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American university drive the growth of American football

American university drive the growth of American football.:)wholesale jerseys china The first field intercollegiate football match in 1869 November 6,, the New Jersey Rutgers University (Rutgers University) to Princeton University (Princeton University). At the end of the match by the rutgers six than four beat Princeton, although the 25 by each counterwork of similar football game with modern American football didn't too many similar places. The modern type of football in 1874 Harvard University of Montreal McGill university in the three-game series developed. McGill when playing football type football, and harvard, the use of the more approximation (English) football Boston. Since there is no unified ball example, so the two teams take turns to his ball game cases, in order to show fair. Harvard players like rugby ball example of running the ball, so in 1875 persuade Yale university rugby ball cases as they when two teams compete with ball cases. In 1876,http://ristofer.wordpress.com/2012/10/06/this-is-they-cant-run-the-ball-cant-stop-running/ Yale, harvard, Princeton and Columbia University in rugby ball example formed Intercollegiate Football Association (Intercollegiate Football Association), but scoring the ball example is make a little change.:)


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