Kevin's Hetero MFM Poly-Fi V

1:56 p.m., Saturday the 3rd

I am feeling quite a bit more stressed out than usual today for some reason, I don't know why. I could sure use a stiff drink. :(

Earlier today, Rainee had a vet appointment, to get her shots updated, and for a general checkup. Basically good news, she still needs to lose weight, but only a pound or two.

Yesterday, BH was off work and we ended up watching three episodes, thru GoT S6E5.
12:07 p.m., Sunday the 4th

SB had to work from home last night (I don't remember why), and she had to make a work call at about 9:00 p.m., and, an episode would have interrupted that, so, BH and I did not watch anything. It looks like something was not resolved, as she is on the phone right now with someone at work. For dinner last night she made wedge salads. Nothing special is planned for today, we are not going anywhere. BH and SB might work on the back room. That's really all I have to tell you for now.
12:16 p.m., Monday the 5th

We went out for dinner yesterday, which made me very happy, we went to Don Juan's Mexican Kitchen in Tenino. I had my usual, a veggie wet burrito, with jalapeño and habanero sauces which seemed hotter than usual for some reason. Of course we also got a bowl of their guacamole which is to die for. We use it as dip for their chips.

After dinner, we drove around to different Pokémon Go stops in Tenino and Rainier. I don't play Pokémon Go, but BH and SB do. We didn't watch any episodes last night.

I'm a little extra stressed-out today, I don't know why. BH is off work but I think he goes back to work tomorrow. And I guess tomorrow night (I'll probably find out on Wednesday) we'll find out what the verdict is on elections. I can only hope we'll have a big win for Democrats, we desperately need it. We need two big wins, one tomorrow and one in 2020. I'm so disappointed with these United States. I realize the Republicans have loaded the deck in their favor, but it speaks so poorly of us (to the rest of the world) to have such a right-wing government right now. And while we could present it as, we made an accidental blunder when we elected Trump, we can't make that claim if we elect him a second time. Then we'd have to say we know what kind of a President he is, and we like it. :(

This week, SB is flying out to Florida (I believe) to get surgery on a parathyroid issue. I think she leaves tomorrow and comes back on Thursday, I could be off a day or two. BH and I will be on our own, for dinner (and whatnot). Tonight, we are having a roast (from the crock pot). I have to fast today, it sucks.
5:35 p.m., Tuesday the 6th

Yes, I was off by one day. SB leaves tomorrow. And if I understand right, comes back on Friday.

BH and SB are both going to get home later than usual, not sure how much later. I was invited to have my own dinner and not wait for them, but I am waiting so far. The forum has been busier than usual, so that has kept me occupied.

Yesterday BH was off, so he and I watched an episode (S6E6) around midafternoon. Dinner rolled around later than usual, so we did not watch anything after dinner.
2:30 p.m., Wednesday the 7th

BH got home around 7:00 p.m., we had leftovers for dinner, he heated up mine in the microwave. SB got home a short time after, I guess she already ate dinner at a coworker's house. She just had a banana here after she got home.

No episodes. Tonight I guess BH and I will have pizza for dinner, probably Little Caesars but we'll see. Watching an episode tonight is doubtful but possible, I suppose it depends on how late BH gets off of work.

The election results were not great but not horrible either. The Senate is still controlled by the Republicans, but the House is now controlled by the Democrats. Things are still bad because the President is a Republican, and the Supreme Court is mostly Republican for all intents and purposes. The country is sharply divided and the next two years will probably be full of conflicts.
1:22 p.m., Thursday the 8th

Brother-Husband got home really late last night, like around 9:00 p.m.. He did bring pizza though (Little Caesars). Tonight will probably just be TV dinners or something like that. Hopefully he won't get home so late, that's a long day at work. Obviously we did not watch anything last night. Snowbunny's surgery is today I believe, she is in Florida right now (if I remember right).

So I heard on Facebook yesterday that some cool bonuses came out of the election this week. Quite a few women were elected for Congress, including a couple of Native American women. Also a number of Democrat governors were elected, flipping their gubernatorial seats over from prior Republican governors. I of course still wish that the Senate had flipped, but it's not like I can do much about that. America needs to figure out that the Republican Party is not the way to go, and that's not going to happen overnight.
2:34 p.m., Friday the 9th

A few other good election outcomes that I forgot to mention. Firstly, Colorado now has a gay governor. Secondly, there are now two Muslim women in Congress. Thirdly, the youngest woman ever has been elected to Congress and she is Latina. Fourthly, there is now a record number of women in Congress, over 100 from what (on Facebook) I've been told. That's all I can remember for now.

BH called in "sick" (wink wink nudge nudge) so he is off today. We are just right in the middle of watching the last three episodes of Season Six. I don't think we have Season Seven yet but I could be wrong.

SB is on the plane ready to fly back to Washington. Her surgery went well and she is recovering. Now she just has to get through a six-hour flight. Florida is a long ways away. She won't get back til late, 9:30 p.m. or later.
12:01 p.m., Sunday the 11th

I'm super stressed out right now, don't feel like posting a lot today. SB has come down with something unfortunately. BH has gone out to purchase GoT Season Seven. He will get Subway for us for lunch on his way back.

Oh man, could I ever use a strong drink right now. I'm talking Dekuyper 100° Hot Damn here. A nice tall glass of it. Well if I can't drink it, I can dream about it.
1:37 p.m., Monday the 12th

(Visualizing a nice tall glass of Hot Damn)

(Sip) (Siiiiip) (Mmmm, so cinnamony) (And what a nice buzz)

Snowbunny is still sick unfortunately. Brother-Husband may be fighting it, I can't tell for sure. I personally have a robust immune system, so I will probably dodge the bullet.

BH and I watched GoT S7E1 (Dragonstone) last night. We did not binge-watch more than one episode because Season Seven only has seven episodes, and Season Eight (only six episodes) isn't available yet.

BH and SB are both off today, SB (and BH?) because Veterans Day is being observed. This is my riport.
3:10 p.m., Tuesday the 13th

Snowbunny is back to work today, and I am back to fasting. I hate it so hard. You know what I'm visualizing right now? Ice cream. A quart. Of Häagen-Dazs. Just for me. All in one sitting. So delicious ...

Counting the hours until dinner (est. 6:30 p.m.).

Brother-Husband and I watched S7E2 last night. Don't know for sure if we'll watch one tonight, he has work tomorrow and will have to get up early.
4:08 p.m., Wednesday the 14th

BH and I did watch an episode last night, S7E3. Whether we watch one tonight probably depends on whether he has a long day at work. SB is unfortunately still sick, and not having great days at work either. :(
1:27 p.m., Thursday the 15th

BH got home somewhat late yesterday, and so, we didn't watch anything. Dinner was microwaved burritos, SB was still not feeling well and not up to making anything fancy. She might make fish (e.g. salmon) tonight but I don't know.
12:02 p.m., Friday the 16th

Not a problem.
10:51 a.m., Sunday the 18th

Yesterday BH and I watched an episode, S7E4. We'll probably watch Episode Five tonight, but we'll see. I've been told that we are going out for sushi today. I like sushi! SB is either mostly well or completely well, I can't tell for sure. This concludes my riport.
3:52 p.m., Monday the 19th

Not feeling so hot at the moment. More depressed than usual. Plus I'm back to fasting, never easy. Not feeling up to a long entry today.

Yesterday was good. We went out for sushi. Then stopped at Dairy Queen on the way back. I had a small vanilla malt. Scrumptious! Also BH and I watched two GoT episodes. I think we're down to the last available episode, tonight perhaps.

So this coming Thursday, we are going over to ex-SIL's house for Thanksgiving. Something to look forward to. And certainly I'm looking forward to dinner tonight. After dinner I will have some M&M's. And some cocoa roasted almonds. I promise myself these things so I can stand to fast.

That's all for today.
10:58 a.m., Tuesday the 20th

BH got home somewhat late yesterday, about 7:30 p.m., so, no episode. We'll see about tonight, he does work tomorrow so. Dinner yesterday was hot dogs plus cucumber salad (cucumber slices and sliced onion in vinegar I think). Today, BH made coffee for us. I had three cups. I like coffee. But after that, I started my fast for today. Water only until dinner.

I feel somewhat less depressed, but not completely back to normal. Normal = depressed and stressed out. But at the moment it's (still) worse than usual. Such is my life, I'm used to it. What would life be like without it, I don't know.
Kevin, is it possible for you to make an appointment to review your meds/treatment? Depression doesn't have to be debilitating.
1:20 p.m., Wednesday the 21st

I have tried every medication (and dosage) under the sun, as well as every kind of therapy. Things are as good as they're ever going to get, right now. I'm seeing my doctor once a year, and that suffices. I'm actually lucky; things used to be worse. Zyprexa is a good med for me, it reduces the stress and depression and tempers my moods. So I'm a little debilitated, it's not the end of the world. I just hope I don't have too many health problems as I get older.
12:14 p.m., Thursday the 22nd

My stress levels have spiked again, I need a break from life. At the moment, I am craving a bottle of (alcoholic) eggnog. Not a glass, a bottle. Just for me, all in one sitting. So delicious. And what a relief to my emotional state. I've got to hang in there until later today, we will be going over to ex-SIL's house for Thanksgiving and I'm hoping that will help break up my mood a little bit. In the meantime, I'll be dreaming of that eggnog.

Last night, BH and I watched the final episode of Season Seven. So now we have to wait until Season Eight becomes available. So stressful. What on earth are they going to do about that undead dragon? I guess they need (a) giant arrow/s made out of dragonglass? I presume fire won't harm it. Sorry about the spoilers ...