Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

10:22 a.m., Sunday the 28th

I know right? She's even purring -- she's in front of me by the computer, she's been resting her head on my arm. And no barfs.
2:04 p.m., Monday the 29th

Alas, Rainee threw up an hour or two ago. This doesn't necessarily mean she's sick; she's always been a barfer in general. It's pretty sad though; she doesn't want to barf.

In my latest Chess game versus Jim, I spied an opportunity to fork his queen and rook with my knight; the pawn protecting the forking square was pinned to the queen (as I had both rooks pointing at her). It was a rare moment of glory for me; I'll probably still lose, but for the moment I am two points ahead. Jim was quite pleased with me, and had many complimentary things to say. Life is good in that area.
11:51 a.m., Tuesday the 30th

No barfies today. So far. She has been resting quietly on my bed.

Jim actually offered me a draw, which I greedily accepted. He said I was being merciful. I was like, "Haha, sure buddy." We are now playing a new game, and I don't expect to be so lucky.
11:32 a.m., Wednesday the 31st

The forum's been super quiet lately, other than this blogs section, and I usually don't get involved with that, other than my own blog of course. Not much to report. Rainee seems to be doing okay. I've been enjoying the alcohol I picked up, the port and the cinnamon whisky. I hope to enjoy more today.
1:39 p.m., Thursday the 1st

Damn, the forum's even quieter today. I finished all of my alcohol stash, but last night Snowbunny and I went shopping, and she let me pick up a couple of BuzzBallz (15% a.b.v.). I imagine I'll have one of those today.
1:50 p.m., Friday the 2nd

So between this here entry and the entry immediately above, there has been zero activity on the forum. That's over 24 hours of deadness. It's got to be some kind of a record.

I drank one of the BuzzBallz yesterday, and plan to drink the other one today. For dinner, our one friend who was Brother-Husband's coworker will come over. And we will have a dish with Polish sausage. I'm hungry just thinking about it.

On Sunday, we will go over to Eponine's house, for a BBQ with her and her partner. We will bring a side dish.

That's all I have to tell you for now.
Looking forward to hanging out with you guys again on Sunday!

The pattern of forum activity is funny. Sometimes there are a bunch of new threads in a day, and sometimes zero posts in a day.
12:16 p.m., Saturday the 3rd

Yes ... when I said "zero activity," I meant "zero new posts." People did come and visit the forum, it's just that none of the visitors posted anything. And yes, sometimes it does get quite busy here.

See you tomorrow!
10:44 a.m., Sunday the 4th

I suppose Labor Day Weekend is what is pulling everyone away from the forum; people are getting together with their friends and families and there is nothing wrong with that. Jim is mostly busy with the family reunion up in the mountains; I guess this is the last year the family is going to do that.
2:05 p.m., Monday the 5th

So yesterday, we went over to Eponine's house, for a BBQ with her and her partner. We had a really good time there. Her partner is a wicked cook! We stayed until about 10:30 p.m., the time really flew by. Next time we'll have them over to our house!
The board game Scattergories was a lot of fun! So many weird / crazy answers lol.
2:15 p.m., Tuesday the 6th

Heh, I forgot that you were a fan of trivia-type games, and while Scattergories isn't a trivia game per se, it bears some resemblance to a trivia game. I suck at it, but I guess the game still serves its purpose if it's fun to play. Maybe I just need more practice.
Yeah, trivia knowledge helps in some of the categories, but I think in most cases it's more about quick thinking and being creative, like "things you dream about" and "things with balls" lol.
I liked those two categories. So forgiving of so many crazy answers, ;)
12:51 p.m., Wednesday the 7th

BH and I have watched most of Stranger Things Season Four. Last night we watched Episode Seven; it was a long one; there's two more episodes in this season. After that, I hope to convince BH to watch the Queen's Gambit with me. Jim wants me to watch it, and I do gather it is a good show.

Rainee seems to be completely recovered ... however she has taken to hunkering down under my bed sometimes. She is on top of my bed right now. She has also started drinking water which is encouraging.
I've watched the Queen's Gambit. It was okay; I wasn't super into it. Maybe it appeals more to people who know chess.

I recommend Beyond Stranger Things on Netflix, which is a behind the scenes series filmed after Season 2. It made me realize I had forgotten a lot of details in Season 2 (even though I only started to watch from Season 1 in February), so I re-watched S1 and S2 afterwards.
I'll mention Beyond Stranger Things to BH, and we may end up rewatching S1 and S2. It partly depends on what BH has in mind.
1:59 p.m., Thursday the 8th

We didn't watch any episodes last night. For dinner SB prepared trout, steak fries, and salad. I have to say I didn't care much for the trout. The fries were good, and the salad was okay. (I'm not usually a salad type of person.)
5:57 p.m., Friday the 9th

I went with SB yesterday, with Ginger, for a puppy class. I waited in the car and read from my Crusades book. After the class, we got takeout at a New Mexican place (a chain) called Garcia's. What I got was pretty good, a wet bean burrito with red and green chili sauce (a.k.a. Christmas). BH got huevos rancheros. SB got (three?) tacos and was not thrilled with them (they fell apart, and the meat wasn't great). We did get sopapillas for dessert and that was good.

Hopefully we'll have dinner today soon. I'm mighty hungry.

I got a late start on today, and there was an email discussion for me to record and participate in. It was largely a question of whether the JWST is an improvement over the HST. The initial emailer -- I'll call him Aaron -- thought the HST yields better visual images. A couple of other participants (Jim and another brother whom I'll call Saul) were more concerned about whether the JWST can analyze exoplanets for signs of life.
1:16 p.m., Saturday the 10th

Dinner was a little after 7:00 p.m., it was leftovery, wouldn't you know it I got the leftover trout. Today and tomorrow, Eddie has Barn Hunt trial/competition. SB took Eddie and Ginger. BH works Saturdays (he has Sundays and Mondays off), so it's just me and Rainee here at the house, and I've gave Rainee some extra treats. If I understand the plan right, SB will be getting takeout for us for dinner today and tomorrow. I like that. BH and I might watch more Stranger Things episodes tonight and tomorrow.