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That's pretty comprehensive.
Good article. Not perfect, but good. Removes some of the mystery behind CNM and thus, removes perhaps some of the fear people feel about it.

At one point, the article says, "What we do know is that in 85% of modern human societies globally, forms of nonmonogamy are sanctioned." That seems like an unbelievably high percentage, but maybe it depends on what constitutes "a modern human society," or "a form of nonmonogamy," or how "sanctioned" is defined.

I like the statement, "I think generally there is this dance between novelty and security and being in a long-term CNM relationship is a way to try to meet both needs simultaneously. It's not the only way, but it is one way and it works for some people," by Samantha Joel. Of course, this does not cover situations like mine, where three people live together and don't date anyone outside that trio. The article does seem to center around the model of a couple that dates around (secondary partners).

I liked the video in the article. Very matter-of-fact and dispelled some of the misconceptions (about nonmonogamy). Overall an enjoyable read.