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11:37 a.m., Sunday the 2nd

I was a little surprised about this, but I did catch up yesterday. Just barely before time for dinner. Dinner was good, the butter chicken was good, although the vegetable korma was surprisingly bland, and Snowbunny was disappointed about that. After dinner, Brother-Husband and I watched Episode Three of the Queen's Gambit.
12:55 p.m., Monday the 3rd

BH's former coworker was off today, and has stopped by. I will probably go out and join the party. Yesterday after dinner, BH, SB, and I took the dogs for a walk. Then BH and I watched Episode Four of the Queen's Gambit.
3:29 p.m., Tuesday the 4th

As it turns out, the friend/former coworker was mostly here to pick up BH for a short road trip, the intention being to explore some of the places where Stranger Things Season Four was filmed. They had pizza for lunch, which was fine, I wasn't hungry at the time.

SB was at Barn Hunt yesterday evening, so dinner was kind of late (c. 8:45 p.m.). She brought us takeout from Subway, I had a spicy Italian sub.

Eddie has a class tonight, agility I think, and SB invited me to come with. I'll just wait in the car, but I'll get some reading done. The plan is to have dinner tonight at 5:00 p.m., then to leave (with Eddie) 45 minutes later.
12:39 p.m., Wednesday the 5th

Rainee has a vet appointment, to get a shot, at 4:45 p.m. today. SB works until at least 4:30 p.m., so it is going to be tight. SB was saying she might have me wait out in the car, with Rainee, before 4:30. Not sure if she is still planning to do it that way.

Just a week ago, outdoor temperatures were up in the 80's. Now, this week, and throughout the week-long forecast, our highs are in the low 70's. It's refreshing; we turned our A/C off and opened some windows. It's so cool today I'm thinking about closing my window. We'll see.
So cool and rainy lately! We haven't turned on the A/C since Monday. On the other hand, terrible weather for solar production lol.
11:09 a.m., Thursday the 6th

We had a guy come over yesterday at 7:00 p.m. to pitch solar energy to us. I know BH and SB were both skeptical, so I don't know whether he convinced them.

We made it to Rainee's vet appointment, almost on time. SB did not have me wait in the car, but she did have me put Rainee in her carrier.

Dinner was microwaved burritos. Not terrible, but nothing to write home about either.

For the next week, the forecast is all in the 60's.
We just got our first electric bill with full-month solar. It was only about $8 of service fee. Of course, we're paying the solar loan instead of electric bills, but that will be paid off one day. I think it's definitely worthwhile in the long run. I don't like door-to-door sales people though. If you guys are ever interested, I'll be happy to answer any questions and recommend local companies to you.
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I've just got solar. Yet to have a full month with the panels doing the majority of the work and honestly, I'm still in the hoping-I-have-made-the-right-decision phase, financially. But being part of the solar grid and supporting a renewable resource was a significant part of the decision. I got pitched entirely over the phone. We've also had a particularly dull, wet spring so the panels haven't yet been running at capacity. I am seeing this very much as a long term investment.
So it's already official: We are getting solar. Another guy came over today at say, 11:30 a.m., to examine our house and roof and fusebox and whatnot. SB confirmed it for me, this is the first step in getting our solar panels.

New Mexico usually gets lots of sun, and SB usually makes sound decisions, so I am optimistic.
Wow, that's fast!
Yeah, I didn't expect SB to go for it so promptly. And I know BH felt better about solar after talking to the guy yesterday.
2:49 p.m., Friday the 7th

Last night for dinner, SB made us a chicken/vegetable stir-fry. I thought it was quite good, although SB was disappointed with the rice (she thought she should have cooked it longer). For dinner tonight she is fixing to prepare salmon and steak fries, possibly salad. I like salmon, I like steak fries even more, and salad is okay, just okay.
12:34 p.m., Saturday the 8th

BH works (at the Toyota dealership) Saturdays, and SB is gone right now to get a haircut. So I snuck a little whiskey, Seagram's Seven. There wasn't a lot left in the bottle, but I just filled a shot glass. It won't have much of an effect on me, but I consider it a treat.

Rainee was just now sitting on my desk, between me and the computer, purring as she and I share this time together. She also always sleeps with me at night. I highly value her special friendship.
12:26 p.m., Sunday the 9th

I have a bottle of white chocolate Irish cream in the fridge. I intend to consume about half of it, tomorrow while BH, SB, and the former coworker are on a road trip. Today, I held Rainee while SB trimmed Rainee's nails. Rainee was scared, but she was pretty brave about it. BH held the dogs (one at a time) while SB did their nails.
9:31 a.m., Monday the 10th

We ate out for dinner yesterday, a real treat in my book. We ate at a place called El Patron. New Mexican food. It was the first time we had been there, it was a little pricey, but the food was good. I'm not sure what the plan is for dinner tonight, but it's possible SB might bring us takeout. BH, SB, our dogs, and the former coworker, are on the road trip right now. I'm enjoying a cup of white chocolate Sheelin Irish cream (ABV, 13.9%). Rainee is keeping me company.
We got takeout from El Patron on Saturday! It was supposed to be delivery, but we had to pick it up ourselves because of some mix up. The restaurant gave us a gift card as compensation, and I was thinking of going with you guys some day.
I'd love to go to El Patron with you guys, I'm sure BH and SB would like to too. When we were there, they had live music. It was really good. I'll tell BH and SB that you're interested.
1:55 p.m., Tuesday the 11th

Hi Eponine,

I told SB about your interest in meeting us at El Patron, and SB said she was down with that. We just need to set it up, perhaps via Messenger on Facebook. I'm sure BH will want to do it too.

So, one cup is about half of a bottle of the Irish cream, and I decided to have a second cup. I did get a slight buzz, it takes a lot to get me there, I am an expensive date, but the important thing is, I enjoyed it.

Eddie has an agility class tonight at 6:30 p.m., I'll probably go along for the ride, I'm guessing 5:45 p.m. is when I'll need to be ready to go. Forum activity level has been low for the last week or two, it is likely I'll get caught up on things today.
12:30 p.m., Wednesday the 12th

Eddie had his picture taken today at the airport (sunport). He is a therapy dog at the airport, people can pet him there, he helps soothe people who are stressed-out from traveling. It's a very official job, he wears a uniform for it, and he takes the job very seriously. SB wants to get Ginger trained for it too eventually. She was crying today after SB and Eddie left, she thought she was going too. She does have at least one class she is taking, so she does get to go out sometimes. Also she and Eddie go on periodic walks.
Omg that's so cool. I hope there are therapy dogs when I have to layover in Houston!