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3:25 p.m., Friday the 19th

Over the next three or four days, my activity levels on this site (and other websites) will be sporadic or nonexistent. I'll start catching up again after Snowbunny's sister returns to Michigan.

I've been having trouble getting around to my daily book-reading, Chess puzzle, and Chess lesson, so I have decided to shift those three activities to before I do my forum, FetLife, and Facebook stuff. Or at least I've decided to try it that way, and see if it works for me. So far I've only done it today, and I think I'll continue (though the next three days will be relatively chaotic).

For dinner last night, Snowbunny prepared salmon for us, as well as salad and sweet potatoes. Pretty decent, although the salmon was my favorite part of it.
1:05 p.m., Sunday the 21st

Snowbunny said she didn't mind me coming along with her and her sister yesterday, but she wanted some one-on-one time with her sister today, so I am staying at home for the moment. I don't know whether Brother-Husband went with them today, he was not able to do so yesterday because he works on Saturdays. Actually I hear him now, a package was just delivered and our doorbell rang (and Eddie barked). All four of us will probably eat out together tonight.
2:57 p.m., Monday the 22nd

Later yesterday, I was invited to come along for some other activities, all in all yesterday was a really good day. We ate dinner at Monroe's, went walking in Old Town, and just drove to different places.

Today SB had to work, so we are all staying home at least for the moment. Today or tomorrow I think BH, SB, and SB's sister are eating out and I'll have to stay at home. That's okay; I'll just enjoy a half a cup of Jäger.
12:19 p.m., Tuesday the 23rd

Today SB's sister is visiting a teacher in Santa Fe (she took the Rail Runner). Tonight, she is eating out with SB I think, and BH I think. They'll bring me something back for dinner (from Taco Cabana, I think). I'll be at home pretty much all day, except for maybe a short walk with the dogs.

Eddie's leg (the one they operated on) was swollen up the first few days after his surgery. It looks somewhat better now, and occasionally he even puts a little weight on it. But most of the time he still keeps it up in the air.

SB's sister flies back to Michigan early tomorrow morning.
3:23 p.m., Wednesday the 24th

So BH, SB, and SB's sister ate dinner (I think with SB's sister's teacher) in Santa Fe. They posted a picture in Facebook, and I could see why I was asked to stay home for this one. There were six people at the table, and I only recognized three of them. I don't think SB wanted to have to explain (to relative strangers) who I was and why I was along for the ride. That's okay, after their dinner, they stopped at Taco Cabana and got me my favorite meal there: a bean/cheese burrito and an eight-ounce cup of guacamole (Taco Cabana makes really good guacamole). (SB and) SB's sister had to get up super early this morning to catch her flight, so I said my farewell last night. All in all it was a really enjoyable visit.
3:21 p.m., Thursday the 25th

Okay there was actually only five people in that photo. But someone had to take the picture right? Maybe that was the sixth person I was thinking of.

The forum has been extra busy today, and I don't know whether I'll get caught up on (FetLife and) Facebook. I did start off today by doing my daily book reading, Chess puzzle, and Chess lesson. Well in theory that's all supposed to be a daily thing! I'm just getting started doing those three things first thing every day.
3:54 p.m., Friday the 26th

I did catch up on everything, but that's with dinner being served at 7:15 p.m. or so. I expect today's dinner to be served sooner, as it will be a simpler dish, namely veggie burgers. Yesterday it was veggies and sausage from the slow cooker, and it took a while to get the veggies done. And it appears the forum was even busier today than yesterday. I did start today with more book reading, a Chess puzzle, and a Chess lesson.
4:20 p.m., Saturday the 27th

So SB had a bad day at work yesterday, and had to work later than usual. Which worked out well for me because the dinner plans changed to takeout. Yay! from a place nearby called Philly Steaks. It was good. Veggie burgers will have to wait for another day. I guess today dinner will just be leftovers. But tomorrow we will eat out with Eponine and her partner, at a fancy place (I don't know how fancy). I'm definitely looking forward to that.

Since SB had to work late yesterday (she's off today and tomorrow -- probably on Monday too, it being Memorial Day and whatnot), dinner was also late. We got home from Philly Steaks at 8:15 or 8:30 p.m. I think. That being the case, I did manage to catch up on everything. I don't know whether I will today. I did start today (after a few minor chores) with my book reading, Chess puzzle, and Chess lesson.
1:52 p.m., Sunday the 28th

I didn't get around to any of my Facebook stuff yesterday, although I did get caught up on everything else. I seem to have a better chance of catching up on everything today, but we'll see. I am feeling a bit irritated today, we seem to have a scammer at work on the forum (SusanNewman) and I'm not quite sure how to handle that.

Dinner last night was salad, sweet potatoes, and leftover sausage. Not bad, really. I look forward to eating at a fancy place tonight.
2:26 p.m., Monday the 29th

The food at the restaurant was really good, and we had a nice visit with Eponine and her partner. The only bad thing, is that after I got done eating (and drinking; there was wine involved), I had a spell of feeling dizzy and nauseous. It got really bad for a few minutes; SB had me put my head on the table. I'm afraid my condition obliged us to cut the visit short. I don't know what brought it on, but I will say that it was rather noisy in the restaurant, and I felt like the noise level was the main cause, but how I felt may have been inaccurate.

I didn't quite catch up on Facebook yesterday (but I did catch up on everything else); we'll see if I catch up today.
Nice to catch up with you guys after several months! Glad you felt better after getting home.
4:36 p.m., Tuesday the 30th

Yes, I enjoyed our visit, I feel kind of bad that I kind of cut things short with my dizzy spell. I'm just glad I didn't puke or something. Anyway, the restaurant was great, the food was superb, we'll have to do that again sometime. I look forward to our next get-together.

Methinks me catching up on things (like Facebook) is going to be a rare occurrence going forward. I just have too many irons in the fire. Maybe if I start getting up earlier, but that's not likely to happen. I'm okay with that though, I think on most days I'll get started on Facebook, and that's enough.
3:24 p.m., Wednesday the 31st

I've been more stressed-out than usual today, things that didn't bother me yesterday, are bothering me today. Ginger has an obedience class tonight, and I don't know how that'll affect the plans for dinner. Last night we had veggie burgers, potatoes, and baked beans. Pretty decent I suppose.
3:09 p.m., Friday the 2nd

On Wednesday we had salmon, plus asparagus and avocado salad. Yesterday we had takeout from Los Cuates. SB and I had cheese enchiladas; BH had huevos rancheros.

On Wednesday, I got an itch to catch up on Facebook, and so I stayed up late enough (c. 9:30 p.m.) to do it. Last night I got too tired to try to catch up, not sure how tonight will play out.

Yesterday, SB and I went shopping (at Walmart). That was quite nice.
2:44 p.m., Saturday the 3rd

It's been two or three days since I last got around to doing Facebook, I am engaged in an important (personal) conversation with someone there, and am anxious to get back to that. Today, I hope.

Dinner last night was Indian, butter chicken over rice with veggies, and naan. After dinner, BH and I watched another Ozark episode. We are on the last season, and I think we have five more episodes to go.
3:04 p.m., Sunday the 4th

I didn't get caught up on Facebook, but I did get started on Facebook and was able to follow up on my conversation with my friend. I probably won't be able to do that today: BH and SB went on a road trip with Sam (BH's former coworker), and they just got back about ten minutes ago. So, I will venture out of my room, and go out there, and socialize. Up until now it has kind of been a crap day, but I have a feeling it's about to improve.
1:49 p.m., Monday the 5th

My feeling was right; yesterday did improve. Sam's a really fun guy to hang out with. Now, today so far has been another crap day. But it might improve. Tomorrow might be a crap day too, I guess we'll see.
6:43 p.m., Tuesday the 6th

Wow, has the forum ever been busy today ... I can't remember when it was ever this busy in the past. I don't know, maybe in 2015? It's hard for me to recollect that far back.
3:07 p.m., Thursday the 8th

Yesterday I got up early (c. 9:30 a.m. -- painful decision), and today I got up even earlier (c. 8:30 a.m.), in hopes of catching up on my forum stuff (and as a bonus, on FetLife and even on Facebook). Wasn't good enough yesterday, today seems more hopeful.
5:54 p.m., Friday the 9th

SB and I ate out for dinner yesterday; that sure was a treat. BH didn't want to go with, and just requested we bring him takeout. We ate at a Japanese place we hadn't tried before, and had some sushi and a few other things.

Today, it being Friday (Tuesdays are like this too), I had extra tasks to perform and was dreading those tasks, so I stayed in bed, prolonging the inevitable. Hence why I am late getting around to my forum stuff, and probably won't get around to my Facebook stuff today. I did get around to it yesterday, and mostly got caught up. I had to stay up late to do it though.