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2:22 p.m., Wednesday the 5th

The sausage wasn't quite what I would have wanted (it was some kind of chicken-apple sausage, I would have preferred regular pork sausage), but in spite of that, dinner was very good. Afterwards, Brother-Husband and I watched an Ozark episode. We have one episode left in Season Three; after that there's just one more season (divided into two parts).

Tomorrow I have scheduled tooth repair at the dentist's. Not looking forward to it, but what can I do.

Rainee is sleeping on my bed, and that's cool.
4:44 p.m., Friday the 7th

The thing at the dentist wasn't too terrible, I did ask for extra Novocaine and the dentist ended up giving me three shots, and I still wasn't quite numb so he had a hygienist who was reputedly super good at it give it a try. It finally worked. I didn't feel the drilling at all, and I was numb for I think at least three hours after the appointment. There's quite a bit of work the dentist wants to do on my teeth, reinforcing them against my grinding at night (and I also have a bite guard for that), so I have another appointment this coming Tuesday.

For dinner we got pizza (from Papa John's), I was able to eat and taste it by eating on the right side of my mouth. It was good. Snowbunny also did me the kindness of taking me to a liquor store; I got a bottle of Rumple Minze. Tomorrow, Brother-Husband and Snowbunny (and one or both of the dogs) will drive south to (I think) Las Cruces for a Barn Hunt practice/class. While they're away, I will enjoy a nice full cup of Rumple Minze. I admit I am highly looking forward to it. Tonight we are going to have corned beef and cabbage for dinner, and I'm looking forward to that too. Snowbunny is making it in the crock pot.
12:28 p.m., Saturday the 8th

I'm enjoying my cup of Rumple Minze even as we speak. At 9:00 p.m. or sooner, BH and SB (and the dogs) should be getting home. SB has to work tonight. I don't know what we'll have for dinner tonight, could be takeout but I don't know.
12:34 p.m., Sunday the 9th

It was 3:00 or 3:30 p.m. when BH and SB (and the dogs) got home. For dinner we had hot dogs, okay but not my fave. BH and I watched the last Ozark episode in Season Three.

The weather is getting increasingly pleasant. On Tuesday and Wednesday it's actually supposed to get up into the 80's. I have my windows open right now. Rainee is sleeping on my bed.
1:27 p.m., Monday the 10th

I'm feeling extra stressed-out today; I don't know why. I do have my second dentist appointment tomorrow; I should add that I might not get caught up on my internet stuff tomorrow for that reason. Last night, BH and SB were both feeling sick, so we just had TV dinners. SB said that tonight we'd have tacos.
2:13 p.m., Tuesday the 11th

The forum hasn't been very busy today, so I will probably at least get caught up on my forum stuff. The dental appointment is at 4:00 p.m.; we have to leave by 3:30 p.m. and I figure 3:10 p.m. is when I should start getting ready.
2:45 p.m., Wednesday the 12th

The dental appointment went well. He didn't have to numb me for what he did; there was no drilling involved. After the appointment we went to get takeout from Grassburger. While waiting for our order, we did a bit of shopping at the Sprouts in the same parking lot.

Tomorrow, Sam will come over for dinner. It sounds like we'll have salmon, potatoes, and broccoli. I don't know what dinner tonight is; it's not takeout.
2:17 p.m., Thursday the 13th

SB made tuna sandwiches for us. They were really good. Also we had veggies and lemon hummus. Also good, but the sandwiches were stellar.
2:10 p.m., Friday the 14th

Wow, the forum is really dead today. I'll definitely be able to catch up on all of my internet stuff.
4:54 p.m., Sunday the 16th

The forum is somewhat busier today, and I probably won't catch up on my internet stuff. I don't know what dinner will be tonight, probably not eat out or takeout. Tomorrow we are going to eat out with the realtor lady who helped us get this house. The place I think we're going to is called Los Cuates.
4:51 p.m., Monday the 17th

The forum has been quite busy today, and I'll not get caught up on my stuff. Since dinner will be a special occasion, I have been mostly fasting -- not easy. I did have a can of Diet Mountain Dew, but I don't hardly count that. Last night BH and I watched Episode One of Ozark Season Four (the final season). After we get done with Ozark, we'll probably start watching the new Mandalorian episodes.
5:32 p.m., Tuesday the 18th

The forum is still quite busy, and I don't expect to get caught up on my other stuff. Dinner at Los Cuates was really good last night, and we had fun catching up with the realtor lady. She also stopped by our house, to see what we've did with the place so far. We sent her home with a bottle of wine.

I'm not sure what dinner is tonight, it looks like it's something out of the crock pot. Good things come out of the crock pot, so I have made a point to fast like I did yesterday. Rainee is sitting in the top of her cat tree right now. My windows are open and she is enjoying the fresh air and the view.
1:27 p.m., Wednesday the 19th

The forum is a lot quieter today, and I will catch up on all my stuff. I caught up on the basics yesterday by staying up late (til c. 9:45 p.m.). By basics I mean, FetLife, a couple of comics, and Facebook. I did not get around to any book reading last night, nor any Chess puzzle, and definitely no Chess lesson.

Dinner last night was a kind of Mexican style chicken (from the crock pot), with (yellow Mexican) rice and some veggies (corn, broccoli, and cauliflower). Not bad. I had seconds.

It's sounding hopeful that we will have takeout for dinner tonight. We may get it from DoorDash, or BH may pick something up on his way home from work. I can't tell if the details have been sorted out, and we may not get takeout, but it's sounding hopeful that we will. Just in case, I am trying to fast until dinner.

Rainee is relaxing on my bed. She has been a sweet friend today, as always.
5:56 p.m., Thursday the 20th

The forum's been extremely busy today, I guess it's an all-or-nothing proposition. Yesterday BH got us takeout from Church's Texas Chicken. Not my first choice but I won't say I didn't like it. Apparently he surprised SB, she didn't know he was going to get us takeout. But she didn't seem to mind.

Tomorrow SB will leave early with the dogs (both, I think). There is (a) Barn Hunt trial/s in Farmington (if I remember right), about three hours away (in the northern part of the state). She'll probably be gone until Sunday evening/night.
3:53 p.m., Saturday the 22nd

Obviously I didn't get around to posting on this blog yesterday, the forum has been quite busy for the last few days. BH brought pizza from Little Caesars for dinner last night, after that we watched an Ozark episode. He said tonight we'd watch a few more episodes, but I don't know what we'll do for dinner. With my luck, it'll be TV dinners. If I could make a wish, I'd want us to eat out at Twin Peaks.
1:37 p.m., Sunday the 23rd

Well, my dreams of eating out at Twin Peaks did not come true. But at least we did not have TV dinners. BH had leftover chicken (from Church's), and I had leftover pizza. A bit later we watched two Ozark episodes.

SB (and the dogs) should be getting home later today, I'm not sure how much later. Soon enough for the three of us (BH, SB, and me) to (eat out or) have takeout, I hope.
2:33 p.m., Monday the 24th

SB got home around 3:30 p.m., and we had takeout from a Greek place, via DoorDash. Mighty fine. As for tonight, the latest word is that we'll have some kind of pasta for dinner. Meh.

BH and I watched another Ozark episode, as he is off on Mondays (e.g. today). He works tomorrow so we probably won't watch anything tonight.

I overheard something a couple of hours ago that suggested SB and I might go out later today to run an errand or two. I would like that a lot.
4:49 p.m., Tuesday the 25th

Luckily we did not have pasta, we had chicken from out of the crock pot, plus salad and rice. After dinner, SB and I went out and did some shopping. I don't know what we'll have for dinner tonight.
4:45 p.m., Wednesday the 26th

Well we had Caesar salad (with shrimp instead of chicken). From what I've overheard, tonight we are going to have some sort of pasta. I've been trying to fast until dinner (only drinking water and one zero-calorie soda), it hasn't been easy today, for a while there I was shaking from being so hungry.
2:52 p.m., Thursday the 27th

I should add that "fasting" also often includes a cup or two of coffee.

Last night we had spaghetti and veggie meatballs. It was okay, but I didn't like the meatballs. I liked that they were vegetarian, and the texture was good, but I didn't like the taste.

BH and I watched a couple of (new) Mandalorian episodes. We are going to lose our Disney+ subscription in a few weeks, so we are trying to binge-watch the Mandalorian.