Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love


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So my Damsel in this Dress mystery package was great! It is definitely something I would not have chosen at all, but it is something that I tried on and loved after giving it a shot! Not only did they send me a Vixen corset (as I requested and crossed all of my fingers for) but a luxe bronzy-brown tulip skirt AND a mini bustle skirt! The mini skirt doesn’t match the ordered outfit but it was a bonus add-on. Total was $487 worth of product, that I got for $139. Crazypants!

Anyway, I got a cowprint corset y’all! Yeehaw!


This morning I bought a brown cowboy hat and a teal hat pin from Etsy. I’m excited to wear this someplace - we will see how next year stacks up with trips!


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Happy Thanksgiving!


We celebrated yesterday, at a dinner with my kids and polycule at SirGawain’s.

Going around the table in this pic: DarkKnight, LittleMichigan, LittleMichigan’s partner, MisterMoonbeam, SirGawain, me, BugGirl, BeanBoy

Today I was supposed to go to a dinner at MisterMoonbeam’s parents’ house, but his dad has the flu so we get to be home! This is great because traditionally, on Thanksgiving, we have a pajama day where we order in Chinese and play board games all day. So we are both glad to be able to enjoy that together. Of course we don’t want his dad sick - I hope he gets better soon. ❤️

Leftovers are already being eaten - DarkKnight made us breakfast all here at home. Eggs, toast and ham slices from yesterday’s meal. Lunch will be turkey leftovers more than likely, but Chinese for dinner has everyone excited. It just hits different when the rest of the country is eating something else. Lol


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I’m spending today with my son, which is pretty cool. I haven’t had a chance to really connect with him all year, and this is even really just bare bones maintenance. I mean, on Thanksgiving one of the arms of his glasses was broken off, so I’m taking him to an eye doctor appointment today.

My bestie lives across the street from him in Waynesboro, so she’s bringing him into town with her this morning on her way to work. I’m going to meet up with them and bring him to my house. I’ve got a ton of errands to get through today, so it’ll be a working hangout. Lol He says he’s fine with that, so yay!

Yesterday I was so full of anxiety, I am surprised I got anything accomplished. So much going on! I actually was able to calm down in the evening with “attentions and ministrations” by MisterMoonbeam. He gave me a good massage, made sure I ate dinner, and we watched the first episode of 1899 together. Oh, and that was followed by a game of Ticket to Ride on our shared app. By the time DarkKnight got home from practice (it’s Tech Week for A Christmas Story) I was a different person.

More to write, but it’s time to shower. Oi!