Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love


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So everyone in our household has voted, and I am so done hearing about anything election related. I’m just tired.

I got my period on Halloween, so yay? I’m tired of it too.

I’m excited to start my day today though - I’m going to be doing a lot of spreadsheet work for my Senior Santa program and for our Teen Christmas as well. I need to assign sponsors and log all of the gift requests. Right now I have more sponsors than letters, which is a great position to be in! I am absolutely certain I can get more letters - the need is pretty high here - but for right now I need to divvy up the ones I already have.

I am planning to have my volunteers work on marking and organizing donations that came in over the weekend, and then hanging up all of our winter coats and sorting them into sizes. I want to do a giveaway tomorrow, I think.

I also need to plan and post about a meal giveaway - I am going to do chili & cornbread. I might not get to that today though. I need to work on how our Random Acts of Christmas will be this year, as well as our Anniversary event, which is the beginning of December.

The weekend was kind of a mess. Saturday was lots of fun. I took a 12 year old girl on a shopping spree, which is actually one of my bucket list items that I have been wanting to do for over a decade. I spent $760, and I don’t regret a single dollar. I outfitted her, top to bottom: underwear, socks - she had her first ever bra fitting - pants, dresses, sweaters, hoodies, camis, tank tops for layering, T-shirts, hoodies. She looks and feels fabulous now, and it needed to be done. She literally had nothing. I wanna do this every day!

Sunday started with me being down a lot. MisterMoonbeam had gone back to Fredericksburg Saturday morning to stay the night for Samhain, and it’s the one holiday that his coven doesn’t typically allow visitors. He hasn’t tried to attend a coven event for quite a while, and he was anxious about it. This resulted in him kind of shutting down all communication with me, and it made me feel really worried and anxious myself.

DarkKnight & I had free tickets from a friend, so we spent Sunday afternoon at a Little Shop of Horrors drag show/musical event. It was lots of fun and that was distracting. When that finished we went shopping for DarkKnight, and he got new jeans and several different shirts for both work and for, well, not at work. Lol

I had a sleepover with MisterMoonbeam when he returned and he said that there WERE visitors at the Samhain event and I could have attended. He said he spent most of the time alone in a bedroom crying, and didn’t actually even go to the ritual, which is a very religious thing for him. He said half the people there wore masks and half didn’t, but those ones socially distanced, and he didn’t really interact at all with anyone and stayed off by himself and didn’t talk and then was in the bedroom, depressed.

His religion is tied up with his late wife and he just couldn’t do it. This made me feel really sad, because I wish I had been there to comfort him. He made this trip so he could be involved with the ritual but nope.

I told him about the anxiety I experienced, and I cried a bit later on because I was in my feelings about the betrayal I was replaying in my mind about PunkRock. MisterMoonbeam being gone stirred all that up, which I had expected, but it still sucked. Honestly, I don’t even think about him as a person much. It’s more about the loss overall, and having thoughts about how he went outside of our marriage instead of focusing on with me what was bothering him, and instead of talking to me, how he’d drink. Ugh.

Issues always come down to communication.

I need to start working on our household budget for the rest of the year, and plan out holiday gifts. Oh! I did reserve the hotel suite for the 3 of us over the week of Christmas! And then our friends in Fredericksburg - the couple we always hang out with - reserved their room as well. They already bought their matching pajamas! I am so excited about that trip!


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Well I didn’t accomplish but half of what I needed to yesterday. I matched up 40 sponsors with senior letters, but didn’t even get to the teens. That will be done today. Nothing happened at all with coats, so again, that’ll have to be today. I don’t even know where the hours went, honestly! Hopefully today will show some progress with my to-do list.

Last night I had the plan to get my nature walking done tonight, but I think timing this during the week is going to be rough. I don’t think I am going to have any hours before daylight ends to actually get out of the house and go. MisterMoonbeam is going to go with me tonight if I do go, but I am not sure what his schedule is like at all yet.

BugGirl got fired yesterday afternoon. She texted to tell me this. I am not at all surprised. She has a ton of absences and the last batch was because she was out on a coke binge. She said it was because she had an accident with a piece of equipment a week or so ago, but who knows. I am a little stressed because I am unsure if she paid her rent yet. I will not be able to help with that. I guess I will find out when I pay my son’s portion tomorrow.

I am tired this morning. I wish I could burrow into the bed and go back to sleep.


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We moved about 100 coats yesterday, so that was awesome. Lots of hats, gloves and scarves. All of our snow boots are gone. The PTA from a downtown elementary school asked us for leftovers, but we honestly don’t have hardly anything left in the sizes they would use. I will probably send over a bunch of hats. Another organization asked for anything extra, but I am not sure what I will give to them. I can definitely set out what is still here and have it leave over the course of the winter. I’m sure I can gift something.

The next focus this week will be our meal giveaway. I need to make a post tomorrow and start gathering items. It’s going to be chili & cornbread.

I got the teen Christmas letters all inputted yesterday into the spreadsheet, and all but 1-2 have sponsors. I can match the remaining ones up, I just ran out of time. So that’s on Thursday.

Ugh. I don’t want the Blessing Box to be my total focus on this post. Today is my day off, and I am going to shower after posting this and feeding my kitties at 10. DarkKnight is coming home for lunch so I can keep the car to run errands. I need to go to the bank so I can transfer money and pay for my son’s rent. BugGirl says she can make rent this month, so that’s a good thing. Not sure how December will shape up for her. She came over yesterday to use my WiFi and apply for unemployment and job hunt. She applied at Amazon, I think. She couldn’t complete her unemployment app because she needs her DD214 from the military. I think that’s the form anyway? She ordered that and she will be back today at 11 to clean my house for some cash. It needs it so I am happy to give her some work.

I was hella anxious before bed last night. Finally shut the light off after midnight, obsessing over election results. It makes me feel so helpless to see this going on. I can say that I was the direct reason some of the Box visitors voted - many for the first time! I have been upbeat and positive about “doing your civic duty” and to see some of our visitors post on Facebook their stickers and to know I was the push for that - it’s such an amazing feeling!


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My youngest came over yesterday and hung out the entire day, volunteering with the Blessing Box, and then later just chilled with me on the couch and talked about life. She brought up PunkRock and said she was worried about him. “He just looks like an alcoholic, mom. He just looks terrible. You know when you can look at a person and know they’re a drunk? You don’t even question it. And this is at work!”

This broke my heart. I hate that my daughter is experiencing this. I know EXACTLY what she is talking about. It makes me really sad, honestly. I was hoping that the NRE glitter brain and new marriage would help PunkRock stay sober, but I guess not. I have to say that I am happy to not be his babysitter right now though.

We talked a bit about where I am at emotionally, which bled over into me discussing things with MisterMoonbeam. (DarkKnight worked all day and then had play practice until like 9:00 last night!) All of my crying jags have stopped and pretty much my feelings when I think about my marriage ending are relief, some regret, but mostly anger. I feel betrayed, but that is directed more at the situation, and not at PunkRock directly. I’m not sure how to explain it. It sucks that he wasn’t able to be honest, and that things ended the way they did, but there is no question that a great weight has been removed from my shoulders. I’m angry that he couldn’t get his shit together, and I feel very sorry that he apparently still can’t. But I am happy with where my life is at right now, and that has to be my focus.

MisterMoonbeam says he is feeling good right now too - the last few weeks he has been up and at work on time, and he hasn’t been taking off for a siesta at 1 pm and sleeping for a couple of hours in the afternoon. He was doing that A LOT. It was part of his depression and how he dealt with it. But yeah, he 100% is up with his alarm and showered and I am really glad for him.

I still feel sorta strange about how our relationship started, but there’s no doubt that I love him. I honestly do. It’s scary to me still though. My trust isn’t there yet. Not his fault. I would love to sit down and build a future with him, but I am anxious whenever I think of setting up anything more permanent. He was suggesting that early on and when I shut it down, he let it drop and hasn’t mentioned anything since. I have appreciated the space but now I feel myself wanting to talk about more permanent plans but scared that maybe he has changed his mind. That feeling isn’t based on reality though, so I fart in it’s general direction! We will see where things are at after the holidays if he doesn’t bring up anything himself. I know I’m not going anywhere.

So...BugGirl was over at the same time in the morning (10 am) yesterday, so I had both my daughters home, which hasn’t happened hardly at all over the course of quarantine. I paid BugGirl to clear out the foster kitten room - I just haven’t had time and SO much needed to be sanitized and deep cleaned! It looked great when she was done, so of course we emptied out the shed and filled the pristine space with donated Christmas decorations and trees. Lol

The guy she brought home from her Baltimore drug relapse was here as well; I paid him to finish the pressure washing the sidewalk along the side of my house and the two concrete stoops there. It looks amazing! I was really bummed to have someone else do it - I seriously loved the experience when I did the front sidewalk and patio! The reality though was that I was never going to be able to find the time to finish it, and the weather is nice right now, and we needed to get it done. So for $30, I was able to check the box on my household to-do list and that is money well spent. The person I was intending to donate the pressure washer to already came and picked it up, so no worries about storing that sucker. Yay!

I have decided that November is going to be my kitchen makeover month. Actually, makeover is the wrong word because it’s really just organizing. I watched the Home Edit show on Netflix and I’ve been putting rainbows all over the place! I did the large board game Kallax earlier this week, and oh! I started putting together a spreadsheet of every game we own. After we played Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion Wednesday night, we talked together about playing ALL of our games next year, at least once. Both guys were gung-ho to start now though, so I am going to put together a list and then we are going to have game nights to get them all done!


This pic is just one of the Kallax units we have in the game room!


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I’ve had a nice weekend. Biden being elected was like a huge relief. I was carrying stress I didn’t even know I had. Let this be the end of the nonsense, please!

That said, Friday DarkKnight came home from work and had to go get Covid tested again. This is the second time for him! Apparently one of his actor friends is positive, so away he went. It came back negative Saturday morning so we were all relieved about that. It’s just crazy that I am around so many more people with the Blessing Box, yet he is the one with scary encounters! I am glad he is so very diligent about leaving space and masking up. He’s very paranoid about it.

On Saturday, MisterMoonbeam and I drove to Chantilly, VA and did some hiking there. Today (Sunday) we went to Greenbriar with DarkKnight and the 3 of us had a picnic before we all headed off on our own for different walks. I did the Camp Loop for 2 miles and it was slippery in lots of spots due to the fallen leaves.

This is DarkKnight and I, at the end of my hike. He trekked around the lake and waited for me at the base of the mountain. It made me so happy to come down and see him there! I was red and sweaty though. Lol


What else? I did some more organizing, this time in the kitchen, as planned. I straightened up the cookbook shelf and our alcohol. I am going to replace that area with a closed cabinet, I think.

Actually, this has already changed - the shelf with the owl is full of more cookbooks now. Anyway, none of this really needs to be out in view or easy access, so a closed cabinet would be ideal. I need to measure the space and see what I can find. It’s amazing to me how much wine and alcohol we have - once PunkRock was gone, we were able to have a normal household again. It feels weird though. I actually pulled nine bottles off of here before I took a photo. I’m going to gift those out on the Blessing Box anniversary, which is at the beginning of December.

This morning I emptied out the coffee & tea area above the microwave and DarkKnight helped me edit the number of mugs we owned. I ordered a couple of shelves to stick in the cupboards there to improve the storage. One arrives tomorrow and the other says Tuesday. I can’t wait! I love organizing things. I will post the before and after, once it’s complete.


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Soooo tired this morning. I was up until 2 am but I slept in until 8:30 am. Nothing that isn’t typical for me. Still, I’m pretty ugh this morning. I need to get up and in the shower though. I have a FedEx pickup scheduled for some infant formula, and they usually show up right at 11 and nothing is ready as of this moment. I’m hoping to get my laundry done this morning too.

I got my newest Stitch Fix in the mail yesterday, so I now own another jean jacket and a hoodie. In the first pic, the dress and the denim jacket are from Stitch Fix. I sent the dress back - it was a size too big and it was a faux wrap dress. I literally bought 5 REAL wrap dresses last month! The jacket, I had actually asked for a dark wash, because I’ve owned my other one for over a decade and it’s a lighter wash and completely different style. I had a credit, so this cost me nothing.


I also asked for a black hoodie, because my $15 Walmart one had the zipper pull all come apart in the wash, and I haven’t been able to find another one in my size. Stitch Fix sent this gray one! I don’t own a single pullover, and this is super thin, so I think it’s going to be great for layering! This also cost me $0 because of credits.


I sent everything else back - I got a shapeless floral top, and a pair of leopard print & black booties with a 2 inch heel. Um, no. I immediately requested a new Fix for next week - I want stuff to wear while hiking. I still have a $100 credit so I am hoping to get some good things!

I have more to write about but it’s 9:30 and that’s my cutoff for dallying this morning. Time to get the day going!


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More Home Edit organizing! I finished over the stove and the counter/cupboards next to the stove. I’m working around the room, from the doorway, across! That means I finished the coffee station. I don’t drink coffee, at all, so it’s mostly DarkKnight who is going to benefit!

Above the stove is baking stuff, but no one really bakes, so this was pretty easy.


Here’s the “Beforepic of the coffee & tea cabinet:

Crazy chaos. Turns out we had over 20 mugs, and with just 3 adults that’s a little insane. I edited it down a bunch and my daughters came over and took almost all of them.

And the “After.” Actually, more work just got done - DarkKnighth came home from work and edited out the utensil jars and everything in there is headed for the dishwasher tonight, including the jars. Here though, you can see I bought two wire shelves to give more space, and I also purchased two tea boxes to hold DarkKnight’s stuff. I only have two mugs - on the right - though I did keep 3 others that are a themed set of the science classes I used to teach. They were a gift from one of my students, and I love them lots, so they’re now in a display cabinet.

I’m happy to have this all done! The next thing in line is the refrigerator, so I am going to clean that all out this week, and do a big shopping trip this weekend - if we can. I think Maryland is going back to stage 1 shutdown so people are going to get crazy again, I fear. Anyway, I’m going to get some storage solutions for the freezer, and match up all of my Tupperware. Those are stored on top of the fridge in two big bins! I will probably have to purchase a couple of more pieces for there as well.


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I also wanted to do at least a short post here about my relationship with MisterMoonbeam. I posted a couple of days ago about how I was feeling like I want to increase our involvement, and I decided I should probably tell him how I felt. I messaged him last night a few bricks of text, basically saying what I mentioned earlier - that I feel like our relationship is healthy, that I’m filled with love and joy because of it. But also that though I shut him down in the Spring about becoming more intermeshed, I am ready to do that now - I want a long term relationship, and I want to be as serious as we can be. He wrote back that he appreciates me being vulnerable with him, and that yes, he wants to start talking about it with me.

So yay! I’m not sure what things will look like in the future, but he’s amazing so I hope we can discuss it soon. We have a date night tonight. Right now our plan is to do two trips to the storage unit. Lol So romantic!

Right now where we are at logistically within the relationship - obviously we are lovey-dovey - is more of a roommate situation. He pays rent for his bedroom & office with a lump sum payment at the beginning of each month, and it covers electricity, heat, water/sewer and most of his food bill since we always eat together. We don’t share a bank account, so he has to make a couple of trips to the ATM to get cash, and then I have to go to the bank and deposit that. That’s...about it. There’s no other sharing of finances or long term planning. He’s mentioned me taking a look at his credit and helping with structuring or actually looking at all of his late wife’s medical bills and what’s going on witth them. We talk sometimes about buying a bigger house together, or moving further out of the city, but nothing concrete.

I am at a place in my heart that I would love to get engaged, but the paperwork stuff will take a bit to talk about. I’m not sure if I want to set up something similar to what I had with PunkRock, or if there is something different to look into now. I am sure he will have a lot to say. There’s no hurry. I feel pretty calm about where we are at currently, but the thought of building a life and not just focusing on the now - it makes me happy.


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My hair! Still some red in the ends, but otherwise, all natural!


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We don’t share a bank account, so he has to make a couple of trips to the ATM to get cash, and then I have to go to the bank and deposit that.

Dear god your banking system is antiquated! We have a flatmate (housemate) over where Adam lives and 10 mins after he'd moved in he'd set up an automatic payment for his rent every week (we do weekly in this part of the world) via the internet banking app on his phone. Every Friday at 10am his rent goes from his bank account to our bank account, which are also different banks. Whenever utilities are due, I text him the amount for the month since power varies, and he does a manual deposit again via his phone app and it's processed on the next hour. I'm not entirely sure of his banking fees, but if it was me and my bank, it would all be completely free. The most a bank charges is $2 to set up the automatic payment and it's free after that.


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Crazy chaos. Turns out we had over 20 mugs, and with just 3 adults that’s a little insane.
I see myself in this statement. Lol.

Nice work!


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Dear god your banking system is antiquated![\QUOTE]

Our issue is that I belong to a national bank, and he uses a small credit union. They actually don’t have a branch in our town, but he is able to utilize a different credit union’s ATM. I would like to work this out with some sort of online transactions, because it is a pain in the ass for him to physically have to travel there every month, twice. It is right down the road, but it is still inconvenient somewhat.

We had a talk last night - a couple of hours - about what we feel we want to talk more about it the future. That sounds ridiculous, but it was more of a what we can do or could do discussion, but yes, also some back and forth about what we are wanting as well.

I’m not sure what we figured out, when I look back on it this morning. I just woke up though (it’s my day off) so maybe after I get some food in me, I can sort it out. I should have made a list.

Things I do remember - MisterMoonbeam says he wants to be with me long term, and that he wants me to feel safe with him. Those are good takeaways. We talked a bunch about what didn’t work for him in his marriage, and we are both in agreement that what we currently have doesn’t resemble any of that. He said that there is nowhere else he wants to be right now, and that he doesn’t want to leave. That he loves me a lot.

We discussed ways that DarkKnight and I are financially together and how things worked when I married PunkRock, and what I liked and didn’t like about that. That was sort of peppered in though - we agreed we wanted to add some of it in but again, each of those topics is going to require more conversation in the future. He said he had already requested a form from his work to expand his life insurance to include me, but I told him that I thought that was a bit premature if we weren’t commingled yet on any property or didn’t have a future mapped out.

I brought up briefly his currently crappy credit and his late wife’s medical bills. I do think that needs some attention soon, and I am willing to help. I think for a while that was a “throw all this mail in a drawer and ignore it” issue. That’s not okay, for obvious reasons. Now that I think about it, we really need to have a couple of “State of the Union” financial meetings - DarkKnight and I haven’t even done that in a while and that fact alone makes me feel out of sorts. We have debt, but all of our store cards have zero balances and the other two credit cards are manageable, as of now. One has like $500 on it and I plan to pay that off by the end of November. I have no idea what MisterMoonbeam is dealing with - his finances really are separate (as they should be right now!) and if we are going to bring our lives into parallel or mesh them together, looking at all of that is definitely something that needs to be done. I’m not really sure if he has ever pulled everything out and made a plan before. He needs to buy a new car next year.

The bits and pieces and cogs involved are okay, I guess. We agreed to talk more about each part of the relationship in the coming months. However, on the emotional side of things. I really wanted to be clear to him that I do see myself being married to him in the future. It’s interesting to me that I desire that, because I am not really sure myself on specifics, if I am being honest. I do know I am not about that relationship anarchy life. I like well defined labels. I feel like I crave them.

If I try to break the whys of that down in my brain, it turns into a jumbled mess. I don’t think it’s about security, really, because labeling someone as a life partner or a husband doesn’t necessarily make that relationship any more stable. But I want it, just the same. I already call him a partner - because he is - and my boyfriend. He calls me his partner, when bringing me up at work, apparently. He has introduced me as his girlfriend to his friends and family.

MisterMoonbeam said he isn’t sure he ever wants the husband label in the future, with anyone. But that he is willing to think about it, as it is something I want. He says it isn’t about me specifically. I told him that with him, I do want it, and I do want some sort of ceremony, but I don’t know if that would be a handfasting - the thought of that makes me slightly nauseous, to be honest. If we broke up though, I am 100% certain that it isn’t something I would go off in search of. Which leaves me in this headspace of why it is important to me now, with him? Is it something that will be a dealbreaker, eventually?

So we will be having more conversations in the near future, and I am feeling really good about it. MisterMoonbeam is an amazing person, and well, I guess we will see what the future holds.


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So you just basically proposed marriage to Mr M!


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Hahahahahaha I guess? We talked about being engaged in the future. That’s not the status of our relationship now. I’m willing to talk and I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress.


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We talked about that last night. I was under the impression he was having video chats and gaming with her on his nights apart from me. However, he said they’ve both kind of just let things fizzle out. He says he hasn’t been active on the discord server that was a huge part of his life a year ago either. He says he’s just not very good at long distance stuff and he had difficulty maintaining a connection once Corona Virus shut the state down.

That said, once the Covid finally has a vaccine, hopefully they can revive that connection. He says that she’s mostly gray ace, and he wouldn’t mind a snuggly sort of partner being back in his life.

He also wanted to discuss kitchen table poly, and how that has worked for me in the past and if I was open to it in the future. That’s a yes. I also told him that he could pretty much expect the same sort of relationship later on, as we have now - I honestly did believe he was maintaining his relationship with her, as his time is his time. I had no idea!

With all of my past partners, I do not interrupt date nights with lots of texts or by inserting myself in whatever they are doing. I absolutely do invite metamours into my life, but if they wanna go do their own thing, that’s cool too. I believe that with this particular partner, she is mostly home bound and doesn’t travel easily due to health concerns, so that relationship will probably be less kitchen table. However, that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be welcome.

MisterMoonbeam also shared that of all of his past metamours, he has enjoyed being friends with DarkKnight. He’s never lived with a metamour, and so far it has been a very good experience. He said that his late wife’s long term partner and he were close, but that he connects so much more with DarkKnight’s personality and interests.

This was interesting to me, as I had thought that his old metamour and he were really tight. I mean, we still hang out with him & his wife, and they’ve become good friends of mine. We are going away for Christmas with them! It makes me feel good though - I think DarkKnight is pretty amazing myself!


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We finished watching The Good Place tonight. All the feels. 😭 I was more than a little concerned for MisterMoonbeam, and a bit afterward I checked in to be sure he was all right. He told me he cried, but he’d be okay. DarkKnight and I were bawling as well. I definitely recommend this show!

We will be going back to watch episodes of Star Trek Discovery, I think. We are also watching The Mandalorian, but that only comes out once a week!
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I honestly did believe he was maintaining his relationship with her, as his time is his time. I had no idea!

Haha, I had the same experience when Adam and Sis fizzled out, she told me when I went to hang out at hers for a night simply on a girl's night in. (We sang along to a lot of YouTube that night). But I had no idea until then.


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Yesterday was good - the Box was closed and MisterMoonbeam had the day off. We went to his storage unit and emptied it of trash, his podcast studio, some kitchen stuff and a photography backdrop set up that he bought right before Covid. He’s excited to spend his time today setting up stuff in his office. He has a super sweet camera that he’s used a few times, but he’s interested in learning about how to use it in the best way possible - and the same with his podcast stuff. That box has never even been open!

We had lunch together at a Mexican joint (his treat) and had a good discussion about the stuff that SeasonedPoly has been writing in my journal. MisterMoonbeam says we are absolutely fine and he’s confident we can talk about any issues that may or may not arise. He also pointed out that he had to come looking for me on Thursday for lunch, because I got swamped and forgot about him. Lol And that when we decided to go hiking last weekend, he suggested we go to Virginia and we switched that up no problem. And yeah, I talked about how DarkKnight’s play schedule has been changing a lot lately (someone caught Covid and things were canceled and rescheduled all over the place) and we just roll with it. We are confident we aren’t taking each other and each other’s time for granted - Corona has made our lives different, but communication is always (as always) the most important thing. I LOVE the fact that he is poly and has been poly. He has me convinced he knows how to hinge.

After lunch, I needed to swing by the mall to look for new boots. I ended up with some cute gray booties - I hope to go to DSW today and find a black pair, and hopefully some taller boots.

I spent some time working on the rest of the year budgeting by myself in the afternoon, and then DarkKnight came home and I took the car to Walmart. MisterMoonbeam rode along because he wanted to get a new belt, and I was just snagging a gift card as part of my mom’s Christmas gift. (I also ordered her a throw pillow with a custom-printed pillowcase with all of her grandkids’ names on it.) It was seriously the fastest Walmart trip ever!

DarkKnight ordered Chinese for dinner for him and MisterMoonbeam, so we picked that up on the way home (I snagged Arby’s.) We ate that while watching this week’s episode of the Mandalorian and then binged three episodes of Star Trek Discovery - finally finishing Season 1. I know it gets some hate, but I liked it!

Today DarkKnight is home - yay! We plan to spend some time together on kitchen cleaning and organization. He uses it most, so before I start editing pots & pans and plates, his input is super important! Plus the stove is just greasy and gross and it needs attention. We also are also wanting to check out a new restaurant downtown that serves hot dogs. Maybe we will have a picnic? I guess it depends on how cold it is out.

His Sunday practice has unexpectedly become a 6 hour, 3 pm to 9 pm thing, so MisterMoonbeam and I are going to take that time to run over to Fredericksburg and drop off a bunch of stuff from his storage unit to a friend - it’s a lot of coven-related stuff we didn’t sort out earlier, and some folding chairs and pagan pride signs. We plan to just roll up, drop off and then drive back home.

Random thought here - does anyone else have a Roomba? Now that we aren’t regularly paying someone to clean, I’m thinking spending a couple of hundred dollars on a robot makes more sense. Also the amount of cat hair in my house is fucking ridiculous. I looked at some models a few nights ago and added one to my Amazon wish list, but I didn’t pull the trigger yet.


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Re-reading all that made me realize I sound like we are just tripping around town with no regard for Covid at all. That isn’t the case!

Storage unit - no one around, just us

Mexican joint - 50% capacity, waitress is masked, we were seated nowhere near anyone else

Shoe shopping - Both of us masked, no contact with employees other than to check out

Walmart - masked, literally grabbing the gift card and belt, then checking out

Dinner - masked when going through the drive thru and picking up Arby’s, masked when snagging the Chinese

That was my entire week out, total, in one day of errands.