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4:24 p.m., Saturday the 24th

Thanks. She's looking better back there, and she seems to be cleaning a bit less, so I am feeling hopeful. Her butt still looks pretty bad though, not as bad, I think, but bad enough.

Similar news with Snowbunny, she also seems to be doing better, with her ankle. Sometimes it gives her more pangs, but from what I've seen, she's moving around pretty normally.

Word from the vet on Rainee: They don't know what it is but they think it could be a burst anal gland. They want us to take Rainee to them on this coming Tuesday, unless she improves. So far I'm not completely sure she's doing better, but I feel confident in reporting that she's not worse. And the bleeding seems to have stopped.
3:47 p.m., Sunday the 25th

We aren't doing much of any special things for the holiday -- although Snowbunny is preparing a ham for us. Also Santa Claus filled my sock ... and left me with an expensive (20% a.b.v.) bottle of tawny port. I must watch for the best possible opportunity to partake of it.

Rainee seems to be doing better, her rear end is either doing the same or better (from the looks of it).
1:46 p.m., Monday the 26th

At 4:30 p.m. today (I must be ready to go at 4:10 p.m.), the three of us are joining Eponine and her partner for an escape room. After the escape room, the five of us will eat out somewhere. I'm looking forward to that, but I'm still stressed-out for some reason. Rainee's not looking any worse, but also I can't say she's looking better. She kind of looks like she has two buttholes. It makes me sad.
10:57 a.m., Wednesday the 28th

Okay, Rainee's butt is looking a lot better today. Don't get me wrong, she's not out of the woods by any means. But it's nice that she has this reprieve, would be even nicer if this reprieve was permanent.
3:28 p.m., Thursday the 29th

Okay, Rainee's looking still better today, it's hard to believe that this is something that can just, go away, but that is what I am now hoping for.
2:16 p.m., Friday the 30th

SB is getting frustrated with the local veterinary scene. Every vet she calls, they say they have no spots for Rainee less than two weeks out. And if we take her to urgent care, there's going to be a five-hour wait.

For me personally, I guess it's my opinion that Rainee has been improving over the last few days, and as long as that continues, we don't need a vet. But I know that's not the point; the point is, SB is frustrated.
2:20 p.m., Saturday the 31st

I don't think we'll do anything special for New Year's. The fact of the matter is, that as SB does IT for a credit union, she has to work on New Year's.

I can't tell whether Rainee is doing better today. I'm worried, I'm worried about Rainee's health, and I'm worried about life in general.
3:28 p.m., Sunday the 1st

I've been treating Rainee to some hemp oil cat treats, which may help her with any worrying she may have. She sleeps a lot so that is a sign of contentment, but she also barfs a lot so that is a sign of stress.

It looks like SB is making bean soup for dinner tonight, which is fine as long as the beans are thoroughly soaked. I'm not a fan of crunchy beans. Brother-Husband and Snowbunny are both off today and tomorrow.
1:50 p.m., Monday the 2nd

The beans were crunchy. Not overly crunchy, but just what I don't like about bean soup. I like canned beans, they're nice and soft.

BH and SB went on a road trip today with "Sam" (I believe that's what I'm calling him); I stayed home. From a conversation I heard between BH and SB, I guess BH wants to give up alcohol, as a New Year's resolution. That being the case, I polished off his peanut butter liquor, as well as a couple of cans of hard cider. I already finished off the THC gummies yesterday.

It's sounding like we are going to have bean soup again tonight. Waaahh ...
2:23 p.m., Tuesday the 3rd

Yes, we had bean soup again, it wasn't terrible, but I'm glad to hear that we won't have it again tonight. Don't know what we will have; takeout would be awesome. SB is going to pick up groceries (the store delivers them to our car) after she gets off of work, and she invited me to go with. It's always nice to get out of the house.
12:34 p.m., Wednesday the 4th

Well we had soup again for dinner last night, but not the same kind. SB heated me up some Campbell's pea/ham soup, while she and BH had a kind of Korean soup with fermented broth. I don't care for that kind of soup, so SB didn't make me have it. But she is going to serve it again in a couple of days, and I'll have to choose between it and a TV dinner. Not great choices in my world, I guess either one is about equal.
4:24 p.m., Thursday the 5th

I forgot to do my yearly computer backup, finally remembered this morning while I was still in bed. Anyway the backup is now complete, but it took some time (a few hours?) and I'm a little behind on my other stuff. Last year's backup was horrible, it took about a week. I am now using Google Drive, and it does not lend itself well to backing up, especially if lots of big files are involved. For that reason I tried to only back stuff up today that had been created/modified over the course of 2022.

In recent months, this forum had a technical issue that stopped new people from joining, so it has been really slow here for a few months. The technical issue has been fixed, and it looks like forum activity levels are climbing. That's another reason why I'm running late today, but I guess I'm mostly glad things on the forum are (apparently) getting back to normal.

For dinner last night we had pizza from Dion's, I am not as big on pizza as I have been in earlier years, but I must say this pizza is pretty good. SB says we're going to have that fermented soup tonight, I'm not so thrilled about that but I guess it won't kill me.
3:06 p.m., Friday the 6th

So I had some of that soup last night and sure enough, I didn't like it. Luckily, SB also ordered us takeout at a nearby Chinese place via Grubhub (or perhaps DoorDash), so the soup wasn't the main course. Tonight, SB is fixing to make veggie burgers for us, I admit that's not my favorite thing either, but it's good that it's veggie.
12:38 p.m., Saturday the 7th

Something's wrong with our kitchen sink, the water won't drain. HB and SB tried to fix it last night, but nothing they tried worked. So SB made an appointment with a plumber, and they will come out here sometime on Monday (they said they'd call us on Monday morning and give us a time). Luckily the plumbing in the rest of the house seems to be working fine. Even the dishwasher is working fine.

Instead of veggie burgers, dinner (rather late) was just odds and ends. SB heated up a couple of TV dinners for me -- again not my favorite, but not horrible. They were veggie dinners (Amy's).
1:02 p.m., Sunday the 8th

Last night for dinner we had the veggie burgers, plus salad. Later, the three of us watched the final episode of the "Last Dance," the series about Michael Jordan. And after that, BH and I watched an episode of "Star Wars: Andor." We might only have one more episode in this first season, and I guess there is only going to be one more season after this.
12:26 p.m., Monday the 9th

So, I'm pretty sure the plumber came over (I was in bed), and I believe the kitchen sink is fixed (it wasn't draining). SB has Barn Hunt tonight (I think she's taking at least one of the dogs), and word is so far that we'll have takeout tonight (possibly via DoorDash). For dinner last night, SB made us chicken, salad, and mac/cheese.
I think Rogue One is the best Star Wars movie, but Cassian was the weakest captain. Now that I’ve seen Andor, I love him lots! I’m looking forward to rewatching Rogue One with his backstory in mind!
2:28 p.m., Tuesday the 10th

I've seen Rogue One and thought it was quite good. Both seasons of Andor are prequels to it. I am waiting for the second season to come out, and then after we watch that I might be able to talk BH into watching Rogue One.
1:02 p.m., Thursday the 12th

Tuesday was quite busy; I had a dentist appointment at 4:00 p.m. and right after that, both of our dogs had agility classes, first Ginger and then Eddie. For the classes, I waited in the car, and of course I had brought a book to read. After the classes, we got takeout for dinner at Taco Cabana, which made me super happy. For dinner yesterday, SB prepared various veggie dishes. Not takeout which made me sad, but it was good that it was all veggie.

Something went wrong with this forum yesterday, I'm pretty sure it was the forum as I could still access FetLife, Facebook, and such. The forum seems to be working fine today, but I did have some catching up to do. I don't know what the plan is for dinner tonight.
Yeah, I couldn't open this forum for some time yesterday, but by late night it worked.