Smelling the flowers


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Congratulations on the acquisition AND on the retirement!

Oh my, that's so heart wrenching about B. :( The hereditary stuff is really horrible. We have the BARCA gene in our family, I can't imagine having three. I wish her well on the surgeries, and that she recovers quickly. She is so lucky to have you all in her life being there for her. :) I hope she kicks cancers butt. I will light a candle for her and keep her in my prayers.


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So much time has passed in a blink of an eye. I'm super busy with campground stuff. We detoured, or postponed, setting up the glamping this season. Once we dug into the bathhouse renovation we discovered that even the 2x4s in the walls were rotten on the lower level, so we had to get jacks to support the building while we replaced the walls and sill plate. It took many hours of work, and much money, to get everything done. But it's done and evidently we went above and beyond on our design, because I posted pics to a couple of Facebook groups for Wisconsin camping and people about lost their shit.

When we decided to pivot and focus on regular camping and getting the cabins ready for renting, we decided we didn't have the manpower or the money to set up the safari tents on platforms. We estimate that each setup will run at least $10k, which adds up in a hurry. Our goal now is to start next spring. We really wanted to get one up this fall so we could start promoting it for the 2023 season, but I don't think we can manage that. We still have to put the new metal roofs on the cabins and once that's done, JH, my kids' half-brother, will need to turn his attention to his dock business. Fall is a very busy time of year for him with pontoons and docks needing to be pulled out before it freezes.

B completed her chemo treatments and is scheduled to have a double mastectomy on the 29th. I'm heading home on Saturday and will stay until Wednesday most likely. Taylor has taken a week of vacation, so he and JH will cover things here at the campground and also get started on putting the new roofs on.

I am happy to report that the people we bought the campground from are absolutely delightful. We're so blessed. They have spent about half of their time here and the other half in Minneapolis where they have another home. We really miss them when they're not here. They've been slowly packing their stuff out of the cabin they lived in at the campground. They kept 40 acres that is on the road leading into the campground and have put a shed and a large camper on it. They still have things to do to complete hookup there, so they're staying in an RV at the campground until things are fully set up. They love the things we've done to the campground and are super proud of us and they tell everyone. They are totally amazed with the work JH has done, especially considering he's not quite 20 years old. The kid is a marvel, that's for sure.

I've really enjoyed getting to know JH and his GF. They are really good kids and will have bright futures.

My middle kid and granddaughter have had two vacations here this summer. For my little granddaughter this is heaven. She turns 5 on Thursday! We updated the play area and she was here for the sand delivery. I tried to load a photo of her on the huge 10-yard pile, but it wouldn't load.

Last night I made a website using Google sites. We are in the process of getting booking software attached to it and soon we'll be able to take online reservations.

Well, that's enough for now about my summer.


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I'm back in Madison now. Last weekend was Bond's birthday and we had celebrations, so Tay and his younger brother, JH, JH's lovely GF, and Tay's GF did the campground shut down for the season. Turns out something didn't quite go right, so they need to redo the antifreeze in the lines next weekend. Thankfully the weather is warm this week so there is no worry about things freezing.

Now that I'm back B and I need to work on our relationship. It may all burn to the ground and if that happens it's going to be a huge deal because of the triad implications. I don't know how I'd survive B and Bond being in a relationship without me. The pain of a relationship ending is not minor and I will do all I can to repair things rather than burn things to the ground.

Another thing that's been happening and we're talking about it, is that Bond has been snapping at me a lot. I cannot tolerate it. My father does this to my mother all the time. My sister and I both feel like we have PTSD from it. We are both easy going, people pleasers, but start talking mean to us and it's painful and we immediately react; sometimes with like treatment back to them, or by interalizing the pain which hangs with us for hours and hours/days.

So, I'm trying to fit back into my life in Madison and dealing with relationship yuk. I need to sort out what my day-to-day life will be like now that I'm retired.


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Yikes. You may be breaking up with B, and Bond is being snappish with you? That does not sound good at all. I wish the best for you.