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2:41 p.m., Friday the 28th

It turned out to be a filling, but not a drilling. I've never had that before. Apparently the former filling had disappeared, so the dentist didn't need to drill. And I didn't need any Novocaine.

So when I got there, the dentist was planning to do two teeth. I thought the plan was to do one tooth per visit, and when I stated that, the dentist willingly delayed the second tooth. I told Snowbunny about that afterwards, and she was disappointed. She would have wanted me to get both teeth done. Sorry, I thought I was doing the right thing. Two teeth would cost more at one time, right? I mean I guess I know, for next time.

To reward me for going to the dentist, SB took me to a Kelly Liquor afterwards, and gave me $20.00 to pick something out. I picked a large bottle of white port for about $16.00, and had a cup earlier today.
12:11 p.m., Sunday the 30th

Snowbunny and I did some errands yesterday (including shopping), the day just got used up and I did not make it here to post in this thread. We ate out for dinner, which was a nice treat, at a Chinese/Korean fusion place super close to us, I forgot the name of the place. I got their "Vegetable Delight;" it was quite good.

Today, Brother-Husband and Snowbunny went on a road trip with Brother-Husband's former coworker. While they are gone, I am enjoying some white port. Meanwhile, Jim is beating me at Chess.
1:25 p.m., Monday the 31st

The former coworker -- let's call him Sam I guess -- ate dinner with us yesterday. SB made us a dish with sausage and noodles -- a dish she is known for, it is really good. Sam is a fun guy, he makes films and shared a few with us.

Jim is still beating me at Chess, but in a pleasant way, he is teaching me things about the possible moves I could make, and about the possible moves I could have made. I feel like even if I lose, I am still learning something that will help me in future games. A few games with him have ended in a draw, by mutual agreement.
2:00 p.m., Tuesday the 1st

We did not have a lot of trick-or-treaters last night, but we did have some. We will have plenty of candy to eat for a while.

Eddie has an agility class at 5:15 p.m. today -- I will need to be ready to go at 4:30 p.m. if I want to go along for the ride (and I do). I don't know what the plan is for dinner. Last night we had pasta and meatballs -- decent but nothing to write home about.
11:49 a.m., Wednesday the 2nd

We ended up getting takeout yesterday at Zorba's, a Greek place. I got a gyro -- not the best gyro I've ever had but good. And plus I had a Greek salad, and baklava, to go with it.

SB has an appointment at 5:00 p.m. today to get her tires rotated. Right now, the plan is that after that appointment, she will pick up BH and me, the three of us will go vote, and we'll get takeout afterwards. Hopefully that will continue to be the plan.
11:59 a.m., Thursday the 3rd

So voting is done and out of the way; I feel good about that. After the three of us (BH, SB, and I) voted, we ate out at a really good place called Grassburger. I had a veggie burger with a scoop of guacamole; it was quite tasty.

A cold front is moving through. It is very windy outside, and it will be cold tomorrow (with a high just above 50°). Our group calendar doesn't show any plans for today or tomorrow. On Saturday, Eponine and her partner will come over to our house.
12:32 p.m., Friday the 4th

It's cold: in the low 40's I think. We actually got snow, which ... Albuquerque rarely ever gets snow, let alone so early in November.

The plan for today is, that SB and I will go out shopping. Not sure if that will be before or after dinner. SB needs to get stuff for dinner tomorrow, namely for stuffed peppers.
12:26 p.m., Saturday the 5th

Ginger is tall and thin, especially when compared with Eddie. We had a baby gate in front of the door to my bedroom, Rainee could jump over it but the dogs couldn't, so Rainee had a "safe space" in here. Well yesterday, Ginger managed to leap over the baby gate. So SB raised that gate a few inches. And then Ginger managed to squeeze under the gate. So the gate's pretty much useless now, and SB removed it entirely. Rainee's only safe space now is the top of her cat tree. Unless I close my door, but then Rainee can't get out when she wants to. So far I have decided to keep the door closed when I'm in bed. Ginger has high energy, and gets into mischief, but she also has a short attention span, and quickly forgets what she was doing a moment before. I'm hoping she'll grow to be more calm around Rainee and my bedroom.

Shopping yesterday was before dinner. Dinner was just soup and bread, but while we were shopping I had picked out some squeakies (cheddar cheese curds), and I had some at dinner. Also at the store SB picked out some sweet wine (six bottles, mix and match, for 20% off), which we'll have some of that tonight.
12:36 p.m., Sunday the 6th

BH and SB have taken the dogs somewhere right now, I don't know where. A walk? They've been gone awhile. Rainee and I should throw a big party.

Everything went good last night, with Eponine and her partner. After dinner, the five of us played a couple of games, Scattergories and Cards against Humanity.
It's great that we're all into dirty and non-PC jokes in CAH! :LOL:
Yes, I think the five of us agree on that point.
1:10 p.m., Monday the 7th

We had pizza from Dion's for dinner last night, including a "505" which is my favorite, then at about 8:00 p.m. BH and I watched an episode of "Umbrella Academy." A pretty good series so far, the last episode we watched was Episode Five (Season One).

Yesterday, BH and SB got home at about 1:30 p.m., they had took the dogs to a dog park, and for a walk in Lowe's. All this was supposed to make the dogs tired, but it did not work.

On the way to Dion's, SB and I stopped at a Kelly's, where we got some drinky-drink we heard about for a drink called "Cinnabon;" also I got a bottle of Rumple Minze, and had some today.
1:39 p.m., Tuesday the 8th

As per the drink's name, Cinnabon (the drink) was supposed to taste like a Cinnabon (the cinnamon roll). I thought it tasted vaguely like that, but not all that much, and SB agreed (BH opted not to have any).

Today, Eddie has an agility class. I'll need to be ready to go at about 4:30 p.m.; I'll bring a book (as I usually do) and read in the car. After the class, the plan is to stop at Jersey Mike's, and get subs for dinner. I like it!
1:11 p.m., Wednesday the 9th

Some people will be coming over tomorrow to inspect the work on our solar panels -- a necessary part of the process of getting to where we can actually start using the solar energy. They might get here as early as 7:00 a.m., and the fusebox is in my bedroom, so I might not be able to sleep in like I usually do.
1:13 p.m., Thursday the 10th

So the inspection people showed up at about 8:30 a.m., and completed their inspection in about half an hour. I went back to bed (with Rainee), and got up at 10:38 a.m. which is about what I'd usually do. As far as I know we passed inspection, and if I understand what I heard right, we should start getting solar power in a couple of weeks.
4:57 p.m., Friday the 11th

SB had today off (Veterans Day), so she and I did some errands including shopping. Which is the main reason why I am so late in posting here. Dinner is ready, so I am going to sign off and eat dinner.
12:04 p.m., Saturday the 12th

So it turns out, that yesterday, while I was gone (with SB), Ginger chewed off the power cord for my phone. So now I'll have to keep my door closed most of the time, and that means Rainee will be stuck in here (in my bedroom). I feel bad, for Rainee and Ginger both.

My laptop -- specifically the taskbar -- hung while trying to boot up. It turns out one of my keys had got stuck. SB managed to fix that problem, but it's looking like my laptop's days are numbered. We are hoping to nurse it along until Windows 12 comes out, I think that's supposed to happen in 2024.

I don't know whether I'm going to end up keeping Google Drive. It's not compatible with the ANSI characters I put in some of my files, and backing it up is nigh on impossible. Maybe when I get a new laptop, it will have a superpowerful hard drive and it won't be a problem to save my stuff on it.

I'm pretty stressed-out today.
12:05 p.m., Sunday the 13th

Things gradually improved yesterday, my stress levels gradually went down. We ate out for dinner, which is one of my favorite things. We ate at a Vietnamese place, I had curry with shrimp, it was really good.
11:46 a.m., Monday the 14th

I don't have much to report ... BH and SB have been working on house projects. For dinner last night we got Mexican via DoorDash. It was super good.
4:06 p.m., Tuesday the 15th

Eddie has an agility class today at 5:15 p.m.; at about 4:30 p.m., I have to be ready to go. Last night we had hot dogs (and tomatoes) for dinner, it was good, the hot dogs were Kowalski. But maybe today we'll get takeout for dinner after the agility class -- I'd like that even more.