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I recently had the occasion to provide some introductory information to a college student who was doing a term paper on poly. So, I directed her to this forum, a few websites, and a selection of books. I shared the first five of these web sites with her - being websites that I have used myself. And the last three I discovered when surfing around during some free time this weekend - and they appear to be quality websites as well. And, at the end, I've listed a couple of individual articles that are often referenced here.

Please feel free to add to the list - might make a good reference for those searching the forum for information.

A great place to start - lots of articles on the basics of polyamory, and an excellent poly glossary as well.

A long running blog and podcast site hosted by "Cunning Minx" with over 550 archived podcasts on poly - all free to listen to. While the podcasts are not actually weekly (at least currently), she still adds new podcasts regularly. Direct link to podcast page: http://polyweekly.libsyn.com/

This is the current website for one of first poly organizations - "Loving More". Loving More was co-founded by Deborah Anapol, who published one of the early defining texts on polyamory, Love Without Limits (1992); which was expanded and reissued as Polyamory: The New Love Without Limits, in 1997. This site also has a nice selection of basic poly information as well.

"Poly in the News" hosted by Alan M. - Updated regularly with links to articles on poly throughout the media. Many of the articles he links to are very worthwhile reads.

Features over 190 video podcasts on polyamory-related subjects - free to watch. Some cool stuff in their online store as well.

Features some good introductory articles and an assortment of links.

Lots of great info and links on polyamory.

A new poly website that looks to be off to a good start.

Helpful Individual Articles:

(A well written article on the issue of "unicorn hunting". Essential reading for all those couples who decide to "open" their marriage and find a girlfriend.)

(Poly Hell - more essential reading for couples opening their marriage, deals with the feelings of the partner "staying home").
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Nice -- and handy -- collection of links. Thanks for sharing them with us. :)


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Thanks for this list of resources. Been down in the rabbit hole for about three hours :). Have a great week!


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Polyamory Uncensored

Here's another up and coming poly podcast that I have come across:

Polyamory Uncensored - hosted by Lyndzi Miller

Their intro reads:

Polyamory Uncensored is a podcast where we interview a new poly person each episode and try to answer the 5 basic tenets of journalism: who, what, when, where, and why as it pertains to the life of us poly folks.


The podcast seems to be available on several feeds, but I believe that the anchor.fm site is the home base.


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The Most Skipped Step When Opening a Relationship

Also, another individual article to add to the list - one that I have seen recommended on occasion lately:

The Most Skipped Step When Opening a Relationship


This article contains some potentially excellent advice on the the subject of disentanglement as a preliminary step in opening up a mono relationship. As I have noted before in referencing this article, the author unnecessarily and disrespectfully uses the term "creepy" in regards to various mono scenarios, but nevertheless the article could prove to be potentially very helpful in some situations in which a couple is opening up their mono relationship.