Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

3:39 p.m., Saturday the 10th

For dinner yesterday, Snowbunny made salmon, salad, and rice for us. After dinner, Snowbunny and I, and Ginger, went to a pet store in search of food and toys. Today, I got up early, in the hopes of getting caught up on everything (including Facebook). I guess we'll see; it's looking like a long shot right now.

In my Chess games, I'm playing very poorly, and making egregious mistakes. I'm losing against players rated much lower than me. My own rating is crawling steadily toward the three-digit numbers. I seem to be in the process of punishing myself for all of this. Feeling like a failure in general (though to a lesser extent, that's always the case).
Do you play the chess puzzles, too? I generally play the free 5 a day. I don't know if I'm actually getting better, but my score is going up at the moment ( plummeted after I had Covid). I've also noticed that I'm likely to do better in the afternoon rather than the morning. I don't think I'd win against you in a game though. You beat me so easily even before I had Covid.
1:07 p.m., Sunday the 11th

I usually play one Chess puzzle per day, as well as doing one Chess lesson per day. I play at all different times of the day; it doesn't really make any difference. I am in a Chess club, so that's at least two additional games I have going at one time. It doesn't help that the club almost always matches me up against stronger players, but then I just lost two games against a considerably weaker player.
1:14 p.m., Monday the 12th

Snowbunny made me some weed brownies -- a more realistic solution. They seem to be pretty strong, I had one yesterday and it had quite a noticeable effect. Took the edge off of my consciousness which is what I needed. I've had one more today and my fingers are crossed.

I'm taking a break from most of my Chess stuff, at least until I can get caught up on Facebook. Chess is a sore subject for me right now.

Brother-Husband, Snowbunny, and I ate out at a place called Pelican's. It was decent, but not as good as we remembered it, and it was (to us what was) quite expensive. Tonight Snowbunny has Barn Hunt practice, and I guess we're having TV dinners tonight. Sigh ...
3:04 p.m., Tuesday the 13th

Yesterday's weed brownie, and today's weed brownie, isn't having as strong of an effect as Sunday's brownie. A little bit of an effect but not a lot. Well, what little effect it has, I'll take it anyway. I'm tempted to have a second brownie today, but SB probably wouldn't approve.
2:48 p.m., Thursday the 15th

Today's brownie is having a pretty good amount of effect. I'm still functional so I guess it's not too much of an effect. Not much going on today, I'm just doing my internet stuff. This coming weekend, SB (and Ginger) will go to a Barn Hunt competition, so BH and I will be on our own.

Last night, after dinner (pizza and salad, from Dion's), Ginger had an obedience class (the final session), and while SB took her to that, BH and I watched another Ozark episode. We are on the final season, and there is only one episode left. So, the suspense is pretty intense.
4:21 p.m., Friday the 16th

For dinner last night, we had pasta with turkey meatballs. After dinner, SB and I went out to do some shopping. If we had gotten back by 8:00 p.m. at the latest, BH and I would have watched the last Ozark episode. As it stands, we'll probably watch that episode tonight.
2:52 p.m., Saturday the 17th

I decided to have two brownies today, circumstances were favorable for that. Sure enough, it's had a stronger effect, alas, there's only one brownie left. Which I'll have tomorrow.

Yesterday, BH and I watched the last Ozark episode. It was good, like all of the Ozark episodes, but it was kind of anti-climactic. It even seemed to leave the storyline open for another season, though I know that's not gonna happen.

What we'll probably watch next (starting tonight), is the new (sixth) series of Black Mirror. There are some series besides this one that we haven't seen, but that shouldn't be a problem as each episode is a stand-alone.
1:31 p.m., Monday the 19th

SB took me to run errands yesterday, and that's why I didn't post here. For dinner we had takeout from Orchid Thai. BH and I watched a Black Mirror episode. We actually started with the second series/season, which we've watched before but it's been quite a few years.

Not much going on today. SB has Barn Hunt practice, so dinner will be rather late, and BH and I will probably watch another episode while she's away.
4:12 p.m., Wednesday the 21st

So when I said BH and I watched a Black Mirror episode, actually we watched two episodes. Then BH (took Eddie with him and) went to SB's Barn Hunt practice. So we didn't watch any episodes that evening, which was actually a good thing, it gave me the time to mostly catch up. SB brought us takeout from Taco Cabana -- possibly my all-time favorite (I always get a bean/cheese burrito and an eight-ounce guac). Then last night she made dinner for us: salmon, steak fries, and salad. I got a late start yesterday and the forum was super busy, so I didn't catch up much. Probably won't today either, but we'll see.
3:49 p.m., Thursday the 22nd

I got desperate last night to catch up (on all my internet stuff) so I ended up staying up very late (past midnight). I did catch up -- finally. On, I'm still doing the bare minimum (most of the handful of games I'm doing allow three days per move at the most). I'm a little burned out on Chess, I feel like I'm not making any progress (more the opposite).
3:44 p.m., Friday the 23rd

I did catch up (on all my internet stuff) last night, and this time I only had to stay up until about 10:00 p.m. to do it. It helps if I can catch up every day, that way there's not so much new stuff I have to examine (and respond to).

It looks like SB and I will go shopping at about 4:40 p.m. today, that's really good news for me, I like getting out of the house and I like shopping. There's even a chance that we'll get takeout for dinner. That would be a double boon.
12:33 p.m., Saturday the 24th

Thanks Serenity. It was a good shopping trip although the bottom line was super expensive. We got takeout from Flying Star, I got an egg salad sandwich as that is my favorite from their menu. BH and SB got what's called "Buddha Bowls." When we got home, the (paper) bag our orders were in ripped and there was a slight mess, but basically not too bad and we had a nice dinner.

After dinner, SB and I took the dogs for a walk. I did not get around to signing on to Facebook, as I was too tired after the walk.