Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love


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I did two things to pamper myself tonight.

1) I backed the new Zombicide Kickstarter, for both the Wild West game and the steampunk edition. I kept putting it off, but dammit, I would really be bummed to miss out on it! MisterMoonbeam said he would reimburse me for it when he gets his bonus this month, so that’s even better!

2) I made an appointment on Monday morning to get my hair cut and colored. I’m keeping the white, but I am getting a dark teal put in some panels. I’m adding a picture to show what I mean - I messaged with my hair stylist and she suggested it. The teal will be a darker color than in the photo.

I am also in a better mood because MisterMoonbeam said to go ahead and invite his friend to come over and stay this weekend. This makes me feel calmer and less anxious that something might happen to him, healthwise. It’s probably overkill, but I know I would be worried.


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I’m keeping the white, but I am getting a dark teal put in some panels
I utterly adore your sample pic. Mine isn’t grey enough yet but maybe some day...


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I was nervously trying to think of dipping my ends in some sort of funky color. I mean, now’s the time to do it, right? I messaged my stylist and she’s like, no, I’m going to give you some panels of color. Then she sent me that photo and now I can’t wait!!


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It’s been a busy morning. I think I almost have everything packed, and DarkKnight is stuffing his clothes into his duffle right now. We need to go to Sheetz to get gas, ice for the cooler, and some lunch, and I have to go through my checklist one more time, but I think we are looking good for a 1:00 pm leave time. I can’t wait to get away with my husband!

It is a gorgeous day out too - great weather for the two hour drive to our little cottage on the creek! MisterMoonbeam has it arranged so his old metamour is coming to stay over and hang out on Saturday overnight, so that has made me much less anxious about leaving. We actually are washing the bedding before we leave, so things will be nice for our guest when he comes, even if we aren’t here! The sheets are in the dryer, and as soon as those are done we will stack them up. BugGirl will be here tomorrow to clean, so she can make the bed then.

I am starting to feel impatient as I want to go now, but even though our check in is at 3 pm, we can take it easy on the way out. There’s no huge hurry. I need to make sure things go smoothly and we don’t forget anything! I packed a few board games, as well as one I just went out and bought yesterday evening - it’s called “One” and it’s designed by Neil Patrick Harris. I am excited to give it a go! I am also taking a coloring book and markers, and my hiking backpack and waking stick. So the car is pretty full at the moment!


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I am back from my anniversary getaway with DarkKnight and it was divine!

One night we made s’mores in the outdoor fireplace - this photo was taken while we were sitting on a bench and snuggling in the side yard. We saw so many stars!


The cottage we rented had 3 different porches, all of them overlooking Honey Creek. There was a small private island that was right next to us, that was home to a lot of birds! You can see the corner of it in this photo.


I spent several hours this past weekend, snuggled up in front of the fire!


We went hiking one day at Bald Eagle State forest and almost climbed Sand Mountain. We didn’t exactly mean to do it, but I decided to follow a different trail than we had planned! This photo makes the trail look easy, but it was straight up and highly eroded for more than half of the hike. I didn’t take pics when we were dying. Lolol


I love my husband so very much. For almost the entire trip, we didn’t set eyes on a single soul. That was okay with us - I definitely enjoyed being with him, away from the world!

We did stop by a grocery store to grab supplies for s’mores, but it was a quick grab and we used the self checkout.

I had my phone set with an away message, so Blessing Box business has been ignored since Wednesday! I did post this morning while DarkKnight was busy in the bathroom, about an Easter giveaway I plan to do. I need donations from our Amazon wish list of little games to put into the baskets I already have, and I wrote a message to the Baltimore book bank, asking for a book for each basket. I am planning on doing a hundred this year - last year we did 25 because of Covid concerns, but the two years prior we were in the 200s. I am limiting things this time through again, for my own sanity!

MisterMoonbeam’s old metamour did come and stay with him one night, and he thanked me for the idea because he said he was boosted by the visit. DarkKnight and I came home in time to have brunch with them both downtown, and we stopped by the game store there. MisterMoonbeam bought Dinosaur Island, and now I am excited to play that!
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I bought a pair of underwear to match a new bra and they came in the mail today. I haven’t owned a pair of underwear in like a decade. They fit well but it feels weird AF. I don’t think I will be doing this again. 😂


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Ugh. Highly frustrated and aggravated this evening. Over the last few days, my phone suddenly won’t hold a charge for longer than a couple of hours. My phone is my life, so I just ran out to the store and got a new one. I was not planning on spending anything on this right now, but I really didn’t have a choice. I upgraded from my 256 GB iPhone 8 to a 256 GB iPhone 12 Pro. I am now waiting for everything to load back up from the cloud.


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We finally started the electrical work we’ve been planning all year. The cost wasn’t an issue - just the timing! Today we had an outlet installed in the upstairs bathroom, and I have the Echo Dot that BugGirl bought me for Christmas installed now as well. I’m so happy! I can sing in the shower, and when I get out, the song will follow me as I move through the house.


The electrician also rewired the GFCI outlet in the basement bathroom, and installed a new motor in the fan there. The last part was a complete surprise - we bought a new fan/light combo a year or so ago (oh geeze, maybe even longer ago!) and we haven’t had it installed yet. He didn’t install the new one - it was in a different room so he didn’t know about it - he just had a fan motor in his van and put it up. He said he will install the one we have when he comes back in two weeks to do the basement overhead lighting changes we need to have finished. So awesome! Basically, we are moving one light in my craft area a couple of feet over, and putting an entirely new light fixture in the center of the space that is now the master closet. Actually, I need to buy that piece - it’s going to be track lighting.

DarkKnight and I both got our stimulus deposits today. MisterMoonbeam didn’t - he makes too much. My check is 100% already budgeted - I’m using it to pay for the new website design and the 501c3 paperwork cost. I find it to be a good thing that the government is paying me, and I am forwarding that on so I can continue to help more people.

My neck and shoulder hurt right now - I slept on it wrong last night and it’s been aching all day. MisterMoonbeam and I had sex at like 3 in the morning and I fell asleep on his pillow while he was spooning me. I am excited to go to Philly with him this weekend - we have an Escape Room booked now and I can’t wait to see if the hotel is as gorgeous as the photos look online!

I’ve had a couple of people ask me (in real life) if I think MisterMoonbeam will propose to me this weekend, after I tell them it’s our one year anniversary of dating. Like, it’s the first thing they think of. (None of them are poly!) Now, I would absolutely say yes, because I do want to plan a future with him. The answer to that question though, is no, he isn’t sure he wants that yet.

I saw something somewhere recently that described this sort of situation as if we are both reading the same book, but it’s just that one of us (me) is a couple of chapters ahead. I believe that is a pretty good description of how things are going! There’s like maybe a 2% chance of it happening, but I really don’t think so. We have talked about making things more permanent, but no, he’s not going to do that at this moment.

Which I am okay with, honestly. It’s not a goal at all that I have - to have two husbands again. What I do want is to have MisterMoonbeam and I make a commitment to stay together. Those are two very different things in my mind. The first is a structure wanting a person to fill a placeholder. The second is me with a person, who I am completely in love with, building a happily ever after.


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I am sooo out of sorts today. I can feel anxiety and stress moving along in my veins. I have zero idea why, honestly. Everything is good here! I had a decent amount of sleep last night, and my neck muscle is feeling normal again. I do feel tired, however.

It’s raining today so things have been slow. I haven’t showered yet, but I probably should soon. I’ve been working on laundry steadily. I need to clean out the Blessing Box fridge and do a little more with the 100 Easter baskets I plan to give out in two weeks.


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Sunday is the one year dating anniversary of MisterMoonbeam and I - we are in Philly for the weekend to celebrate!


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I had a fun time in Philadelphia with MisterMoonbeam, though we inadvertently walked 8 miles, and were exhausted and beat. We actually didn’t have sex the entire trip, which made me sad, because, you know - romantic getaway and all. I don’t blame him though, I was just as tired and achy after walking across the city! I was wearing my Docs and my feet were PISSED at me. We made up for the fun by having sex on the evening of the 22nd, which was actually the anniversary of the first time we had sex together. 😂

I have been really busy since returning from our trip, as the baby day giveaway is coming up, and the Easter program is in the works. I’m so excited - we’re giving away 100 baskets, and I had an Amazon wish list of 100 games & toys, priced $7-$14, and almost all of them were purchased! I think I have like 6 left on the list. It’s amazing, but also a reminder of why I need to be a nonprofit. I will hit $25,000 in donations, easy, this year! As far as the Baby Day Giveaway next Monday, my kitten room is full, as is the overflow space. This is without the 2-3 truckloads of stuff I anticipate getting from the consignment shop leftovers this weekend. My city is so supportive of everything I do - it’s such a good feeling!

This morning I bought a Maryland Parks Passport. It was $75, but well worth it, since I can get into all of the parks for free, multiple times. I never had to buy one before, since I got in free with my youngest as part of the ParkQuest program in the past. This year I decided I want to try and visit all 53 parks. I am going to buy a map and hang it up and put in pushpins when I hike in locations. I think that will be motivating!

Another exciting thing that happened is that I was talking to a neighbor, and the house and restaurant plot at the end of our street is going to be going up for sale again...and I am really interested in buying it. Apparently the new owners bought it thinking they would open another restaurant there, but there was a massive mouse infestation and the health department said no and they had to remove ALL of the expensive cooking equipment. So they are gutting it and hoping to flip it.

The house itself needs at least $50,000 worth of work and upgrades, but it’s zoned mixed use, and it has two two-bedroom apartments, which we could rent to my oldest 2 children to cover the mortgage. The house and building are together on one plot, so you have to buy both - which is exactly what we are looking for next year to buy.

This seems like a dream come true because the price point is LOADS cheaper than we expected, even with all of the fixing up needed, AND I could run my Blessing Box and open a Cat Cafe in the building - it’s big enough!

I have no idea if it will work out for us, but I told our neighbor to put a bug in the ear of the people who bought it (she rents there now) and she promised to do so. If we got this property, we wouldn’t have to move from this house, I could work a few doors down from where we live, my oldest kids would have a permanent home - which they really want - and I would regain use of my current kitten room, overflow room and shed. Lots of square footage we could use! I am definitely dreaming!!


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That's awesome, Bluebird! I would love to have a kitty Cafe. We have one in my town and it's one of my favorite places here :)


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It’s been my dream for a long time. The Blessing Box was something I thought sounded fun and helpful, but a Cat Cafe is something I really want to do. I am hoping this all works out. I mean, we are getting a building - or a new house - no matter what, but this one is amazing because of the location!


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Ugh. My hair appointment was canceled AGAIN by my stylist. She has to go get a Covid test. I am so over waiting - I want my hair done! It’s difficult to schedule a time because I don’t have a car available, and then my spot gets canceled. I am very disappointed. 😭

However, I was able to pre-register for my vaccination this morning. Maryland finally opened up to pre-existing conditions. I believe the earliest appointment date is March 30, but hey, pre-registration is at least a step in the right direction! I’m on a list to be on a list!

I need to shower. It will probably help my mood. I guess since I don’t have a 4-hour hair appointment, I should probably focus on my son’s finances, and pay a few bills for my own household as well. I also have to make a trip to Martinsburg later in the afternoon to pick up items from a consignment shop that wants to become a regular donor to my Blessing Box.

The rain makes me want to curl up and just sleep all day.


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My hairdresser hit positive for COVID, so I am happy my appointment was canceled!

Today ended okay, we have this thing we are doing at home with movies - every Wednesday, we take turns picking something for everyone to watch. We’ve been doing it for a short while, but it’s been fun! Here’s the list that has been chosen so far:

DK: The Lego Movie
MMB: Big Hero 6
Me: 1917
Together: Dunkirk
DK: Attack the Block
MMB: What We Do in the Shadows
Me: Kong - Skull Island

I chose Kong because I somehow missed it when it came out, and now that the new Godzilla movie is being released, I needed to have watched it. So that was entertaining.

I also got a piece of Dominican amber, with fossilized ants in it, from the local rock shop! I told the owner I was looking for some and he hooked me up. It’s around 25 million years old.

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I woke up this morning with a massive headache, but two separate doses of Tylenol and a hot shower pushed it away, thank goodness.

We had bad news yesterday, our FIV+ kitty, Olivia, is now completely cancer free, but she has kidney disease. It’s early stages, but there’s no recovery - this will be what ends her life. 😢 Since it’s early, she could live for a couple of years if we can slow down the progression.

We have started her on a new food regimen - combined it’s going to cost $170/month. She also needs weekly shots and monthly bloodwork, which will be a bit over $200/month. It’s a little overwhelming. We have decided to do two months and 2 rounds of bloodwork and see if the diet helps. If not, we will have a tough decision to make. Our poor girl. She’s also deaf, but she’s only 8 years old! DarkKnight and her are closely bonded, so he is heartbroken. I had a hard time sleeping last night, which is why I probably awakened feeling so awful.

I’m okay now.

It’s crazy windy outside and I had to send my one volunteer home. It was impossible to sort or do anything worthwhile out on the patio. I have to work on my to-do list for the weekend - it’s quite extensive. Ugh.


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My state parks passport arrived today, so I decided to jumpstart the summer by heading over to Greenbrier, which is super close to where I live. Both DarkKnight and MisterMoonbeam decided to come with me, so we had lunch at a picnic table overlooking the lake, and then did the 1.4 mile loop together. 6304FDC2-F806-4154-9E61-B219CDCA593C.jpeg
I started a self-made challenge - I want to visit each of Maryland’s 75 state parks this year, and hike at least one trail in each. Both of my guys declined to participate in all 75 - ha! - but I plan to reconnect with a lot of my friends on the trails as they get vaccinated

My youngest was texting me last night and she said she would love to go into the woods with me too. It’s something that connects us; when I adopted her at age 10 and we started homeschooling, we were outside almost everyday. We walked a lot of trails together over the years! For a while she was HUGELY into geocaching, so we went all over the place in New York, and then when we moved to Maryland, we joined their ParkQuest program each year as “Army of Dorkness.” I’m excited to sort of reset this tradition and spend time together.

lol My Facebook albums I am posting for my friends of each hike are all going to be called “Chafing the Dream.” 😂


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I ordered a state parks map and a cork board to put it on, and some butterfly pushpins! I’m excited for everything to arrive. There’s some controversy over how many state parks there actually are - my passport paperwork says 75, but the most up to date map on the Maryland website says 64. Google says 53! Lol Must be that new math!




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My Baby Day Giveaway and Easter Basket initiative was a HUGE success. We gave away all 100 baskets in the first hour, and almost every single item in the giveaway was taken. We had a bunch of baby clothing left, which we bagged up and donated to another organization, and one swimming pool, which was taken off of the porch when I left to go drop off the clothing. Lol I wish I had taken better photos - next to my driveway we had 7 strollers, 4 high chairs and some tricycles too!



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I have an appointment on Monday for my first Covid vaccination! And even better, MisterMoonbeam and DarkKnight are scheduled right after me. I am feeling all of the feels right now!

I am so excited, to finally be able to get safety - well, relative safety - into my life. Oh yes please. I’m literally bouncing with joy over this opportunity! I’m also relieved, like, I want to cry from repressed anxiety and fear. My body is responding to both of these by making me an emotional mess. I’m also anxious at the thought of actually being able to go on dates again, because I am both excited and afraid. Like, do I even want to date? Like, I definitely do, but I also don’t. It just seems like an unwelcome complication, tonight.

My period is actually due this weekend, so I am sure that is adding to things.