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Good morning,

Here to introduce myself!
34, from the Netherlands and married since 1 year.
My husband told me 4 weeks ago he wants to explore other people (1 person now in particular) and I am still dealing with how to process that.

Hopefully here I can find some common ground or tips on how to accept/process this.
Hello, Goddessvibes, and welcome to!

In what way(s) are you struggling to come to terms with your husband's interest in polyamory?
i am new to this site but bear with me. my wife and i have been married for 40yrs and are a very close couple. it was my idea to open our marriage, not because i wanted anyone else but more to satisfy her needs and wants. the important thing was that, first and foremost, it did not mean i loved her any less, quite the reverse, honestly and openness is paramount and this opened so much communication between us and its not about emotional bonds at all. there is a huge difference between love and sex. After about a year she decided to give it a go and now we both love it
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I have read your other thread, and responded there briefly. To summarize, I think your husband needs to show greater sympathy for how you feel, so that you can accept his desires for a friend with benefits. I hope you can find a way to work things out with him.

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