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2:25 p.m., Monday the 24th

One of the cats is asleep on my bookcase, the other is snoozing on the cushion by my window. This morning when I got up I went outside to move the trash/recycle containers back to their regular spots. All three containers were empty, so I must have oriented them the right way. BH and SB are flying home today. Possibly they'll arrive here at the house at 7:30 p.m. or earlier. I hope earlier, maybe we can all go out for dinner, or at least maybe they'll bring me a tuna sub or something. This concludes today's riport.
3:35 p.m., Tuesday the 25th

They didn't get home til almost 9:00 p.m. ... but SB called (and later texted) me well ahead of that time, to let me know. Which makes a big difference. As does the fact that they did bring me dinner, just McDonald's but still.

SB had an appointment today to get an old tattoo zapped. (She's had it done quite a few times and will probably need it done quite a few more times before the tattoo completely disappears.) BH is working outside, mowing the lawn and such.

That's all for today, I'm just doing my usual computer stuff.
1:09 p.m., Wednesday the 26th

No episodes last night, BH was probably tired. Not sure about tonight, it probably depends on if he has a rough day at work.

Both of the cats are with me in my bedroom. One on the cushion, the other on the cat tree.

This concludes my riport.
1:45 p.m., Thursday the 27th

Feeling a bit extra crappy today, not sure why. Normally in the past I would have sought out alcohol to put a dent in it, but I have been being good in that area, I can't remember when I had my last drink but I'm thinking it's been about three weeks, maybe more. I didn't know if I'd have the willpower to make it this far, but now, I believe I can make it farther. Possibly much farther.

It is 70° out, and will get up to 74°. I've opened the windows, it is nice to get some fresh air. Tomorrow it will get up to 80°, then temps will ease back down into the 70's and 60's. This concludes my riport.
1:59 p.m., Friday the 28th

I've been drinking a lot of (diet) pop, I know that's not a great thing to do but it's better than (solo) drinking. Hopefully SB won't restock our pop supply, and then I'll have a solid rationale for not drinking any. There really isn't much to talk about today, I have the usual levels of anxiety but I'm used to that. One unusual thing is that BH's work schedule is changing. He will still have his old schedule like every other week, but this week for example he will be off tomorrow and Sunday. Then work four days, then it looks like he'll have Friday off, and then Saturday and Sunday? Either that or that's as far as his schedule goes for now. He printed it off and hung it on the fridge.
11:36 a.m., Saturday the 29th

BH and I have watched episodes for the past couple of evenings, we probably will tonight as well. Yesterday SB made a pumpkin curry lentil soup for dinner, plus we had soft wheat dinner rolls. We also had some Moscato d'Asti, so that was my first drink since the 7th (of this month). So far I have been true to my word, no drinking unless others are drinking.

Today, SB has to go to work, they're doing some maintainance that has to be done when the credit union is closed. Generator test I think. They will shut off the power and see if the generator kicks in, and will all the computers turn back on okay. SB has to leave here in about an hour (12:30 p.m.), and will hopefully be back before 7:30 p.m. (like 5:30 p.m. with some extra luck). Possibly she and I (and BH?) will go shopping after she gets home tonight.

10:25 a.m., Sunday the 30th

SB got home yesterday somewhere vaguely around 6:30 p.m., after which the three of us walked down to Pho Yelm for dinner. Then SB and I went shopping (BH wanted to stay home). Then BH and I watched the last GoT episode in the season we are in, Season Four (Episode 10). We ended up going to bed quite late, around 11:30 p.m., at least that's quite late for me. BH and SB got up today around 7:00 a.m., I got up around 8:30 a.m., in time to receive the cup of coffee SB made for me. Since then I have been reading and posting on this forum.

There are no special plans for today. SB has had an ache in her bones, and took some ibuprofen for it. She thinks it is caused by a perithyroidal condition she has. She actually has surgery scheduled for that in November.

That's all I have for today.
4:03 p.m., Monday the 1st

Yesterday we ended up going out for lunch, the three of us and FNG too. We went to a place called Uptown Lounge, it is connected to our local theaters. We picked out some comfortable chairs there, and sat around chatting for some time even after lunch was over. Good times.

Dinner was the rest of the pumpkin curry lentil soup plus a roll (one each). We didn't watch anything on TV as BH had to work today. And he works tomorrow, and Wednesday and Thursday. I think he has Friday off, after that I don't know. His work schedule is all funky right now.
Pumpkin curry lentil soup sounds so cozy and autumnish!
10:10 a.m., Tuesday the 2nd

It's not bad. I suppose I've become more picky about soup than I have been in the past. But pumpkin curry lentil soup is alright. And I like the fact that it's vegetarian.
3:13 p.m., Wednesday the 3rd

The last couple of days BH has worked a later shift (8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., I believe), so he has been getting home later and we have not watched anything on TV. I think he's ordered the 5th season of GoT, not sure when it will get here. The first four seasons were loaned to us by FNG, he only had up to Season Four, so it's on us to take it from there.

The cats seem to have possibly been getting a little chubby lately. We have new feeders for them and the feeders seem to be putting out a lot of food, even at the lowest setting. So SB reprogrammed them to only do two (not three) feedings a day. Sadly, this will be hard on the cats at first as they have come to expect feedings at certain times of the day. Today was the first day on the new schedule, I felt bad for them at (what was) the 10:30 a.m. feeding time, so, I handfed them just a little bit of kibble. Don't tell SB I did that. I just did it for today, I don't intend to do it again, as it kind of defeats the purpose if they start expecting a handfeeding. The feeders went off today at 1:55 p.m., and that was a pleasant surprise for them. Their second feeding will be at 1:55 a.m., rather than 2:00 a.m. because we don't want them to miss a feeding when daylight saving time starts in the Spring. They get a bonus feeding when the clocks "fall back" in the Fall, but that's okay.

I'm trying to eat a little bit less myself. Very hard to do. So hungry right now. In my mind, I know it is "head hunger" not "tummy hunger," but my tummy thinks it's the real thing. Must hang in there. So far today I have had one smoothie, one cupcake, and one appetite control drink. And water. No diet pop, we don't have any pop in the house right now. Now if I can just hang in there til dinner. Last time I checked, I needed to lose a good 40 pounds. I seldom check because it's too depressing, I just let the doctor's office weigh me (once or twice each year).

It's 55° outside right now, and the windows are closed. Actually the heaters have been on, the main one in the living room is set to 70°.

This concludes my riport.
2:10 p.m., Thursday the 4th

I successfully waited until dinner, dinner itself was a salad (containing chicken and beets). After dinner I had a cupcake and a glass of fruit juice. And that was it for yesterday. So far today I have only had a bottle of kombucha (and water), but now that the cats have eaten, I will have a little something more "for lunch."

We did not watch anything yesterday. Not sure about tonight. BH is off tomorrow (I believe). He is hoping GoT Season Five will get here by this weekend.

Not much to tell you today. Dinner tonight will be Subway, I am hoping to get a tuna wrap. SB is taking a class at the gym, I believe it is on Mondays and Thursdays. So, today she'll get home maybe an hour later than usual, that is why she is picking something up for dinner, to avoid cooking and cleanup.

This concludes today's riport.
11:22 a.m., Friday the 5th

I feel I still need to eat less, I'm not inclined to count calories or anything but I do want to try to moderate myself. Mind you this does not mean I am done with cupcakes. :eek:

Yesterday I got the tuna wrap I wanted for dinner. BH is off work today; at the moment he is out running errands or some such.
4:00 p.m., Monday the 8th

After posting that last entry, I managed to eat nothing that day until dinnertime. I don't remember what dinner was. After dinner I had a cupcake, some eggnog, and some fruit juice. But that was all.

Since then I have been trying to do better about eating. Today I had a piece of baklava (and two cups of coffee), but so far that's all I've eaten. Dinner should be just two or three hours away, so I am hopeful I can hold off for that long.

SB is off today and tomorrow, which is unusual. In addition to yesterday and the day before. BH is working all four of those days. Yesterday, SB took me on a small road trip to Tacoma, where there was a Greek festival, and that's where we got the baklava. After we got home, we watched a movie on TV, the new Wonder Woman movie.

On Saturday, things got a little weird. FNG invited SB to go driving some places with him, but I was not invited. I was kind of bummed, and SB and I both wondered if FNG had some ulterior motives. Nothing special happened though, mostly it was just FNG going to several stores looking for a pair of shorts. He didn't say anything momentous. [shrug]

GoT Seasons Five and Six have arrived. We haven't watched any of them yet, but I'm sure we will, soon. It is also hockey season now, so sometimes BH will be watching a hockey game.

That's all I have to tell you for today.
3:57 p.m., Tuesday the 9th

I am not doing as well on not eating today. I mean so-so, not horrible but. I'm still hopeful I can do better tomorrow. I did pretty good yesterday. SB is off today, then works the next three days. BH on the other hand has the next three days off. Then SB has the weekend off, while BH works over the weekend. So, their schedules are just missing each other. BH's schedule is really weird now, it is different every week. Quite a bit different.

We still haven't started watching Season Five yet. Who knows maybe we will tonight, since BH is off tomorrow. I guess there's a chance he might get home early today, so maybe he won't be too tired from work. SB is vacuuming right now, she was going to run the Neato (the robot vacuum, like a Roomba), but it turns out the Neato was not in contact with its charging station, so it was all out of juice. I assume SB pushed it into the right position, but it would take quite awhile to recharge and SB didn't want to wait. So she is using the hand vac. I feel bad, but.

This concludes my riport.
1:34 p.m., Wednesday the 10th

I am trying like hell to eat nothing today until dinnertime. Goddamn is it hard! I've been drinking quite a bit of water, hoping to keep my stomach occupied. Come on body (and brain), get used to it.

So we watched S5E1 last night. It was a little later than our usual time, around 8:00 p.m. ... BH had gone to the gym before that (and before taking his shower, obviously).
Could you not allow yourself something like celery which would keep your stomach busy but not be fattening? Starving all day just makes dieting harder.

9:53 a.m., Thursday the 11th

So I successfully waited until dinnertime. It gets easier once I get past a certain threshold. It's obvious (via the mirror) I'm not really starving, it's a matter of convincing my brain to stop sending "starving signals" to the rest of my body. Some days I will succeed, others I will not and on those days I'll just try to eat as little as possible. Yesterday I ate dinner itself but that was all. And I felt fine at that point.

BH made coffee today, so I am having a few cups of that. After that we'll see what I can do. I've tried the celery route before, it doesn't work for me. Sorry.

Shortly after dinner we watched S5E2. Then I went to bed. This concludes my riport.
3:59 p.m., Friday the 12th

Yesterday I successfully held off until dinnertime ... that's two days in a row, unless you count the three cups of coffee I had (in the morning). And it was even easier ... not easy per se, but easier. As for today, so far I have managed to consume nothing at all, other than (lots of) water. I think I will make it until dinner. I'm hungry, but not too hungry. Again, easier. Easier than it was that first day. Head hunger, not tummy hunger. My brain is finally getting into this, a little bit.

Dinner yesterday was a tuna wrap, from Subway. After dinner I had a banana and some pineapple ... and that was all. I'll probably have a few things after dinner today too, a banana and some yogurt perhaps. Tomorrow will be different as SB and I are in the habit of going out for lunch together on Saturdays. Also I'm not sure about Sunday as SB might make something here for lunch. Maybe my "fasting routine" will only happen on the weekdays. That is when Snowbunny works. I'm a little bit pumped that I have managed to do this so far. There is a chance that I will lose some weight by the time of my next doctor visit.

Brother-Husband and I watched S5E3 yesterday ... and that concludes my riport. Hasta la vista.
12:54 p.m., Sunday the 14th

Yesterday Snowbunny and I drove around looking for a place to eat lunch. Somewhere we hadn't been to. It took quite a while to find something. Kind of a fast food Mexican place, it was okay but nothing to write home about. Now rumor has it we will go out for lunch today too. Something cheap and close, Subway or Taco Bell or Burger King, something like that. Brother-Husband is working today, then he will be off tomorrow and Tuesday. His new schedule is weird, it's quite a bit different every week.

It's 59° out right now. It's supposed to get up to 65° today. I don't see any clouds.

This concludes my riport.