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12:43 p.m., Tuesday the 6th

Snowbunny got us takeout for dinner last night -- woohoo! She brought me a bean/cheese burrito from Taco Bell, and a tuna sub from Jersey Mike's. Earlier, while she was supervising Barn Hunt, Brother-Husband and I watched the last two available episodes of Umbrella Academy. There is going to be a fourth (final) season, but we don't know when it will come out.

Eddie has an agility class at 5:15 p.m. today. About 4:30 p.m. is when I have to be ready to go.
12:01 p.m., Wednesday the 7th

We had leftovers for dinner yesterday, but they were not bad leftovers. Tonight, Ginger has a puppy class, and I think BH and SB are both going, while I am staying at home. Tomorrow, I have a cleaning appointment at the dentist. Always fun. I am extra stressed-out today.
1:38 p.m., Thursday the 8th

This weekend, there will be a Barn Hunt trial/competition in Arizona, if I remember right. I think SB is taking both dogs? BH and I will stay at home. SB will have to leave tomorrow super early, at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. ... and as she will be on the road, and BH will be at work, I will walk to Kelly's and get some Jäger.

My dental appointment today was canceled. My hygienist is not available, SB thinks she quit. They have scheduled me for a cleaning with SB's hygienist; that won't be until February.
11:42 a.m., Friday the 9th

For dinner yesterday, SB made her famous tuna casserole. I have to tell you it's not my favorite, but it's pretty good. One batch is a lot, so BH and I will probably have it for dinner tonight as well. Then, tomorrow, BH will get us takeout (possibly Little Caesars).

I got the Jäger and it is sitting in the freezer. At 80 proof, there is no danger of it freezing solid and the bottle breaking. While it cools, I have a bottle of tawny port that I am enjoying.
11:03 a.m., Saturday the 10th

Oops. It's not 80 proof, it's 70 proof. Vodka is 80 proof. But 70 is still pretty strong. Fireball is 66 proof (but it can still be put in the freezer).

For dinner last night BH and I had (most of) the leftover tuna casserole. The plan for tonight is Little Caesars, a veggie pizza plus garlic breadsticks, and BH will probably make us a salad.

After dinner, we watched the first two episodes of Star Wars: Andor, which my youngest brother (Jim) had recommended to me, and hoped I would see. It's good so far. Definitely the darkest Star Wars show I've ever seen.

So far it sounds like the dogs haven't done so well (at the Barn Hunt trial/competition), at least Eddie hasn't. I hope Ginger hasn't gone pee pee in the ring, she has been known to do that, and it is instant disqualification.
12:13 p.m., Sunday the 11th

BH did get us pizza for dinner, but not from Little Caesars, he wanted to try a different place. He got us a Chicago-style pizza, and garlic bread. It was tasty, but the pizza was honestly small and yet costed a lot. So I don't know if we'll go to that place again in the future. We didn't have salad.

Andor is turning out to be a rather complex series, not as complex as Sons of Anarchy but pretty complex. The first season is out but apparently there is going to be a second and final season. The second season will apparently lead into Star Wars: Rogue One.

I guess the dogs have been doing a little better at Barn Hunt, but still not great. Eddie did get a Q (a Qualifying run), but during another session he pooped in the ring and was therefore disqualified. As far as I know, Ginger has not gone pee pee in the ring so far.
12:47 p.m., Monday the 12th

I'm pretty sure Ginger didn't go pee pee in the ring, but, she didn't get a Q. Eddie got a Q, just one, but he's in a pretty advanced version of Barn Hunt.

SB is now home (the dogs too), she got home yesterday evening, and brought takeout for dinner from Church's Chicken. After dinner, the three of us watched a couple of episodes of the "Last Dance," a series about Michael Jordan. I'm not a sports guy at all, but I've been enjoying this series.
1:23 p.m., Tuesday the 13th

Eddie has an agility class today, I will be ready to go at about 4:30 p.m., and this will be his last one in this series, I don't know if he'll do more in the future.

Last night for dinner we had pizza, from a place called Straight Up Pizza. It was pretty good, we'll probably go there again sometimes in the future.

While SB and I were out, we saw a pit bull in a sweater, tethered in a shopping cart, and no owner in sight. Animal control is really poor in New Mexico, and we are not in a position to take on a fourth animal. It was pretty sad, I hope somebody can help that poor dog.

Rainee has been sitting on my computer desk with me, being a wonderful friend as always. She just moved to my bed, and is cleaning herself.
1:49 p.m., Wednesday the 14th

We had takeout for dinner last night, from Taco Cabana. It was really good, although I wish they would have gave me a bigger size of guacamole. Hopefully next time.

Last I heard, the plan was to have leftovers for dinner tonight, and/or TV dinners. Ah well, we can't have takeout every night.

Eddie graduated from beginner agility, he got a certificate for it. They haven't decided yet when they'll have intermediate agility classes, they do think they'll be on Tuesdays, but no word on what day it'll start, or what time. SB hopes it'll be later than 5:15 p.m., as she only gets off work at 4:30 p.m. or later, and it is really hard to get to the class on time.

I am extra stressed-out today, I don't know why.
12:05 p.m., Thursday the 15th

The forecast for tomorrow is 38° (Fahrenheit) -- first time the high has been less than 40° this year. The low will be 16° -- bleah.

Rainee's asleep on my bed. I think Ginger's asleep on BH's/SB's bed, and I think Eddie's asleep on the dog bed next to SB (at her workstation).
2:08 p.m., Friday the 16th

SB and I are going to leave at about 5:00 p.m. to go do a grocery pickup. (You order your groceries online, then drive to the store and they take your groceries to you, and put them in your car.) We might do a regular shopping trip in about a week.

Normally BH would work on a Friday, but he is at home sick. From what little I've observed, he is run down and has a cough, he was feeling sick at least as early as last night at dinner.

SB made salmon, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts for us for dinner. It was really good, I had seconds.
12:06 p.m., Saturday the 17th

I don't think BH has gotten any better since yesterday. If anything, he seems to be worse. Last night, he asked SB to make her famous chicken soup for dinner, which she agreed. The soup takes some doing, there are carrots and celery to cut up, and of course the chicken must be cut up, and deboned. Tedious work. Plus noodles must be prepared, and there is her special blend of herbs to go into the broth. She was extra pleased with how this batch turned out, her chicken soup is always fabulous but this time it was extra good.
1:26 p.m., Sunday the 18th

So I don't know if BH is doing slightly better? Originally we had a date with Eponine and her partner, for the five of us to eat out at El Patron, but it seems rather doubtful that BH will feel up to going, so there will just be four of us there. Also the five of us were going to visit a large Christmas light display, but I think we won't do that today as BH would want to participate. We're still planning to do the restaurant though.
Ugh, I made a mistake on the plans; the fact of the matter is, that we are going to go to the light display (after El Patron) even if BH can't make it, as there really are no other doable days we can do it. There is always next year for BH, and if he gets feeling well enough sometime this week, the three of us (BH, SB, and I) can go visit Old Town. My apologies for any stress I may have caused in my prior assumption; it doesn't take much for me to get confused.
1:42 p.m., Monday the 19th

There has been a particle of talk about BH improving enough (healthwise) by tomorrow to go in for work. But I don't know about that, he is sounding pretty bad in there (he's basically quarantined to his bedroom; SB is sleeping in the guest room). His throat is messed up, I can tell because sometimes he can only whisper.

Ginger is getting spayed today. SB is going to pick her up at 4:00 p.m.; she says I can go to as long as by 3:40 p.m. I am ready to leave.

Rainee is asleep on my bed. She slept with me last night, as she always does every night. She's a lovely friend.
2:46 p.m., Tuesday the 20th

Well BH is not here, so he must have gone to work today. He did say (yesterday) that he thought he had turned a corner (towards recovery). He must be feeling better, I'm glad he is feeling better.

SB bought us a robot vacuum, it's like a Roomba but I think this one is called a Dreame. It's running right now. Ginger is somewhat curious about it and is checking it out. She is wearing a onesie so that she doesn't bite her stitches. She was quite out of it yesterday (from the general anesthesia), but she seems to be pretty much back to her old spunky self today.
12:21 p.m., Wednesday the 21st

Yesterday SB twisted her ankle, she doesn't think it's broken but she thinks it's a bad sprain. She is wearing an ankle brace and hopefully she can limit how much standing and walking she does.
12:16 p.m., Thursday the 22nd

SB may be doing slightly better today, she can stand and walk around without too much pain, it's getting up off the floor, and things like that, that poses a challenge. Meanwhile, Ginger seems to be hurting some, she is whining sometimes for no other apparent reason, and isn't moving around like she would usually do. We're keeping in touch with the vet about the problem.
2:02 p.m., Friday the 23rd

Something's wrong with Rainee's bottom. It's all red and swollen, it looks like there's a big sore on it, and she's been bleeding. I don't think she's in pain because she hasn't been crying, but she's been cleaning a lot and I'm worried about her. I told SB about it, and I think she's chatting with the vet right now. I hope we can help Rainee somehow.