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I'm a woman that's new to polygamy I want a triad of MFM. I tried several dating apps but I can't find anyone near me that's willing to have a threesome relationship that MIGHT lead to marriage. All they JUST want is phone sex. It disgusts me I want a real relationship with two beautiful buff men. That are willing to date me despite my disability. As well make me feel safe.

Looking for:

Ages: 27-31

Race: any

Religion: Christian

Body: average, fit, or buff
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Hello Carti,

Welcome to our forum, I hope you find what you're looking for here. It sounds like you are looking for two buff men for a threesome, you said you were interested in an MFM triad. Does this mean you would like the two men to be bisexual, and into each other as well as you? It might take awhile to find something that specific, but if you are patient, you can find it eventually. Have you tried OKCupid? We have a Dating & Friendship board ... ... you might want to post there. Good luck!

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Maybe a lot of guys just want phone sex right now because of social distancing. But it's true that many people are busy, or it's the whole attraction of hookup culture and just a flat out preference for casual cybersex. Not everyone is looking for long term commitment. And even fewer are looking for a long-term committed relationship of 3 people in an equal triad.

You might do better just looking for one great guy who may be open, eventually, to meeting another lover of yours. Not every guy you date is going to hit it off with another guy you date, even as friends, or friendly acquaintances. The chance they'll want to share your body sexually simultaneously is even less. Most people do prefer one-in-one sex.

And you're setting your sights high in wanting protective buff guys, of a small age range, who are also Christian. Many if not most Christians are firmly in the monogamy camp.

I'm saying this is a big ask. It's nice to have high standards and goals, but you're going to be suffering a lot of rejection and disappointment along the way. Dating is hard! That said, it seems easier for a woman to find 2 men who are willing to date her, and be friends or housemates, or get into threesomes (MFM triad or V), than it is for a guy to find 2 women who will or can successfully have a FMF triad or V.
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