Please help my anxiety!


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Hello Leprecorn,

I think that you are feeling keenly disappointed to have this very desirable woman back away from you. And maybe in some way you feel resentful towards your husband for opening the can of worms that led to her backing away. Or you feel like it's your fault for not being able to accept a triad. Or both. So now you wonder if you'll ever find someone to love. Because you won't be able to love those who come in a "triad shape." You'll have to rule those people out. This shrinks your dating pool. But by how much? Maybe it's not that much. After all, successful triads are unusual to rare in the poly world.

I am sympathetic towards you, and see that you are in pain. Try not to assign blame here, all three of you made mistakes that could not be helped. Just work towards healing, and have some hope that you will still find someone. I hope this thread/forum is helping you feel a little better.

Kevin T.