Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

2:00 p.m., Saturday the 4th

I was somewhat out of sorts last night, and didn't sleep well. Some things have gotten resolved since then, and I am feeling a little better. I'm lucky I have Rainee to get me through the bad times.

I've been forgetting to mention, we got a gerbil about a week ago. We've decided to call him Fred. He's gradually learning to trust us; it's a gradual process. He's quite an appealing little guy.
4:45 p.m., Sunday the 5th

BH and SB are out on a road trip with Sam. Not sure when they'll get back. Probably soon, but I don't know how to define soon. I have had some drinky-drink, but I would have liked to have had considerably more.

Rainee is keeping me company, she is asleep on my bed. I think the dogs are also asleep, and so is Fred.
4:36 p.m., Monday the 6th

Rainee is on top of her cat tree (right next to my computer desk), soaking up some sun (from my window) and viewing the backyard. The dogs will both go to Barn Hunt practice tonight (with Snowbunny); they'll probably leave soon. Brother-Husband and I watched the last episode of Wednesday last night, it was a fun series, and I guess a second season is in the works. Dinner last night was pizza (from Dion's), I guess it's just going to be from-the-freezer burritos tonight? [shrug] Oh well.
2:17 p.m., Thursday the 9th

Yesterday and Tuesday were super busy days. On Tuesday, Ginger had an agility class; I always go, and wait in the car, and read. Then yesterday, I had a dentist appointment (a cleaning). There's quite a bit of wear on some of my back teeth, and I will have to do some long sessions in April (90-minute sessions) to get them fixed. Not looking forward to it, and that's to say nothing of the expense.
2:48 p.m., Friday the 10th

SB says she and I will go shopping tomorrow. I made a small shopping list for that. Stuff that I could think of. There's also a good chance that we will have some wine to go with dinner tonight. I'm always down with that kind of idea.
4:35 p.m., Saturday the 11th

So last year, in June -- we moved into this house on June 4 -- we were playing with the idea of getting a heat pump. We were going to get a quote/estimate, but I don't know if we ever did. My understanding (which isn't reliable) is that the idea kind of fizzled. It's not like we were in dire need: We have a furnace, and got an air conditioner. So, no heat pump. I say all that to hopefully clear up some confusion that has arisen about it lately. June of last year was quite chaotic, so I'm not surprised that we forgot that particular chapter of it. And I forgot to post a due update about it at the time; my apologies about that.
3:05 p.m., Sunday the 12th

We had tacos for dinner yesterday, and will have tacos again today, which I have to say tonight somewhat sounds to me pretty good. The last few days have been pretty busy both on and off the forum. BH and I have been watching the first two episodes of "Ozark." It's dark. Almost too dark to even be worth watching, but I am looking forward to seeing the third episode, as I think is BH. I would recommend it based on just what I've seen so far.

My brother (Jim) recommended the last four episodes of the Clone Wars. I'll get back to that eventually.
3:18 p.m., Monday the 13th

I feel extra stressed-out today. I don't know why. SB has Barn Hunt practice tonight (she is in charge of it), as per routine on Monday, I don't know whether she'll take one or both of our dogs with her. Last night dinner was pizza (from Mario's), as it turns out. Tonight we're having tacos and that seems fine.
1:06 p.m., Thursday the 16th

Can't think of much (or anything) to say, the last few days have been extra stressful for me, and I have a huge backlog of things to catch up on. I'd best get to it ...
4:19 p.m., Friday the 17th

Well for what it's worth, I did catch up on everything yesterday. I am not so likely to catch up today, but what the hell I'll try.

For dinner tonight, SB has put sausage, veggies, and sauerkraut in the crock pot. I have to say, the smell is tantalizing.
1:31 p.m., Saturday the 18th

I did not catch up yesterday, there is a good chance I will catch up today. SB took Ginger to an obedience class today, SB does not seem to be overly concerned about my own behavior today. She has a Barn Hunt trial this coming week, and will probably be gone most of the week. I will probably have a shot glass of her rum, but that's all. This is my riport for today.
3:19 p.m., Sunday the 19th

I am extra stressed-out today; I feel that at least part of it, is that I'm afraid I will fail. Failure at Chess, failure at posting, failure at getting along with SB. All that, and more. Failure. I'm afraid that I am a failure.

BH and I watched an episode of Ozark last night, and it seems likely that we'll watch another episode tonight. It is super dark, I have to admit.
3:41 p.m., Monday the 20th

I feel somewhat better today, but not quite back to normal. BH did buy me a bottle of Jäger which lifted my spirits (pardon the pun). We watched an episode of Ozark yesterday, and there's good chance we'll watch another episode tonight while SB is at Barn Hunt.
8:03 p.m., Tuesday the 21st

Ginger has two agility classes tonight; BH was going to attend one of them, but he is here right now (I think he just took a shower). I am struggling with my Chess games. I did win Jim's queen a while back, but I think he is going to win my queen soon. I hate my life ...

The Ozark episodes are really heating up. The next one we watch will be the last episode in Season One. I'm waiting on tenterhooks.
1:14 p.m., Wednesday the 22nd

So SB has left (with the two dogs) to go on a Barn Hunt trial in Colorado. BH and I might eat out while she is gone, but tonight we'll probably eat TV dinners. Tomorrow or Friday we might watch that last episode on Ozark Season One. We'll see.
2:21 p.m., Thursday the 23rd

So looking it up on Wikipedia, Ozark has four seasons, the fourth is the final one, and it is divided into two parts, seven episodes each. The first three seasons have ten episodes each. BH and I watched the tenth/last episode of Season One last night.

Yesterday it was really windy, and we had a power outage for a few hours. BH and I ate dinner at Chili's -- awesome! He had a gift card for it, so that cut down on the bill. Tonight we'll probably have TV dinners.
Yeah, super windy yesterday. We didn't have a power outage, but the internet was out from about 7:30 pm last night to noon today. Drove me crazy lol.
Weirdly, the power came on right at the moment when BH and I were out the door to go to Chili's. We decided to go anyway.
3:08 p.m., Friday the 24th

Instead of TV dinners, BH heated up a bag of chicken/pasta stir fry yesterday from out of the freezer. There was a hockey game on, so we didn't watch any Ozark episodes.

Late last night, in the wee hours of the morning, BH's father passed away. SB is coming home a day early from the Barn Hunt trial. If I remember right, she and BH will fly out to Michigan (for the funeral) on Sunday, then fly back on Wednesday. While they're gone, I'll be feeding Rainee and the dogs. As for today, SB said we'd eat out after she got home. I'd like that a lot.
11:56 a.m., Saturday the 25th

By the time SB got home, it was a little late for eating out. But we did get takeout, which is the next best thing. We got Mexican at Cuco's (which is close to us).

While waiting for SB to get home, BH and I watched the first two episodes of Season Two of Ozark. It's as great a series as ever, if anything it's even getting better.

BH and SB will fly out of Albuquerque early tomorrow morning, 7:00 or 7:30 a.m. ... then they should arrive back in Albuquerque early in the afternoon on Wednesday. While they're gone, it will be on me to feed Rainee and the dogs, and Fred (the gerbil). Also SB has some baby plants in the kitchen that she'll need me to take care of. She says I will be rewarded for my efforts after she and BH get back, by eating out at a restaurant of my choice. There's a new Indian place, not far from us on Juan Tabo, called Bawarchi I believe, and we may eat there.