Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

Ugh, awake. My legs are aching something fierce and I’m not at all sure why. I’ve definitely been feeling bloated and big and gross the last few days, but my period has all but disappeared after one day of heavy flow.

DarkKnight and I got all of his info out and discussed last night. He has one piece of information to get today at work - how much his company matches his 401(k) contributions - and he needs to get witness signatures tonight on his Health Care Proxy and Living Will.

We discussed vacations next year, and we have three weekend getaways planned for DC, as I purchased a program pass to the Kennedy Center and we’ve now got tickets to see live stage shows of Les Miserables in April, The Lion King in June, and Moulin Rouge in September. His task for the weekend is to find a hotel so we can get that booked and paid for, for the April date. I’m excited!

Last night we also booked and paid for our anniversary trip - we will have been married for 17 years in March! I am tickled beyond belief that we are going to Cove Haven in the Poconos. We have a reservation for their Champagne Tower Room, which boasts a 7 foot tall hot tub shaped like a champagne flute, a fireplace, a round bed and a private pool shaped like a heart. OMG we are not bringing a black light with us! 😂😂


We don’t yet have any other vacation plans, but we need to figure out Valentine’s Day at the least.

In talking with DarkKnight, I figured out I need to talk again with MisterMoonbeam. So hopefully we will find some time today to get more information from him. He told me yesterday that he got a $1000 bonus for his Arizona audit and that will be deposited today in his account. Only, taxes will eat almost half. Lol Still, more money to put toward his debt!

Right now though, I do need to lock down information on his cell phone plan and see what we want to do with that. Also, we need to make a decision about his minivan. I don’t think I have a single vacation booked with him yet, though we’ve talked a couple of times about going to the Pacific Northwest, because I really want to see redwoods in person, and possibly traveling to South Korea to visit his son while he is stationed there.

I do have a stay planned at a Dungeons & Dragons themed B&B with Sir Gawain for Valentine’s Day. It’s in a small castle. Lol He booked it earlier this year so he could lock in the time with me. I’m super excited about it!


We also have tentative plans to go to the Outer Banks in August again, but we have to wait and see what the rest of his family is doing.
A fun weekend in Virginia - MisterMoonbeam, my bestie & I went to a pumpkin carving party hosted by his old metamour’s polycule, followed by a costume party at a house where we knew no one. Lol We were all pirates!



Then on Sunday, MisterMoonbeam and I went to FaerieCon in Baltimore. I didn’t have much I could wear to something like that, so I improvised with my butterfly wings.


Unfortunately, we got into a fight and I cried half the way home. First, he ran into an old friend and he didn’t introduce me, and that made both me & the friend uncomfortable - and after he parted from us, I asked MisterMoonbeam why he did that, and he was like, oh, well, I’m bad at introductions. This sounded lame AF and I told him his reluctance made me feel marginalized and like, not worthy. He told me he’d try to do better. Okay, fine.

Then, after we had done a complete circuit of all of the booths, he told me that his feet hurt and he was out of breath and he needed to sit down. So, we went and sat, and after a couple of minutes I told him that I was feeling hungry and thirsty. He said he was okay with leaving, but, oh, he needed to say goodbye to the friend that had given us free passes to the event (he had helped her set up on Thursday night). So he said he’d run over and say goodbye. I said that was fine.

Well it was not fine, because he didn’t come back for an entire hour. He had my purse, ID, keys and debit card with him, so I couldn’t even shop some more. Instead I just sat and sat and he never returned. I felt like trash. After like 25 minutes he texted me that he was waiting to talk to her and I’m like, okay, no worries, I’m editing photos. But then, he just never came back.

After feeling out of sorts from the lack of introduction with his other friend, now followed by me just sitting alone for an entire hour while he talked to someone else - yeah it was not a good feeling. And hadn’t he said he was tired and his feet hurt? I was starving at this point - it was like 2 pm with no lunch - and way needing to get water. And my period was still going, so I’m sure that added to my upset.

Anyway, I sent him a message that said I was angry and he needed to meet up with me. He arrived promptly after that, and he apologized like a million times. I told him I was quickly tired of the apologies - it was like he couldn’t say anything else. I told him there was nothing more to be said, that I was upset, it was aggravating that it had happened but it wasn’t like there was anything else to be done. Because there wasn’t any way to go back and make that experience better, just don’t ever do that to me without letting me know it was going to take that long in the future. Like, leave me my card and let me go get something to eat, just don’t leave me hanging!

Also like, if he didn’t want to be seen with me, just tell me and I wouldn’t have even come! He said it wasn’t like that at all, it just seemed like it because he made poor choices.

Sigh. So we stopped at a Subway and after eating, I did feel better. He was very touchy-feely and wanting snuggles and reassurance - which I also wanted as well! We are okay now but I was for sure upset at the time.
Yesterday I had over 40 action items on my to-do list, and today is looking like it will be very similar. Thankfully it was cold and rainy, so the number of people visiting was way down - this allowed me to focus on messages, phone calls and spreadsheets! It’s supposed to be in the 60s today, and cloudy, so that means we are going to be slammed. Ugh.
We looked at two more properties this evening, but neither had decent residential spaces. I have to say I feel a little down now, afterward.

I’m almost completely prepared for our State of the Union next Monday. I would actually like to have a more recent copy of MisterMoonbeam’s bank statement beforehand, but I’m not sure we’ll get one. I’m tired and I don’t really want to math right now so I am going to try and take the night off!

We had Taco Bell for dinner and I want to say it’s been like over a year since I had that! It was trash, but delicious trash. We watched the first episode of Andor together, the three of us. Now DarkKnight is in a Zoom meeting about his weight loss program, and MisterMoonbeam is working on his school assignments. He finished his first class a bit ago, but now his second one has started. He’s been up and down in his feels over whether he wants to continue to program. It takes A LOT of his time and he’s stressed out over it. I told him that if it was easy, lots of people would have Master’s degrees!

Tomorrow is my day off, but I am scheduled to the hilt. I’ve been invited to speak more than once at this monthly community networking event, but I’ve always declined due to timing. Honestly, I’ve never even attended a meeting because of my schedule! Well, I finally said yes to being December’s speaker, so I figured I’d better go to this month’s get together so I find out how it usually goes. Like, do I need a PowerPoint or is it just a talk? Lol

So that’s the first couple of hours tomorrow morning, into the afternoon, I’ll be at this event, and then I need to go to the animal shelter. They fill up my hatchback to the roof four times a year with pet food. Then, I have an appointment for a Covid booster. Mine was delayed since I actually had Covid a few months ago! After I finish up there, I’ll come home, unload all the pet food, and then pick up MisterMoonbeam for dinner, and our weekly dance lesson in Frederick.

Yeah, this is my day off. Lol
Ugh this booster is hitting me fierce this morning. Lots of soreness at the injection site, overall muscle aches and tiredness. I feel nauseous right now too. I hope I feel better soon. I did take the day off today in advance, as these are all regular side effects when I’ve had previous Covid shots. I’m all up to date now.

I have a zoom meeting at 11 am at an open program put in by the Secretary of State and the IRS about donations and paperwork. So I plan to log on to that this morning, no matter how I am feeling. Then I have a scheduled zoom meeting with my assigned legal representative through a pilot program with the Small Business Council. He’s helping me with tax forms for our LLC and an operating agreement for that as well.

I had a bunch of stuff go down this morning and I am SO HAPPY. A donor sponsored a washer needed for a grandmother raising 3 grandkids, and because of that another donor came forward and is purchasing the matching dryer. I had another donor on hold for the dryer, and when it was sponsored by someone else, he immediately purchased a $320 car seat for a disabled child! Such a wonderful chain of generosity. I’d do a happy dance if I wasn’t nauseated. Lol

I did take two Advil.

At the meeting yesterday, I actually did get up and speak briefly, and I won a door prize. I also was blindsided that the organization is sponsoring me at their December meeting, which takes place at a brewery, complete with ugly sweater contest for the holidays! Anyway, they are going to collect toiletries for me - I gave them a list this morning - and they had me create a separate wish list with Teen Christmas requests on it. So I gave them 5 kiddos and set that up last night.

My programs are looking strong this season!! I have two children who are in hospice that we are sponsoring separately, and sadly one might not make it to Christmas. It’s breaking my heart. His parents desperately need gift cards to pay for gas, as he’s in DC and they have four other children at home. If anyone reading this wants to help - I can give you info if you send a private message. Locally, no one ever purchased gift cards (like generic VISA cards) or gas cards, and it’s frustrating because these are so badly needed by this family. I also seem to be having trouble buying shoes for both of these hospice kids and I’m not sure what’s up with that! They’re languishing on my Amazon wish list. Like, what?
I had a bunch of stuff I was going to write, but now that I’ve started, I’m too tired!

I’ve been home most of the day, cleaning and doing laundry. Ugh. We’re hosting a game night tonight so things need to look a little better than normal! Let’s see, it will be my bestie and all 3 of my partners, and my meta - the woman that I had a threesome with, way back when, with SirGawain. I wish I could remember what I named her here! I’m not sure what we are doing for dinner. I keep wondering if something other than pizza will pop into my head. Our dishwasher is broken again, so I definitely don’t wanna generate plates.

I’m almost all finished with my Christmas shopping. I need to get through this next round of Amazon deliveries and take inventory! I haven’t wrapped anything though.

Omg I need a nap.
Yesterday I hosted a Harry Potter marathon for my bestie, as she’s never seen the films - or read the books - before. I made a charcuterie board.


DarkKnight wanted to go and play D&D, so MisterMoonbeam & I spontaneously decided to go spend the night in a hotel in Virginia, so we could get an earlier start on our hiking trip today. We visited Merkle and Chapman State Parks. We got to hunt for shells along the banks of the Potomac, so that was fun!


I’ve hiked a mile in 42 Maryland state parks now! Today was 1.5 in Merkle, and almost 2 in Chapman. It was a rainy day, so I picked flat terrain and short trails!

Finally, we had our State of the Union meeting! It went really well. I think we are all on the same page moving forward, and we made some good decisions tonight about the short term future (next 6 months or so). We’ve got a lot happening in a short period of time, so we will see how things shake out.

The good news today is that MisterMoonbeam’s boss completed her required other interviews, and she told him she sent back to HR her request to hire him in his current “acting” role that he was promoted to a few weeks ago. So hopefully tomorrow he will receive the official job offer and we will see how much of a raise they are suggesting. Whatever it is, he’s going to counter it, unless of course it’s THAT amazeballs. He’s been told anywhere from $1200 to $3000 more a month, which is quite a fucking swing so we will see!

This is on top of me “taking control” of his finances. Things are looking great. After the State of the Union tonight, we’ve freed up an existing $500 a pay period (roughly twice a month) to put toward credit card debt. MisterMoonbeam will have his $1500 debt paid off on December 9, at which time it will be applied to DarkKnight’s $5000 credit card balance. (Both of the guys currently are each carrying a balance on one card only.) We discussed shifting $2500 in our savings to pay off half of DarkKnight’s credit card immediately, and I only need to tell him when to do it now. The goal is to have them both zeroed out by the end of February.

We did decide to keep MisterMoonbeam’s minivan for at least until after we purchase property next year. He really wants to be involved in that process, so that means keeping our debt-to-income ratio low. He’s going to contact the repair shop and get it in as soon as possible. No new car payment right now.

Earlier this month, we shifted some stuff with MisterMoonbeam’s cell phone plan, and changed up a couple of other reoccurring bills to save a few bucks. We are going to take another look at shared streaming services after the 19th, as that is when a clean bank statement will be available and we can easily see what’s coming out regularly from MisterMoonbeam’s account. The October statement was still showing a fuckton of online charges and it was insane to try and pull out individual things without going cross eyed. It isn’t hurting anything to wait a week or so.

Right now it looks like he needs to pay around $900 a month for streaming services, IRS payments (he owes A LOT for income tax bills going back several years before we met), unpaid medical debt, storage unit fees ($265 a month!), car insurance and a cell phone bill. Oh, and his student loan. That’s all stuff we are leaving the same until the new year, at which time we will reevaluate.

We are going to work on the storage unit this weekend. My first thought was to downsize the unit, but BugGirl’s motorcycle needs a place to live soon and we should be able to make space in there. So, the plan now is to maybe organize it all and focus on downsizing in March. At which time, maybe we will be moving and we can bring all that with us.

We are going to stay open to buying a building downtown, but we all agree that right now there is nothing in the market that isn’t overpriced or falling the fuck down. We are going to kinda take a break over the holidays at looking. Our new focus will be to possibly buy a house in the Spring - one that will comfortably fit all of us adults and still allow me to do **some** of my Blessing Box stuff. Our biggest issue has been the city really dictating where we can operate, and we aren’t able to make that work so far. If I cut out certain parts and programs, or alter how I make them work, we should be able to shift to a model that realigns with zoning at a regular residential location. And I can just lease a space to open my cat cafe - that part was never really an issue!

The tentative plan is that the $1400 a month that MisterMoonbeam currently pays toward room & board can be put toward a new mortgage, as well as at least an additional $2100 that he was spending on a gaming addiction. (Those numbers are crazy to me, holy shit.) Anyway, combined with DarkKnight’s income, together they should be able to qualify together for a much larger house, which would give us all more space to both live and entertain in. Like, I might actually have my own bedroom again. Lol It depends on how high interests rates climb though. We will see. I need to leave enough space in the budget to pay for the cat cafe lease. Even without whatever his new salary will be, all of this is affordable. It’s completely different financing than buying a building though, so we are going to figure all that out - again, after the new year.

The only real negative we had to look at was the life insurance portion. My guys can’t currently qualify for more insurance due to height/weight ratios, and we definitely will need more coverage as our property debts increase. Right now both guys are paying for Planet Fitness every month, and neither of them are going. They both discussed visiting the gym more. We will see. I’m not looking to have them pass away and leave me stuck! My own insurance is adequate at this point.

Tonight was very positive. I am looking forward to the future!
It’s chilly out today, and I’m tired. My cat Harry knocked a full water bottle into the floor this morning, woke me right up. This was fortuitous, as it was just in time to see the eclipse start. I nudged MisterMoonbeam to come outside, and we watched it together. ❤️ I fell back asleep afterward, which meant I missed saying goodbye to DarkKnight this morning!

I’m going to vote later today.

It’s chilly enough out that I sent my volunteers home. My doorbell has been ringing nonstop, there’s a ton of donations needing marked and I’ve got Senior Christmas presents needing processed. Oh, and Amazon just dropped off. Sigh.

I have so much I need to be doing, but so far that’s translated into pooping twice, drinking a mug of my chai latte, and running back and forth to fill up the Box as it empties.
MisterMoonbeam was cranky this morning but his attitude improved as the day has progressed. His ugh had an effect on me, so I ended up leaving (DarkKnight left me the car today) and having lunch at Mission BBQ alone today. It’s my day off, so it was shitty to have it starting blah because of someone else’a attitude.

My bestie has shingles, so that’s lovely too!

Tonight is dance night, so I am looking forward to that. I believe it is the end of our prepaid lessons, so we need to shell out more for another 4-pack of classes! I think that may be the amount we can actually attend for the rest of the year, so that’ll work! I’m thinking of maybe using part of MisterMoonbeam’s bonus to pay for them - I paid the full price last time.

DarkKnight just called - he’s stopping on the way home from work to get gas in the van. The appointment has been made for it to get fixed so it will pass emissions - that will be next Tuesday. I’m irritated about spending the money, but it makes the most financial sense to keep it on the road for now.
So MisterMoonbeam got his offer, which he rejected and countered. He talked to HR yesterday evening, and now he’s waiting for a response. It won’t be coming til next week since today is a holiday. Gah! This stress is crazypants.

Today is my day off and it’s pouring rain. I’m open for pickups today between 11 am and 1 pm so I’m hanging out now waiting for social workers to come and get requested diapers and formula, and donors to drop off Senior Santa presents. Those are already starting to pile up!
Friday night I had a game night with my nesting partners and my bestie. It was lots of fun - we finally played Calico, and had a challenging game of Tokyo Highway!

Yesterday my bestie spent the day at my house, and we finished up watching the last two Harry Potter movies. SirGawain joined us for dinner at Nikkos - which is a hibachi restaurant in town. Then my bestie went home to handle school stuff (she’s getting a degree in radiology) and my polycule went to see Puffs. I was excited to see this show again, which is a telling of what’s going on with the Hufflepuffs, while Harry Potter is at Hogwarts. Lol It’s great.

Here’s a photo of DarkKnight, because my man is 🔥🔥🔥.

Another week has started, and I’m again all over the place with my to-do list! This morning it’s chilly out, so I canceled my volunteers and I’m flying solo today.

As of 11 am, I’d already had three visitors and a Christmas decoration donor stop by, and my Board Secretary as well. She was here to pick up donations for special needs kids in town.

I’m hoping to focus on Senior Santa and Teen Christmas today. I’ve got lots of totes full of drop offs already, and those need sorted, possibly wrapped, and delivered.

I haven’t had a chance to actually look at my calendar but I know it’s crazypants.

Lol I just saw that I wrote this entry this morning and then it was abandoned. Posting now.
This is a money post. Lots of numbers. Lol

MisterMoonbeam’s van is at the shop now - he drove DarkKnight to work and then I met him at the mechanic so he could leave his vehicle. It’s a 2010, and believe me, I struggled with the idea of fixing it! It’s cheaper than a payment though, and we want to keep our debt to income ratio down so our numbers look good to the bank when we buy whatever property we end up with next year!

Last night was my date night with MisterMoonbeam, so we were at the mall for dinner and I had shopping to do for some teen holiday gifts. We talked a bit about our finances again. He’s looking good with his credit card balance decreasing. I have him paying $500 every two weeks on it and we’re now under $1000 balance on it. So that is progressing nicely. He asked me if he should request a limit increase but I told him to wait until the new year. According to Credit Karma, both of the DarkKnight’s cards we added him to as an authorized user are now reporting. I told him to let that ride a bit first.

DarkKnight’s credit cards are now all at a zero balance except for one that’s carrying $2600. We just paid it down significantly to that amount. His credit score is over 740 so it isn’t an issue but it will be nice to get a tiny bump once that reports. This card isn’t being shared with MisterMoonbeam since it’s still carrying a balance. I’m debating as to whether to pay more to get it down further but right now I’m letting it ride while I figure out other things. It’s a high interest rate though so it needs to be dealt with soon!

This morning I woke up and remembered that we needed to make adjustments to MisterMoonbeam’s 401(k). He has two loans out against it, and one we need paid off by February. It’s a little less than $5800 and was showing about 65 payments of $90 before it gets cleared.

So, his company matches 100% of the first 3% of what he pays into his retirement, and then matches 50% of the next 3%. He has that maxed, as well as a chunk above that, which isn’t matched. I had him earmark the amount not matched to go toward the loan instead of just being dumped into the account. Which, he is paying himself back anyway, so it is a thing he can do that won’t actually change his actual paycheck bottom line. Just doing this means his loan will be paid off much more quickly!

He will be losing a bit since the amount going directly to his retirement is untaxed. Getting it in his check and then paying that loan off will mean it happens with taxed dollars. Oh well.

Anyway, that’s not going to get us to our February deadline, but once he pays off his credit card in full (December 9), the $500 a pay period he’s putting toward the credit card will immediately shift and go toward the 401(k) loan. Which will be an additional $2500 toward the loan by the end of February. Again, this isn’t making any changes that will have us see a difference in what we are spending each month toward bills. It’s just shifting numbers.

He also got his final offer back from his employer and he accepted it yesterday. It’s the smaller side but they’re pretty firm on it. A $13,000 a year increase. Combined with the cost of living bump he got this year and the large raise last December - yeah he’s got a hefty amount that is going to be available that doesn’t have a purpose at the moment. I’m going to be structuring all of it as soon as it hits the paycheck.

These numbers make my head spin. We live in a lower cost of living part of Maryland, and our mortgage/tax escrow is smaller, with a lower interest rate. When we bought this house that we are in now, we were really at the bottom of our price range - I wanted a smaller house that would give us a chance to not struggle as much. I’m happy that we will be able to pass this on to BugGirl! When we move we will be renting it to her and BeanBoy.

I’m excited that MisterMoonbeam is going to be able to get his finances in order, and be able to qualify for a mortgage. DarkKnight and I have had a couple of conversations, and this will definitely be different than the structure we had set up with PunkRock.

PunkRock came to our polycule unemployed with bad credit, so he was unable to be on the actual note when we purchased our current house. He didn’t have anything to put toward the down payment either. So we drew up papers that said after 5 years, we would refinance and count his “sweat equity” as equal to DarkKnight’s down payment contribution, and they’d own the house together 50/50. Well, he left before that was realized, and as per the agreement, he walked away with nothing on that. It definitely made things easy when he left, the fact that this agreement existed.

That said, I have zero rights to this property myself - we didn’t even do a deed with rights of survivorship! This is definitely going to change with the new place.

MisterMoonbeam and I had a separate conversation about this yesterday - or a couple of days ago. I forget! Anyway, he’s going to be all in on the house (if we don’t buy a building with the LLC) and may even be contributing more than DarkKnight. We feel good that DarkKnight has the existing home in his pocket and it would be great for MisterMoonbeam to own a property as well.

However we do the down payment/ownership split though, we are going to need to be very clear about what happens to it if there’s a breakup or a death (we are old and fat) and how it pays out between the family if we liquidate it.

Also, given MisterMoonbeam’s gaming addiction, we need to make sure that shit doesn’t go sideways with that. He had another therapy appointment yesterday, and he said that so far he is doing well. It’s really fucking hard for me to trust that at all, but he’s most definitely not PunkRock. He’s never lied to me outright. Yet. Hopefully never.

I’m in a positive mindset at the moment.
Ooh a single donor purchased our entire Blessing Box wishlist this morning! I don’t often see the empty list notice on Amazon!
Wtf. Got my period. It’s early - almost a week. Ugh. Hopefully it flashes past quick!
So my period disappeared. Joy. I Know It’s going to show up again.

I’ve canceled my NY trip that was planned for this weekend. I was going to go and pick up my old foster kiddo (he’s 30 now) to come to Thanksgiving with us. There’s a blizzard being planned for there though and I can’t handle that. I was going to drive down Sunday and come back Monday but now that’s not happening.

Today is already absolutely crazypants. I’d have a nervous breakdown if I had time to pencil it in.
Yesterday was the busiest day I’ve had in a long while! Today I’m off but sim working to organize gifts for the community this morning. I have a couple of pickups scheduled.

I have a hair appointment at 1, and at some point we will be going to pick up MisterMoonbeam’s van from the shop - we will go immediately to get the emissions done. The entire reason we paid for the fix was so it could pass emissions! Then I gotta get DarkKnight from work.

I bought DarkKnight tickets to see MC Lars tonight in Baltimore. I paid for a hotel room too. I am super excited - it was a surprise!that made him very happy! I’ve not been to this venue before so I prepaid parking for the venue, but I need to see what’s up with parking at the hotel. It’s a little boutique place and it looks very posh but I don’t remember seeing anything about parking.
Our trip to Baltimore was loads of fun. I actually ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a decade at the concert! I got to meet MC Lars, and he not only signed a tote bag I bought, but took a picture with me. I told him that 25 years ago while he was in college and before he was an accomplished musician, I had talked to him on Yahoo Instant Messenger. My local radio station had been playing his music, so I found him online to tell him. He had been super excited at the time, since I was in NY and he was in California. When I started to tell him the story, he interrupted and said, “you’re from Rochester, NY!”

He remembered! We chatted a bit about that and then as I went to leave, he handed me something from beneath the swag table and told me thank you for reminding of him of his roots, and that this gift should bring it full circle. I didn’t pay attention to what he had given me, but when DarkKnight & I left, DarkKnight started freaking out. “What did you SAY to him?!”

I was like, “What? Why?”

“He gave you his ENTIRE discography!” Y’all, it was a branded USB drive with 25 years of music! For free. It was the most expensive thing he had been selling at his swag table.
I’m having a good day so far, and I’m writing this from bed. Lol I’m about to get up and shower, but sleeping in until 9 am is the least good thing but it’s still on the list!

I got a call yesterday that I won a raffle at the Maker’s Market I went to this weekend with my bestie. Her and I ditched the guys at home while she and I spent a couple of hours downtown. We both bought some gifts and supported local business. I’m pretty sure I won a line drawing of some ornaments done by a local artist, but I will know tomorrow when I pick it up in the evening.

I got a message today that I also won a raffle from the Puffs show I went and saw last weekend with my polycule. They had two Harry Potter themed baskets and I only bought 3 tickets, but I guess one was lucky! I’m waiting for the official phone call but I was tagged in a post by an acquaintance that they heard my name called as a winner.

So that’s two raffle wins in two days. Yay!

Even better, I just got a notification that my Damsel in this Dress order is out for delivery. I’m going to die of excitement, waiting to see what I got! I bought a level 2 underbust package as part of their Mystery Sale last week.