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2:54 p.m., Sunday the 26th

I have a buttload of stuff to remember every day, while BH and SB are gone. My first thing to remember today was giving the dogs their kong toys, and I have done that. Later, I have to take the garbage to the curb (preferably at 8:00 p.m., after the wind advisory expires), check for packages, feed Rainee and the dog (an involved process), give Eddie a Gabapentin pill, check water dishes for Fred and the dogs, pick up the poop outside (in the backyard), undig the holes Ginger digs, and check that all the doors are locked. There's a big list like that every day for me thru Wednesday. Luckily SB printed it all for me, I don't think I'd be able to remember it all without that. For an ordinary person that would be quite manageable, but for a lazy freeloader like myself it is about enough to make me have a stroke.

BH's and SB's flight to Michigan was a two-part affair, right now they are in Denver and their second flight (the one to Michigan) keeps getting canceled. They may have to rent a car and drive to Chicago or Pittsburg or somewhere where they can get that second flight. What a shitty deal.
10:42 a.m., Monday the 27th

I had to get up early (c. 7:30 a.m.) to feed the dogs and Rainee. Rainee was nice but persistent about getting me out of bed. Then once I was up, I felt like, what the hell, I'm up so I'll stay up. That is why I'm getting such an early start on this forum.

At about 5:30 a.m., Rainee puked on the (my) bed, then puked on the floor. The night before, Ginger tore up a swatch of the living room carpet. For what it's worth, that's all of the bad news from me in Albuquerque. Brother-Husband and Snowbunny made it to Michigan by I think 6:11 p.m. last night (8:11 p.m. Michigan time).
11:48 a.m., Tuesday the 28th

Rainee let me sleep a little longer this morning -- mighty gracious of her. Hence I am posting a bit later than I did yesterday. BH and SB should be home by tomorrow early afternoon -- if their flights don't get jacked up.

Rainee puked a few times earlier this morning. Maybe it's because of stress? I hope her tummy gets feeling better.

Ginger's been getting into mischief. Like she was trying to chew on a cord. I moved the cord to where hopefully she can't reach it. Sigh, she looks so innocent.
10:28 a.m., Wednesday the 1st

Rainee threw up again this morning (on the bed). I'm really bummed about that, I don't know if it's because she's stressed-out over BH and SB being gone (and she doesn't know if/when they'll be back). I'm a little stressed-out myself. I really hope their flights home don't get jacked up. I am hoping that they'll get home in time for the three of us to eat out.
3:29 p.m., Thursday the 2nd

Well, BH and SB got home and on time yesterday. However, BH had come down with a bug (not sure which bug -- he tested negative for Covid), so he was not feeling up to eating out. However we did the next best thing: takeout. From Chipotle yet, one of my favorite places. I got to have my go-to, a veggie burrito, with just the fillings I wanted. Good stuff. After BH recovers from this bug, SB says we'll still eat out (at my choice of restaurant).

Rainee has not thrown up since my above entry. Maybe she's not feeling so stressed-out now that BH and SB are home? Hopefully that trend will continue.
2:31 p.m., Sunday the 5th

Yesterday I went out with SB to run some errands and take the dogs for a walk. I was quite glad to go, but it did mean I never got around to doing my internet stuff. I don't remember what happened on Friday. Oh, SB and I did go shopping.

BH seems to be recovering from the bug that he had. I can't tell if he is completely recovered yet. SB has been saying the three of us will eat out this next coming weekend. Rainee hasn't been throwing up, so that is good news.
It was probably more important to bond with SB after her trip than to do internet stuff, so I'd say it was an excellent choice!

You did a good job taking care of the animals while she was away.
12:38 p.m., Monday the 6th

Thanks. We had a nice time reconnecting when we were out together the other day.

Rainee threw up after yesterday's entry. It's always hard to pinpoint a cause with her, she's always been a barfer. She doesn't mean it, she's sitting by me right now, purring.
Cats are famous for their barf, am I right?
1:34 p.m., Tuesday the 7th

It's not unusual for a cat to be a barfer.
2:22 p.m., Wednesday the 8th

The bug BH caught seems to be lingering. It seemed he was doing somewhat worse the other day; I don't know how he's doing today. It may be a while before the three of us eat out for dinner.
3:00 p.m., Thursday the 9th

So yesterday I guess BH had a stuffy nose, but he didn't think it was the bug, he thought it was some kind of allergy. He takes an allergy med, but SB thought maybe he needed to switch to a different allergy med.

He was watching a Red Wings game, but I guess the Wings weren't playing very well, so instead of finishing the game he invited me to watch an Ozark episode. It was a depressing episode but that's Ozark, it is a dark series.

Tonight after dinner, SB is going to run some errands and she invited me to go with. I like running errands, it gets me out of the house, for a change of scenery. It's kind of a stressful day today, I'm not sure why.
2:44 p.m., Friday the 10th

Not much to tell you today, I don't know whether we're going to eat out this weekend. Tomorrow, SB has to work, starting at 9:00 p.m. if I remember right. So I don't know, maybe Sunday would be the day to eat out? When I get a good opportunity, I'll ask SB if that's the plan.
2:33 p.m., Saturday the 11th

So it looks like we'll be eating out tomorrow, probably at a New Mexican place in town called Cervantes. BH and SB will also go on a moderate road trip tomorrow with Sam, obviously I assume they'll be back in time for dinner. Tonight, word is we'll just have hot dogs for dinner. Perhaps BH and I will watch another Ozark episode. We watched one last night.

I'm very stressed-out today, for unknown reasons.
3:42 p.m., Sunday the 12th

I'm not as stressed-out today, I am back down to my usual levels which is still stressed-out, but manageable. Last night we had hot dogs, but SB also made guac for us, and we had chips and cheese dip. All and all a pretty decent dinner. Although SB did ask us not to watch anything on TV, as she had to work last night, and was just feeling off.

Rainee threw up again today, somewhere around 4:30 a.m., I think in the hallway. SB cleaned it up. I feel bad for all of us that Rainee is having this problem. I'm hoping her tummy will get to feeling better. She is asleep on my bed right now.

SB (and BH?) got home from the road trip maybe 15 minutes ago. I have had two cheese sticks, two cans of pop, and one can of V8 energy drink. I am really hungry right now, but I am trying not to spoil my appetite when we're planning to eat out tonight. I'm hoping for a drinky-drink at Cervantes, maybe they can get me a house margarita.
5:04 p.m., Monday the 13th

So it turns out Cervantes is closed on Sundays, so instead we went to a place called Papa Felipe's. It was our first time there. We were somewhat disappointed. SB gave it a "C." I had a (large) bean burrito (with red and green sauce, and cheese on top, plus two sides), and I was satisfied with it.

Rainee threw up again last night, again at about 4:30 a.m. ... luckily she was in the bathroom with me at the time, so the mess was on the tiles and easy to clean up. It's discouraging that she's having this tendency though; every day (at the same time) is a lot even for a barfer like her.

Eddie has been having problems with a bum knee. They knocked him out at the vet today, so as to thoroughly examine the problem. He is back home now, but he is whining (including some weird whines). SB has left (with Ginger) to go do Barn Hunt; BH and I will probably watch an Ozark episode while she's gone (the last episode in Season Two). We also watched an episode last night.
5:42 p.m., Tuesday the 14th

During Barn Hunt, BH and I watched the last episode of Ozark Season Two. After Barn Hunt, SB got us Subway for dinner. She got me a tuna sub; it was really good. Today, SB is making sausage, potatoes, and other veggies in the crock pot. It smells really good.

Thank the gods, Rainee did not throw up last night. I can only hope that she also won't throw up tonight. For her sake and mine.

Eddie seems to have been feeling really down today. I have felt bad for him; I wish I could help. I guess he is going to have surgery done on his back/left knee. I can't tell if he is in pain, or down in the dumps, or both.

I have seven Chess games going on at once in -- most of them are Chess club matches, and I have been matched up with stronger players. I had an eighth game going with a player named DeStefan; s/he nailed me with a piggish fork by his/her knight (backed up by his/her bishop) on my weak f-pawn. I lost a rook in the deal, and resigned. I'm really bummed, I've been doing quite poorly lately in Chess.
2:34 p.m., Wednesday the 15th

Eddie seems to be feeling better, as of last night. As for Rainee, she didn't throw up last night. Going for three. As for Ginger, she was whining quite a bit for maybe an hour or half an hour, up until a few minutes ago. The problem, apparently, was that she had a bone, and was afraid someone was going to steal it, unless she found a good hiding place for it. Maybe she found the hiding place she needed?
5:37 p.m., Saturday the 18th

SB and I went and did some errands (and a bit of shopping) today, which I enjoyed but it did set me back some on my internet stuff. Last night at about 1:00 a.m. Rainee threw up on my bed, so, I had to clean that up. She has been going on again, off again, as far as throwing up is concerned. Some nights she does it, other nights she gets through the whole night without doing it. She doesn't throw up during the daylight hours, I'm not sure how to explain that.
3:51 p.m., Sunday the 19th

Rainee did not throw up last night, I'm happy to say. Now if she can just do a repeat performance tonight. She's sleeping on my bed right now.