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Ello ello everyone. I'm Raven, and while not new to Poly as I was before my husband, I tried to be mono for near a decade.

I met a amazing man, who later became my husband. Seriously there are no words to describe how he makes me feel, and I was willing to let go of the part of me that longed for something else. (BDSM and poly).

This past year (2022) he approached me saying he felt like part of me and the woman he fell in love with died. And after a year of research and talking to friends who we're poly, announced he wanted us to venture into the poly world together. He wanted to know and trust my partners (especially as I am heavily involved in BDSM, heavy impact ect ect so -alot- of trust is needed).

I met another amazing man, at a community dinner out of sheer luck and he's become not only my Sir, but my partner, and someone I dare say I'm falling head over heels for, and he's even dropped the love word.

We're still working on how to balance time, two separate households, our biweekly 'family dinners' where we go over schedules and wants or any issues we feel popped up.

But, after nine years of trying, my husband and I also finally are with child. So that is throwing another fun curve ball at us to learn to handle and figure out on top of the poly dynamic.
I'm blessed both men are over the moon excited, one for becoming a father the other for us become parents (he has two of his own and snipped).
So mostly joined to find help/advice and learn from folks that have made Poly work long term, especially with having kids, or partners already having such, ect ect.
Greetings Raven,
Welcome to our forum. Please feel free to lurk, browse, etc.

First off, congrats on your young one coming into your lives; after nine years of trying, that's got to be a euphoric turn of events. You will definitely have a challenge balancing your two partners, as babies demand an enormous amount of your time. You should be able to get the advice that you need here; we have lots of active members who have experience in that area. Keep us posted on your situation, and let us know of any questions you have as you go along. Welcome!

Kevin T., "official greeter" :)


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Welcome and congrats! 2 loving men and a baby on the way. Awesome. Managing polyamory with kids can be tricky. You can do a search here on "kids children polyamory," or feel free to start a thread in the Relationships section if you have specific questions. Quite a few here are into kink/BDSM/power exchange relationships of one kind or another, so don't be shy to give specifics. This is an adults-only site. ;)