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1:08 p.m., Wednesday the 16th

It took a little convincing by me, but we did have takeout last night -- from Taco Cabana yet, one of my favorite places. Brother-Husband and Snowbunny had tacos; I had a bean/cheese burrito with a side of guacamole. Which doesn't sound like much, but coming from Taco Cabana it's pretty awesome. Tonight, rumor has it that Snowbunny will make pierogies for us for dinner. One of her specialties.
2:11 p.m., Thursday the 17th

So we did have pierogies; I guess there are a few leftover, so we will each have one pierogi tonight, along with one salad each, or one TV dinner each. In the meantime, SB and I have appointments to get our hair cut; by 2:30 p.m. (today) I have to be ready to go to that. Also right after the haircuts, SB has an appointment for a mammogram, and I will have to wait out in the car during that, so I will need to bring a book.

Next week is going to suck. They are replacing some stuff (the countertop and sink) in my bathroom this coming Tuesday, and the water to my sink will be shut off until the following Monday. I guess I'll just have some hand sanitizer for when I do a pit stop?

Anyway, I have to go and start getting ready; so that's all I have to say for the moment.
3:42 p.m., Friday the 18th

SB is at a Barn Hunt trial/competition, in Texas, with Eddie and Ginger. Apparently Ginger is quite good at Barn Hunt, so far. The Barn Hunt trial will run through today, tomorrow, and I guess Sunday; SB says she'll be back home (with the dogs) on Sunday night. Meanwhile BH is in charge of dinner, and I guess he is going to get Little Caesars for us tonight. Tomorrow I guess we'll have TV dinners -- not my favorite but okay.

BH and I have watched all ten episodes of the first season of Umbrella Academy. It's good stuff, I recommend it if you're into superhero types of things. After we get through all three? four? of the available seasons, I hope to talk BH into watching the Star Wars: Andor series. My youngest brother Jim has been watching that series, and highly recommends it (and hopes I'll see it, I think).
11:32 a.m., Saturday the 19th

Things are going according to plan so far. BH and I had Little Caesars for dinner last night, then watched (I think) three episodes of Umbrella Academy before turning in. I expect SB to return home (with Eddie and Ginger) sometime tomorrow.
12:07 p.m., Sunday the 20th

Dinner last night was leftover pizza (Little Caesars), after which BH and I watched the next three episodes of Umbrella Academy Season Two. We have now watched thru Episode Six of that season. We also learned (via Wikipedia) that Elliot Page (who plays the main character) is transgender and was assigned female at birth (by the name Ellen Page). I did some more reading, and I guess the character Elliot plays (Vanya Hargreeves) goes through a similar transition in Season Three (and renames himself Viktor Hargreeves). Interesting information, I'm surprised I didn't realize that at first.
3:24 p.m., Monday the 21st

SB and I went out for dinner yesterday -- at Monroe's, which is her favorite place around here, and I like it too. I'm pretty sure BH was planning to go with us, but then he got hungover from a shot he got for shingles the day before. We got takeout at Monroe's for him.

BH and I watched one more episode of Umbrella Academy after dinner. Things are getting pretty intense in it, it was hard to stop watching after the one episode.

SB and I are going shopping tonight. She is going to spend Thanksgiving with family in Michigan, BH and I are staying home. BH has moved from Lowe's to a new job at a Toyota dealership, and does not have any time off yet. Tomorrow the counter people are going to come over at about 9:00 a.m., to replace my bathroom counter and sink (as well as in the other bathroom too, I think), so I had to move everything out of my bathroom today. I will then not have a working sink with faucets until this next coming Monday (when the plumber/s come/s over to do that part).

It sucks.
2:39 p.m., Tuesday the 22nd

So my bathroom now has a new countertop. And it looks good, the only problem is that for the moment, there is no faucet, and the drain is disconnected. And as far as I know, that won't change until this coming Monday.

Last night we had lasagna -- cheese lover's lasagna (ready-made, just remove from the freezer and cook it in the oven), it was quite good. Unfortunately BH was feeling super super hungover. He called in sick for today. Fortunately he seems to be feeling somewhat better now.

Eddie has an agility class at 5:15 p.m. today; by about 4:30 p.m. I have to be ready to go.
1:47 p.m., Wednesday the 23rd

Although BH is feeling better (he was up to going to work today), he was still feeling hungover yesterday, and the day before I guess he was also feeling nauseated, so after Eddie's class yesterday, SB let BH pick which restaurant we'd get takeout from. He picked Grassburger. BH and SB got turkey burgers, I got a veggie burger.

SB bought a tall baby gate for my bedroom; Ginger can't jump over it. She also modified it so that there is a small opening. Rainee can get through the opening, but -- so far -- Ginger can't. So knock on wood, hopefully we have fixed the problem of Ginger entering my room and chewing off my phone cord.

Today SB is packing for her trip to Michigan. Essentially it is an overnight flight, it starts today at about 7:30 p.m. with one flight to Los Angeles, and ends tomorrow at about 3:30 a.m. with a second flight to Detroit Metro. BH and I might eat out tomorrow, I'm not sure.
1:32 p.m., Thursday the 24th

Last night, BH warmed up the leftover lasagna for us for dinner; SB left for the airport before then. I don't know what we're going to do for dinner tonight, BH is in charge of it. There was talk (by SB) of him and me eating out at a casino, I'd like that a lot, but it's really up to him. His exact words, last night, were, "We're eating bad today, and we'll eat good tomorrow." I'm not much of one for celebrating holidays (like today, Thanksgiving), but I always like to eat out.
12:57 p.m., Friday the 25th

Alas, we did not eat out last night ... BH said we'd eat good, and we sure did, he made salad for us. I must say it was good salad though, chef salad. And we had leftover pie for dessert.

We're a couple of episodes into the third season of Umbrella Academy, which is the last season currently available, but a fourth (and final) season is supposed to be coming out soon. We watched a couple of episodes last night.
10:27 a.m., Saturday the 26th

For dinner last night, BH brought us takeout from Jersey Mike's Subs. We had Italian subs -- really, really good. After dinner we watched two more Umbrella Academy episodes. Things are getting rather mind-bending on that show.

I am enjoying a glass (cup) of Jägermeister right now.
3:12 p.m., Sunday the 27th

SB is supposed to land in Albuquerque at 3:24 p.m. ... hopefully the three of us will eat out somewhere for dinner? not actually likely, but I've still got my hopes up. Last night, BH and I had takeout from Dion's -- pizza and salad -- it was good. Afterwards we watched one or two episodes of Umbrella Academy.

I finished off the Jägermeister today. That's good!
11:12 a.m., Monday the 28th

So SB is home safe and sound, and we did eat out, yay! Today at about 1:00 p.m., the plumber is supposed to come over, and hook up our bathroom sinks. I'm looking forward to that getting done. Still, for some reason I feel very stressed-out today, I'm hoping that will taper down as the day progresses. Rainee is sitting here by my computer, trying to help me feel better.
2:36 p.m., Tuesday the 29th

So finally we have our bathrooms back and in working order. The new sink fixtures (with the new countertops) look really good, and their functionability is excellent. SB has one more project to do on my bathroom, she needs to put I think some kind of germ-resistant coating in the medicine chest below my mirror, and after that I believe my bathroom will be complete. Their bathroom needs a mirror.

Eddie has an agility class today and at about 4:30 p.m., I'll need to be ready to leave. After the class, we will pick up some groceries (pre-ordered and I believe they'll take them out to our car), and I believe we'll get takeout for dinner (which makes me happy). I'm still somewhat more stressed-out than usual, but it's not as bad as yesterday. Rainee is sleeping on my bed; I like that a lot.
12:31 p.m., Wednesday the 30th

So this coming Friday we have plumbers coming over for one last detail: to fix or replace the shut-off valves (under the sinks). I guess the valves are hard to turn? So I had to move some stuff out from under my sink in my bathroom, not too much though. There's always some detail left ...

Rainee is relaxing on my bed ... something she does often. I know she won't live forever. I'll sorely miss her when she's gone.
1:05 p.m., Thursday the 1st

I'm still playing Chess games. It looks like the reason I lose is because I make stupid mistakes -- things that should have been obvious, things that I clearly see after the mistake has been made. At least that's how it's been in the last few months. Not good for my self-esteem.

Rainee is asleep on my bed. That's one good thing today.
12:08 p.m., Friday the 2nd

The plumber is supposed to be coming over today. Hopefully in about an hour. While he is working, he will have to shut off the water to our house -- all of it. That should be fun.

Rainee is laying on BH's/SB's bed at the moment -- pretty brave of her, considering how wild Ginger gets with her.
4:48 p.m., Saturday the 3rd

Apparently the plumbers got hung up on a previous job they were doing, so they did not show up yesterday. However they showed up today, and the work is now all done. After that, SB went to the local Barn Hunt site to help clean the rat cages. BH was at work, so I walked to Kelly Liquors, and bought a bottle of Rumple Minze. BH and SB are going to drive around tomorrow with BH's former coworker, so I will enjoy some Rumple Minze while they are gone. Something to look forward to. It's in the freezer right now, cooling off.
12:02 p.m., Sunday the 4th

So BH and SB have been gone for a couple of hours. SB left me a cup of coffee, so I am drinking that before I break out the Rumple Minze. Rumple Minze is 100 proof, so there's no danger of the bottle breaking in the freezer.
12:19 p.m., Monday the 5th

I kind of feel crappy today, like I'm dreading what I'll have to do as the day progresses. BH is driving around right now with his former coworker -- I guess we'll call that guy Sam. This evening, SB has to go be in charge of a Barn Hunt practice. I don't know what the plan is for dinner.