Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

2:38 p.m., Friday the 13th

It could be that the server that serves the forum went down for some reason? I am not an expert on these types of things. In any case, I'm glad it's working again.
12:30 p.m., Saturday the 14th

Ginger has an adult dog class today, Snowbunny took her to that and that's where they are. Brother-Husband works on Saturdays. Tomorrow, BH and SB will go on a short road trip with our friend Sam. While they are gone I will throw a big party here at the house, haha.

Last night we had pizza for dinner, from a place called Michelle's. It was good, the slices were huge. SB is going to prepare something at home for us for dinner tonight.

Rainee is sitting on my my bed, close to me. She seems to be doing better (healthwise).
1:11 p.m., Sunday the 15th

There is a bottle of scotch in our fridge; I had one shot glass of it yesterday, and two shot glasses of it today. I only have one dollar in my wallet -- not enough to walk to Kelly Liquors and get something there. I would need at least eight dollars, to get a bottle of port. BH and SB are on a road trip with Sam right now. SB has said that dinner will be canned chili with a potato -- actually one of my favorite things.
3:47 p.m., Monday the 16th

SB was off today for Martin Luther King Day; BH is off on all Mondays as a matter of course. SB has Barn Hunt practice today, and I think will be leaving soon? Yesterday SB and I went shopping, at the Smith's just off of Tramway. It looks like dinner is going to be something akin to quiche -- something with ham, in a pie crust. To be honest I don't love quiche -- but maybe this will be different.
3:10 p.m., Tuesday the 17th

Eddie and Ginger have agility classes tonight. I have requested to go along for the ride, and I will do some reading while I wait in the car. Later this week or so, possibly Saturday, I will do some cleaning in my bathroom, I am asking SB to walk me through the steps of that process. Last night we had the quiche-like thing for dinner, it wasn't too bad, there was broccoli in it which I liked. I don't know what we'll do for dinner tonight. Takeout, I hope.
1:23 p.m., Wednesday the 18th

We had takeout, from Subway, which made me happy. I had a Spicy Italian Sub. SB was thinking about making veggie burgers, so I guess she'll probably do that tonight.

Rainee is snoozing on my bed under the covers, I helped her get there. She'll probably stay there for a while, then she'll wiggle out. It's one of her routines.
2:25 p.m., Thursday the 19th

Last night we had the veggie burgers, plus zucchini fries and some veggies with hummus. No meat. Tonight we are going to have salad and TV dinners. My TV dinner will be an Amy's so, again, no meat (for me at least). This is a good thing, my conscience tells me to become vegetarian, but my tongue tells me to eat meat.

There was some kind of problem with the oven yesterday. Every time SB tried to set it to 400°, it tripped the circuit breaker. I don't know whether we're going to have an electrician look at it, SB hasn't given any indications of such yet.

Rainee is snoozing on my bed (on top of the covers this time).
3:56 p.m., Friday the 20th

So as it turned out, the salad had some meat in it (a couple of kinds of salami, I think), so I wasn't a complete vegetarian. It is what it is (unless it isn't what it is -- and then it is what it isn't).

I think SB is trying to use up the stuff in the freezer (e.g., TV dinners) because we are going to get a new fridge/freezer soon (like in a couple of weeks). The one we have is making some suspicious noises sometimes.

This coming Sunday, BH and SB are going on a date. With the intention that they'll learn how to communicate with each other a little better. While they're gone, I'm hoping to have a little drinky-drink, or something on that order. SB said she had something in mind for me, that I would like.
2:50 p.m., Saturday the 21st

Just a reminder, we're not supposed to respond to someone's blog here with advice unless advice is explicitly requested by the blogger. In my case, I think it's safe to say (along those lines) that I'll never want advice, so please refrain from giving any. SB is a little pissed at me for passing some advice on to her, and it looks like I need to be a little more careful about what I post here in the first place. But do please follow the forum guidelines in that area.
3:27 p.m., Sunday the 22nd

Yesterday and the day before we had chili for dinner (which pleased me considerably). For tonight, BH and SB are eating out at a fancy speakeasy, and afterwards the plan is that they will get me some takeout. I can live with that. Plus I think SB is going to give me some drinky-drink for while they are gone. Now I *really* like that.
3:49 p.m., Monday the 23rd

So SB put the drinky-drink in the freezer: namely, Fireball (cinnamon whisky -- 66 proof). As for the speakeasy, SB has mixed feelings about it. It was quite expensive, and everything was à la carte. I didn't get around to asking her whether she and BH were able to improve their communication. I think it's likely that they had a little improvement, but only just a little.

SB got takeout for me (from a nearby Mexican restaurant -- Cuco's Kitchen) before she and BH left. I got a bean/cheese burrito; it was good.
4:50 p.m., Wednesday the 25th

Yesterday was super busy. Ginger had an agility class (Eddie did too, but he skipped this one due to a problem with his hip), plus forum activity has spiked, and I just didn't find the time to catch up on forum stuff and post here. I still don't know if I'll catch up on FetLife and Facebook today, probably not, but I think I can catch up here on the forum.

We had takeout yesterday (from Dickey's BBQ Pit), today we are having chicken from the crock pot, but also some takeout -- salad plus some kind of cheesy or garlic bread. SB's boss is paying for the takeout part.
3:40 p.m., Thursday the 26th

There is a tentative plan that SB and I will go shopping today -- maybe tomorrow but today I hope. I'm a little stressed-out, and it would be nice to get out of the house.

The forum has been super busy today. I got caught up on FetLife yesterday -- barely -- but didn't get around to Facebook at all. Not sure whether I will today.
5:01 p.m., Friday the 27th

We did the shopping yesterday. Tomorrow (2:00 p.m.) we have haircut appointments. For dinner tonight SB is making some kind of cabbage-and-meat thing in the crock pot; she is trying to use as much as she can out of the fridge and freezer. Monday is when we're scheduled to have our fridge/freezer replaced.

I got started on Facebook yesterday, but far from finished. I don't know whether I'll get around to working on it today. I have FetLife before that.
1:18 p.m., Sunday the 29th

Yesterday was extra busy, both on the forum and IRL. Things seem to have calmed down a little bit today, but I don't know whether I'll get caught up on my other internet stuff. I haven't caught up on Facebook in like a week.

We had veggie fried rice with chicken yesterday, plus cilantro/chicken potstickers. BH and I watched another episode of Wednesday (I think the fourth episode in the one season that's out so far). Pretty enjoyable.

Today Sam will come over, we're having a roast for dinner (a little after 5:00 p.m. per the group calendar). There's a good chance BH and I will watch another episode of Wednesday, but we'll see.
12:51 p.m., Monday the 30th

The new fridge/freezer is supposed to be delivered today. BH and SB have emptied out the old fridge/freezer, unplugged it, removed the doors, and moved it to by the front door. They are also working on the dining room (removing the old wallpaper). SB has today off.

I did catch up on Facebook (and on all my internet stuff) yesterday; it looks hopeful that I'll catch up today too. Last night, BH and I did watch another Wednesday episode.
2:14 p.m., Tuesday the 31st

Ginger (Eddie too?) has her agility class tonight, so I won't have a lot of time to catch up on my internet stuff. I did catch up yesterday, after which we had takeout from the Range Café (via DoorDash). It's hopeful that we'll have takeout tonight, but not guaranteed.
1:35 p.m., Wednesday the 1st

We did get takeout yesterday -- from Taco Cabana, one of my favorite places. I got what has become my go-to, a bean/cheese burrito plus an eight-ounce cup of guacamole. I don't usually use it as a dip, I eat straight out of the cup. And there is such a thing as bad guacamole, but Taco Cabana does it right.

Amazingly, I did get caught up on my internet stuff yesterday, and my chances of catching up today are even better. Not as much going on. We probably won't have takeout for dinner; there's no particular reason why we would today (other than my steadfast love of restaurants).
4:08 p.m., Thursday the 2nd

As this is New Mexico, the Groundhog definitely saw his shadow, and we will therefore get six more weeks of winter. 🤪

I forgot to mention: that SB is pulling Eddie out of agility classes entirely. This is because of his hip problems (and possibly associated leg and back problems). He will still do Barn Hunt stuff, and he will still be an airport therapy dog. Meanwhile, Ginger will still do agility classes.
4:21 p.m., Friday the 3rd

SB and I went shopping last night after dinner (dinner was from-the-freezer potato pierogi, plus broccoli/cauliflower); BH requested some alcohol, so since he got some, I got some too. Port. I am enjoying a cup of it right now, and will have some more tomorrow. Ginger has some kind of class at 11:00 a.m.; Eddie will be an airport therapy dog starting at 2:00 p.m.