowe's was closed).
I hope you are really happy in your new home.
11:44 a.m., Tuesday the 19th

Thanks; I forgot to mention, the new/pending house is also in a low-crime area. Not easy to come by in a big city like Albuquerque.

The moving process is going to take a while. I don't think it'll be done until at least the end of next month. Once we get all moved in and settled, it's going to be excellent. But until then, it's going to suck.
3:09 p.m., Wednesday the 20th

I don't know how roomy the interior of the new house is; the photos look pretty roomy, but I haven't actually been inside. I believe Snowbunny said it was bigger than what we have. The web page with the photos differs from the floor plan on the sizes. The photo page says a 1325-square-foot interior, a 7841-square-foot lot. The floor plan says a 1423-square-foot living area, a 354-square-foot garage/workshop area. Three bedrooms, two baths. Two-car garage. Built in 1969 (although in the photos it looks brand new, while having the look of the style of the 70's).

One thing the new house has, that the current house (the condo) doesn't have, is a yard (front and back). The only outdoor space the condo has is a small patio. Of course, having a yard means maintenance. Brother-Husband will probably do most of that. I think there's a small section of grass; Brother-Husband likes to mow if you can believe that. Meantime, Eddie has a fenced-in backyard he can play in (with no leash).

We have (a) showing/open house/s at the condo a little over a week from now. We can't be in the condo during the showing/s, we can be on the patio a week from this Friday, while on the two weekend days after that, we'll have to vacate the place completely. Perhaps we'll drive around the city; Snowbunny has to be close enough to the condo to open the gate for people (the condo is in a gated community).

There will be cleaning and rearranging here before the showing/s. As I said it's going to suck.
4:36 p.m., Thursday the 21st

SB estimates (our current house) the condo to have a 1250-square-foot floor plan. (Not sure if that includes the patio, which is quite small anyway.) So going by that, the new (pending) house is definitely bigger. Of course, more floor space means more maintenance. But sometimes it's worth it, to get that roomier feel, and space for all of your stuff.

On our calendar (of which SB is the pretty much exclusive author), it says that our first overnight stay at the new house will be on June 4. So that gives you some idea of how long the moving process will take. I don't have a problem with that, more time to move means more time to process all of the hassles that moving will entail.

The new place has central air/heating, which I consider a plus. Of course, the condo also has central heating/air, but the point is, we won't be losing anything in that area. Honestly, the only minus that I know of, aside the technical age of the "new" place, is that we won't have the primo view of the balloon festival. But that's not a big deal, it's only a once-a-year event anyway. I'm glad we saw it up close and personal one time. I'm satisfied with that.
8:12 p.m., Saturday the 23rd

The forum has been super busy over the last couple of days. I had a little extra umph this evening, and am trying to use it to get caught up on my internet stuff. This would (hopefully will) include Facebook, which normally takes a little over an hour.

SB has to stay up and work super late tonight, as her employer (the credit union) is doing a huge act of upgrade? maintenance? That being the case, I guess it's appropriate for me to be up a good bit later than usual.

The project of moving, and of selling our condo, and all the migraines that will go with that, gradually draws near. SB got me some new bedding, for when they take pictures of this condo, and for when people come to look at the place in person. Meanwhile, we've been selling some of our stuff.
3:28 p.m., Sunday the 24th

Well I managed to get all caught up on things yesterday ... not counting book reading, a Chess puzzle, a Chess lesson, and especially not counting a Chess bot game which I also did not do. I did get caught up on, FetLife, and Facebook. Which took me until about 11:15 p.m., which is really friggin' late for me, but that's nothing compared to SB, who had to stay up working until about 4:00 a.m. ... and then I think she slept until about 11:30 a.m.

Tomorrow will be the first occasion where the moving process really starts to hurt. Someone is coming over to photograph the condo, and to facilitate that, I'll have to get up early (early for me). Also when I'm done showering, I'll have to wipe down the walls with the towel (as otherwise the droplets of water would show up in the photographs). And believe me, it gets worse from there.
2:56 p.m., Tuesday the 26th

Forum activity has picked up, and with various aspects of moving heating up, it is challenging to try and catch up on things, and is the reason why I didn't post in this thread yesterday. Today, they are doing an appraisal on the house we are moving into, and I will be there for that, so I don't know if I'll get caught up on FetLife and Facebook today. It depends on whether I have extra energy after dinner. It does look like we'll be getting takeout for dinner, which is a plus for me.
Hello from a fellow Burqueño! We just went through the house buying process a few months ago too. And I've got food from Annapurna too (both the one near UNM and the NE heights one)! Good luck with your moving process! It was a pain for us but so happy not to rent anymore.
11:53 a.m., Wednesday the 27th

Thanks Eponine, it's nice to have someone else living in the same city. I think our #1 reason for moving is to get away from the rotten neighbor downstairs. In the new house, we'll get more space, in a nicer neighborhood. Also we won't have to walk a big long ways from our car, and up a big flight of stairs, to get into our house.

Yesterday, the appraiser didn't show up, although that's actually good in a way, it's better for the appraiser to work alone. Meanwhile, the inspectors showed up, along with an electrician to look at the wiring. All in all, it was pretty successful. We may get a credit to our closing costs, owing to the fact that the owners advertised air conditioning, whereas actually it's a swamp cooler. There will be negotiations around that and around the various minor problems the inspectors and electrician found.

There are lots of neat restaurants (and shopping places) close to the new house, and SB and I ate at one of them, a place that had sushi. I haven't had sushi for a long time (due to the pandemic), so this was a real treat. We got takeout there for BH -- teriyaki chicken.

I did not get caught up on FetLife and Facebook. Don't know whether I will today. I did get up earlier than usual today. But SB and I will be taking Eddie on a walk in the mall later on, so that will suck up some time. Which is okay, I like getting out.
11:53 a.m., Wednesday the 27th

I think our #1 reason for moving is to get away from the rotten neighbor downstairs. In the new house, we'll get more space, in a nicer neighborhood. Also we won't have to walk a big long ways from our car, and up a big flight of stairs, to get into our house.
Yeah, all of these apply for us too. We used to have noisy neighbors who played music or partied until 2-3 am. And now our house is twice as big as the apartment we rented. I read from your previous posts that your condo has an HOA, which was one of our biggest deal breakers when looking for a house. We considered townhouses without HOA at some point, but then we were like "what if we had a terrible neighbor?". Glad we ended up getting a single family house in a nice neighborhood.
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3:19 p.m., Thursday the 28th

Sounds like you guys lucked out too, on your new house. The condo we're in right now is in a gated community with an HOA, and I have to say, I won't miss either of those things. The HOA is just a PITA that barely accomplishes anything useful, and the locked gate is another PITA which, we still get crime in this complex, and lots of people getting in who shouldn't. The new house is in a neighborhood that stays nice without any special restrictions.

The appraiser showed up yesterday, and did his/her work. His/her report should come out sometime today.

I did get caught up on FetLife and Facebook, with enough time left over for a Chess puzzle and a Chess lesson. Not enough for a bot game though; thank the gods.
LOL our previous apartment was gated too. I guess it did help with safety somewhat, because I had never heard of any crime in the building when we lived there. But it could also be that the area was safe in general. Giving delivery people the gate code was kind of a pain though. Sometimes I put the code in the instruction, but they still called or texted to ask for the code or ask where the gate was (the code was only for the pedestrian gate). Much more convenient to live in a house without these hassles.

Our appraisal report took a week to come to us. It was nerve wrecking. Good luck with yours!
12:00 p.m., Saturday the 30th

It's a huge PITA opening the gates for contractors and delivery people, and there is limited parking for them inside the complex. Also the buildings are arranged in such a way that the place is a labyrinth, and it is hard for anyone to figure out how to get to our unit. Smartphones only get people as far as the gate. They do not give directions once one is through the gate.

Our condo is now on the market, and right now we are doing showings. This means that we are displaced; SB and I are staying in a hotel in Santa Fe, with Rainee and Eddie. Yesterday we had to wait around in the car, and I was not able to do any computer stuff until today.

BH's dad is having heart/chest/lung problems, so he is in the hospital, and is not doing well. BH decided he better fly to Michigan and visit his dad and the family there. Otherwise he would be staying with us in the hotel as well, only we all would have been staying in Los Lunas as that was what he requested.

We're still waiting on the appraiser's report for the new house.
Does the hotel stay feel like a nice holiday at all? Tbh right now, the idea of being in a hotel with just one partner sounds heavenly, for whatever reason! (and no kids, for me, although I appreciate that's not an issue for you)
1:06 p.m., Sunday the 1st

We've had a reasonable amount of fun on this trip. Yesterday we walked around the downtown area, and ate at a super nice Mexican restaurant. That was expensive, so we'll have to find a cheaper place to eat at today. I think we're sleeping here at the hotel again tonight, then driving home tomorrow morning, not sure how early.

This is definitely better than leaving the condo every morning, and being stuck in the car all day.
3:53 p.m., Tuesday the 3rd

The forum has been rather busy for the past few days, and as a result I haven't been catching up on my daily internet stuff. Not the end of the world, obviously, I just wanted to explain to you why I didn't post in this thread yesterday.

The new house appraised for $340,000.00 -- so we will have to pay the full price that we offered for it. The hope now is that we will get a decent credit on our closing costs.

All three of us are back home. I guess BH's dad was doing a little better a few days ago, but then he started coughing again. His future is uncertain.

SB and I actually went home on Sunday afternoon, even though we didn't have to check out until Monday. SB had to resume working early Monday morning, so we needed to be home Sunday night. BH was able to get Monday off, so he did not get home until about 4:00 p.m. yesterday.

On Sunday (at about 5:00 p.m.), SB and I stopped at Mac's Steak in the Rough (in Albuquerque) for dinner. We ate in the car, we were waiting for the last showing at our condo to be completed. Yesterday (Monday), SB had a Barn Hunt practice to supervise, and on her way home, she picked up chicken (and a couple of sides) at a Church's Chicken for dinner for us.
3:05 p.m., Wednesday the 4th

Over the last 24 hours, we have had a real scare regarding the new house. The owners, and especially their realtor, were really being shits about negotiating the costs and price. They wanted to lower the overall price, whereas we needed them to give us a credit on the closing costs, so that we would have the money we needed right away to do the maintenance/repairs that the house most urgently needed. It felt like they were digging in their heels on that point, and SB actually started looking at other houses. The deal for this house looked like it was going to fall through, like we were not going to get the house, and we had already accepted an offer on our condo, so who knows if we would have even been stuck with no place to live. Thank gods, they finally relented a few hours ago, and accepted our final offer. Legally, it had to be our final offer.

So we'll still get the house, and they'll give us a $15,000.00 credit on our closing costs, which will give us the money right away that we need to fix/maintain various things that urgently need tending to. It's an old house, so there's a lot of little things that need to be done, but there's also some big things, like replacing the oven/stove, and like possibly replacing the swamp cooler with an air conditioner. Whew ... that was seriously nerve-racking ...

Later today, Eddie will go on his weekly mall walk with the various other dogs. I'll be going with, and I guess the event organizer said it's not a problem for me to walk with (SB and) the dogs. I think we'll leave to do that at 5:00 p.m., or a little after that.

Yesterday I finally got caught up on Facebook, FetLife, and this forum. It's been a while since I've done any reading or Chess stuff, but those things lend themselves more to waiting. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to them. Who knows?