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Airport therapy dogs is still an uncommon phenomenon, and Eddie isn't there every day, more like once every few weeks. I don't know if Houston has therapy dogs, I hope so.
We'll be out of town from this weekend and flying back to ABQ on the 22nd. It would be so cool if Eddie is there!
2:50 p.m., Thursday the 13th

If I'm understanding right, Brother-Husband's work is doing inventory, at multiple locations, and as a result he will be late getting home. So Snowbunny is suggesting that she and I take the dogs walking at Lowe's (dogs are allowed there) after she gets off work (at c. 4:30 p.m.). It'll be nice to get out of the house (much as I like this house).

For dinner Snowbunny is making I think ribs in the crock pot. I take it we'll eat whenever Brother-Husband gets home.
3:41 p.m., Friday the 14th

I misunderstood the plans, we actually did the thing at Lowe's at around 7:00 p.m. -- after dinner. We just took Ginger, Eddie stayed home. I guess that's fair, Ginger had to be the one who stayed home on the last two occasions.

Dinner was really good. Tonight, at 5:00 p.m., SB and I have an appointment (at CVS) to get flu shots and Covid boosters. I don't know if or how that affects plans for dinner. SB gets off from work at about 4:30 p.m., so that's kind of when we'll be leaving, however she has to wait until all the jobs have run, and that often runs past 4:30. I figure we might leave at about 4:35.

BH did inventory (yesterday) at a different location than the one he normally works at. They provided him dinner, so he did not eat at home. I guess he will have ribs tonight. He said the inventory job was pretty easy, he only worked for about an hour and a half, and they paid him $100.00 for that.
12:22 p.m., Saturday the 15th

BH has another inventory session coming up, tonight I think, at his home dealership, for $100.00 again but this time for five hours of work. At 3:00 p.m. today, SB will take Eponine (and her partner I think) to the train station. When she gets back, she is planning to do some painting in my bathroom.

We had a variety of things for dinner last night. BH had ribs, SB and I had chicken. I had baked beans. Everything went fine at CVS, we got our flu shots on the right arm, and our Covid shots on the left. My left arm (shoulder) is quite sore, but other than that I feel fine. BH gets his shots today (at 5:00 p.m.).
2:24 p.m., Sunday the 16th

BH did not get home late yesterday, so he has not done the second inventory job I spoke of. I'm sure he will do it soon.

SB felt tired yesterday and had some symptoms of being sick. She did not want to bother with dinner, so she ordered DoorDash for us from a Middle Eastern place. The food was good. She is feeling better today, and wants to work on my bathroom. But she can't find the can of paint.

I felt a little off yesterday evening, like I might get sick. Fortunately I am feeling better today.
2:02 p.m., Monday the 17th

We got takout again for dinner last night, from Jersey Mike's (subs). Good stuff. It was a little too late to watch anything after dinner, but we might watch something tonight.

SB will be visiting family in Michigan on Thanksgiving (her mom and stepdad will also be visiting there at that time). She asked BH what he wanted to do for dinner while she was gone, I guess he didn't answer and she was a bit put off by that. Such is today's drama at our house.

She found the can of paint yesterday, but by then it was a little too late for her to work on my bathroom. Perhaps she'll do it this coming weekend.
4:28 p.m., Tuesday the 18th

For dinner yesterday SB made a roast (with vegetables) in the crock pot, it was really good. I don't know what the plan is for tonight. Eddie's been having agility classes on Tuesday evenings, but he is done with one class and the next one isn't until next week.

SB had Barn Hunt yesterday (Eddie and Ginger both went), so dinner wasn't until around 8:30 p.m. ... and BH had to work today, so yesterday he invited me to watch something -- the Queen's Gambit -- Episode Six -- while SB was away. It's a good show; it's supposed to appeal to Chess experts, but even though BH and I can't follow the games, we find much in the show that is interesting and enjoyable.
3:58 p.m., Wednesday the 19th

For dinner yesterday SB made pasta/meatballs. Which I appreciate, really I do, and it's a decent dinner, but not exciting. Also we had ready-to-cook cheese bread, which I thought I'd like, but it had some kind of sauce on it that I didn't so much care for.

For dinner today we will have pozole -- a kind of pork stew with hominy. It might be good -- it has a lot of potato in it which for me is a plus -- but I have to confess, I was a bigger fan of soups and stews in the past, than I am now.

For dinner tomorrow SB and I will eat out somewhere. Now you're talking my language! BH will be working late (that inventory thing, possibly), so I guess he was okay with SB and me eating out.
12:37 p.m., Thursday the 20th

The soup was pretty good (as soups go), we had some bread as well. The plan for today is for SB and me to leave (to eat out) whenever she gets off work -- 4:30 p.m. or 4:45 p.m. -- and we are going to have sushi (which BH doesn't so much care for, but it is like my favorite thing).
5:22 p.m., Friday the 21st

We ate at a nearby sushi place, I can't remember the name, Nagashi or something like that. I thought it was really good, and SB seemed to like it, and really she did, but only enough to give the place a B-.

Today we are having leftovers at home. Tomorrow we will have takeout, possibly Jersey Mike's. BH works tomorrow so we probably won't watch anything tonight.
12:59 p.m., Saturday the 22nd

I had a strange dream last night. In the dream, I was playing a character in a TV show ... a cross between a drama and a sitcom. In this particular episode, I (via my character) sought to make my peace with spiders. I organized a get-together where I met with a number of people who had already made their peace with spiders. Some of them kept one or two pet spiders on their person. I was trying to appreciate spiders for keeping my house insect-free, and the various people at the get-together were in the process of introducing themselves (and their pets), when I woke up.

Today, SB took Eddie to the airport (where Eddie is a therapy dog for the travelers there), and I think will be picking up Eponine and her partner there and giving them a ride home. BH works on Saturdays, so the coast was clear for me to walk to our local Kelly Liquor Store, and pick up a bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. Not sure when I'll get a chance to drink it, but it is in the freezer right now, chilling out.
Really nice to meet Eddie today!
You met him while he was at work, so he was probably more serious than usual.
Yeah, he was quiet, but very friendly to people petting him.
1:04 p.m., Sunday the 23rd

I think he knows he has an important job.
3:28 p.m., Monday the 24th

I've been having some strange/interesting dreams lately. Last night I dreamed about being in a Martian colony (or maybe a show about one). It was a complex and detailed dream. The night before that, I dreamed I was involved with an organization that helps people who struggle with addiction and homelessness. It was inspiring.

We're having a bit of a cold snap. It's cold and windy today. Temps will go up a little tomorrow and Wednesday, then we'll have another cold one on Thursday.

That's all I have to tell you for the moment.
3:07 p.m., Wednesday the 26th

BH and I have watched all of the Queen's Gambit. It was recommended to me by my youngest brother (I think I am calling him Jim here). A day or two ago Jim recommended a couple of YouTubes that showed/discussed/analyzed Chess games that were played in the Queen's Gambit. I was surprised and impressed. They did not skimp on efforts to make the games (and show) realistic. They used the ideas and directions of live grandmasters (including a name or two that I actually recognized), as well as data from powerful Chess computers, to build the games they used in the show. And they used actual tournament games as a foundation. I would have never guessed all of that from just watching the show, it made a huge difference when a Chess expert explained each move in two or three of the games. Wow! I have a new appreciation for the show, and would recommend it to anyone. The accuracy of the games shown in it, is just one of its outstanding points.

BH and I have now started watching episodes of the Umbrella Academy. We have seen the first two episodes, and it is really good so far. It is a superhero show, these kids were adopted right after they were born by an eccentric billionaire, and most of the kids have special abilities. The show basically starts after the kids have grown up, and the eccentric billionaire has just died. I won't spoil it for you any more than that, but I would recommend it if you think you might be interested.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, and I don't know whether I'll have time to post in this thread. We'll see.
1:44 p.m., Thursday the 27th

SB and I will leave to take me to the dentist at about 3:30 p.m. today. I'm not sure whether this is a cleaning appointment, or a drilling appointment. If it's a drilling appointment, I'm going to ask the dentist to give me extra Novocaine. On my last drilling, he didn't give me quite enough, and I experienced some pain. I'm sure I could have told him so and he would have given me more, but I didn't want the appointment to last longer than necessary. I figure it won't add much time to the appointment if he gives me the extra Novocaine right away, in any case I don't want a repeat of last time. Of course as I said, this could just be a cleaning, I don't remember.